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Create QR Code Scanner App For Android And iOS | Complete Guide Here

4530 Views | 1 min | Published On: November 8, 2021 Last Updated: February 21, 2024
QR code scanner app development

If you are planning to create a QR code scanner app for your business. Then this is the right place where you must be. In this blog, we have discussed about QR code scanner app in detail.

Time is moving very fast and with that technology is evolving every day. Therefore, to come a step closer to modernization and digitalization the QR code scanner app is important for every business. With the help of this app, one can get rid of long code writings and the hassle of finding something. 

Whether it is an e-commerce app like Amazon or a digital wallet app like PayPal. Everywhere you can see the use of QR Code scanner app. 

If you also have any online business or want to integrate the QR code technology into your app then contact us to create the best QR code scanner app. This is modern technology therefore you need to hire mobile wallet app developers who have years of experience in app development and can understand the requirements of the latest and modern tech stack. 

What Is A QR Code?

QR code is a modern technology that stands for “Quick response”, which is used as powerful software for instant information sharing.  The QR code scanner app is a 2-D ( 2 dimensional ) barcode, which has small black squares with a white background. These boxes are arranged in horizontal and vertical format. Which can be read by the machine for extracting the information in the form of a grid. 

What is QR code scanner

To read or extract information/details through a QR code which is available in the form of hyperlinks or text, your device doesn’t need an internet connection. 

Initially, QR technology was developed and used by a Japanese automotive company in 1994. They used it for managing the automotive components at their warehouse. Because of the efficiency and large data storage capacity QR code easily got popular in the automotive industry. For encoding, the data QR uses four standards – numeric, alphanumeric, kanji, and byte. QR codes can store Japanese and Latin symbols, but in addition, now they can also store images, emails, and even music. 

QR code scanner app has gone many changes in recent years and you must take the advantage of this latest QR technology. We are here to assistant you completely with the QR code scanner app development and any further app development queries.

QR Codes And Barcodes

Usually, people think that the popularity of QR code scanners will suppress barcodes. But that is not true, QR codes scanner app, and barcodes are both different. That we will discuss in this section so that you can clear your queries regarding QR code scanners and barcodes.

QR code and Barcode scanner app

Barcodes are still used highly for identifying consumer packaged goods and for managing product inventory. Let us discuss more differences below:

  • In the QR code scanner app, you will see it is in square shape. You can display the data horizontally as well as vertically.  Whereas barcodes are usually available in a rectangular shape and can only read data in the horizontal direction.
  • Due to their size difference, the QR code scanner app can hold much more data than a barcode.  In fact, a QR code scanner app can have a hundred times more data than a barcode scanner.
  • QR code scanner apps are different from barcodes because barcodes usually hold different information than QR code scanners. Barcode holds information like the name of the manufacturer and price detail at the point of sale.  

Whereas, QR code scanner app holds information like URLs, location, and landing pages of products.  

This was all about basic differences between the QR code scanner app and barcodes. For more information on the QR code scanner and barcode scanner development, you can contact the app development company.

How To Make Your QR Code Scanner App Different From Others

It is very easy to use the QR code scanner app. You can develop a QR code for your business and then later your customers can scan any barcodes through it just with their mobile cameras. Do not make your QR code scanner too complex. It must be easily accessible by the users. 

You can add as many features as you want for your QR code scanner app. Below we have listed a few features of QR code scanner: 

1. Scanning QR Code

With the use of this feature, your user can get the details of the product and any content type. The specification that your users can see after the scanning are, name of the product, store price, details of the manufacturer, photographs, etc.  

2. Barcode Scanner

Allow your users to scan barcodes too through your QR code scanner app. This will make your QR code more user-friendly.  

3. QR Code Generator

With the help of this feature, your user can easily generate the customized QR code if they have bought the subscription to your QR code scanner app. 

4. Folder

Through this feature, your user can store or save the details of the code scanner after scanning the code. One can easily retrieve their customized QR code and other scanned codes from the folder. One can save these QR codes in the folder like weblinks, email, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.    

5. Scan History 

This feature lets the user scan their history. All the previous searches or scanned history is saved in the form of weblinks, texts, emails, etc.  Users can organize their history or can delete their scanning details as per their wishes.  

6. Search

This is a simple feature that users can use for searching the details of the product or any further information about the scanner. One can easily do an online search of anything using QR codes and barcodes. 

7. Batch Scan

Users can scan more than one code with the help of this feature. This will again be a very important feature for your QR code scanner app. To integrate this feature to make your app more user-friendly.

8. Filter

Users can apply the filter as per their requirements. With the help of this feature, the retrieval of the previous codes will become extremely easy and convenient. 

9.  App Lock

Allow users to put a lock on the app so that it can not be misused. We believe security is the major concern of every user. Therefore it is very important to add this feature to your QR code scanner app. 

10. Subscription

Users can buy a subscription to the app for premium services. It can be considered when your app is very popular. In the beginning, you can offer free services but later you can add this feature to your app. 

QR code app development with experts

Industries Which Are Benefited From QR Code Scanner App

Almost every industry or business is benefited from the QR code scanner app. Now digitalization is so high that we can do everything through our mobile phones. Let us discuss which industries are highly benefited from this QR code scanner:

Food delivery
E-commerce marketplace

Top QR Code Scanner Apps

Now, if you have any doubt left regarding the QR code scanner app and are worried about its future use. Then let us tell you there are many popular QR code scanner apps that are used by users. In this part we will be discussing about popular QR code scanner app:

best QR code scanner apps

Kaspersky’s QR Code reader and scanner
NeoReader QR and Barcode Scanner
Bar-Code Reader
QR Code Reader by Scan
QuickMark Barcode Scanner
QR and Barcode Scanner – Gamma Play
QR Droid Private and QR Droid

Final Thoughts

Above we have tried to cover every aspect of the QR code scanner app for your best understanding. Still, if you see or find that your curiosity is not settled with this content. Then you can contact our experts for a better mobile wallet development solutions and ideas. We love to hear from you and would like to discuss further details on the QR code scanner app. This is really trending and if you want to give your business wings then nothing can be better than modern tech or software. Because modernization is the new future and you need to work as per the demand of the modern users and digitalization. 

contact best developers for developing QR code scanner

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