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Curbside App For Delivery And Pick-Up Service | Complete Guide

4281 Views | 1 min | Published On: October 10, 2021 Last Updated: July 13, 2023
curbside pick-up and delivery app

Do you have a retail shop or any business that has been affected due to Covid-19? And you are facing hard challenges to get back to the customers after lockdown? 

Then, don’t worry here we come up with the easy curbside delivery app development solutions, that will help you to build an app, which will not only help you to get back your customers but will generate high revenues for you.

The curbside delivery app, this concept got so trending after lockdown. When people have fear to go out in a crowded and marketplace. Everyone prefers to have home delivery or curbside delivery. 

To get going with the curbside pick-up and delivery app development, you need to hire the best mobile app development company. Who has good experience in the app development industry? 

However, in this blog, we have mentioned even more about the curbside pick-up and delivery app. You can read this blog and can decide later, how beneficial it would be for your business to develop an app. 

What Is Curbside Delivery?

If you are aware of buying things through online apps, then it will be easy for you to comprehend the concept of a curbside pick-up delivery app. It is just an extended version of basic pick-up and delivery apps. 

Through the curbside delivery app, one can place the order before and can pick it up later as per their availability. The user doesn’t have to step out of his car/ vehicle, instead, the delivery agent comes to the location given by you to deliver the order. 

The service provider needs to have a curbside delivery app to practice these services for their customers. 

We all must have seen the drive-thru of McDonald’s, Starbucks, Subway, etc. At drive-thrus, we don’t have to step out. The person just places the order through a call or app and later comes to pick up the order.

Similarly, in the curbside pick up and delivery app, the retailer or service provider has to take the order through the app and then have to deliver the order at the address provided by the customers.

All big brands are using the curbside delivery app for continuing their services to the customer amid this pandemic. You can also have the advantage of this curbside delivery app for your business. Contact Us for more information on the same.

best developers for curbside delivery app

Benefits of Curbside Delivery Apps

Every app has its benefits, similarly, the curbside delivery app has its own benefits too that we will discuss in this part. Let us start with:

1. No Delivery Charges

Customers usually prefer those apps which do not ask for delivery charges and curbside pick-up and delivery apps eliminates the delivery charges. This feature makes the curbside delivery app one of the demanding apps in the market. 

2. Contactless Delivery

Due to covid everyone wants to stay safe and avoid crowded places. And the curbside delivery app makes it possible for customers to pick up their orders without getting into the markets or shops. 

3. Time-Saving

The curbside delivery app is especially known for its time-saving feature. It saves a lot of time for users as well as for the delivery agent. One can place an order anytime and as per their availability, they can tell the delivery agent to come to this particular place to drop the order.

4. Cost-Effective

The development cost of the curbside delivery app is reasonable as compare to other apps. You don’t have to pay for extra services or features.  

5. Growth of Overall Business

The curbside delivery app is suited for every business model, whether it is grocery delivery, food delivery, e-commerce, etc. 

6. Easy Ordering

It is very simple to use the curbside delivery app. Simply user has to download the app, then sign-up and it is all set to use or place the order.

How Does Curbside Pick-up Delivery Works

Just like any other delivery app, the curbside pick-up delivery app also works in a similar way. Let us explain this with the help of simple steps:

working of curbside delivery app

1. Customers browsing the app and signing up to avail the services of the app. They check the availability of the item and then put that in the cart and place the order.

2. At the checkout page, the customer is asked for a suitable payment mode. Whether he would like to pay through an online platform or would like to pay at the time of delivery. 

3. Once the order is placed and the notification is received by the service provider (Store). The service providers then check the availability of the product from their end and send the order confirmation notification to the customer through the “Push Notification” feature. 

4. Now, when the order is confirmed, it is then packed and get scheduled for delivery. 

5. Customers get the delivery confirmation of the delivery and details. The location and time for the delivery is then shared with the customer.

6. The customer and delivery agent arrive at the drive-thru and complete the order.

Features For Curbside Delivery App

Some of the best features, that will make your curbside delivery app a success. These features are very basic but are relevant enough to make an app user-friendly. Let us discuss them below: 

features of the curbside app
  • GPS

This feature is helpful in getting the location of the delivery agent and the customer. With the live tracking feature or GPS, it becomes easier to find the location for the curbside delivery.  

  • Live Chat

This feature enables the delivery agent and customer to get in touch with each other through live chats or texts. In case of any communication gap, this text or live chat feature can be helpful in making the order delivery successful.

  • Contact detail of delivery agent/ Customer

You need to provide the contact details of the customers and the delivery agent while confirming or scheduling the parcel delivery. This will be helpful in conducting the smooth functioning of your curbside pick-up and delivery app.

  • Order through call

Allow users to place orders through calls. Nowadays, the number of users is greater than the number of apps. Due to which sometimes the apps start working slowly. And it makes your business and users suffer from the unavailability of your services. Therefore, allow users to use offline mode too, for placing orders. The reason is quite simple, in any circumstance your business will not suffer.   

  • Ratings and Reviews

Allow users to rate the services and the delivery agents. It will help you in understanding the user’s needs and demands. Which will further help you in making needful improvements in your services and app. 

However, you can customize your app as per your needs. Above we have mentioned features just for your reference. For more advanced and customized features get in touch with our expert developers. 

What Kind Of Businesses Should Invest In Curbside Pick-up And Delivery App Development?

The curbside pick-up and delivery apps are not subjected to any single business. One can use it for any service. Whether you have a food delivery service or a grocery delivery service. You can customize your app as per your needs and business.

businesses using curbside delivery app

In this section, we will read about the businesses that can draw more out of the curbside pick-up and delivery app.  

Grocery Stores



Laundry and dry cleaning service providers

Pet Stores

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Curbside Pick-up Delivery App

It is really very reasonable to develop a curbside pick-up and delivery app for your business. You can earn in millions with a minimum investment app development plan. The cost of any app development depends upon the mobile app development company that your hire. Every app development company have their own policies and conditions. But to conclude things for you, after all the calculations the curbside pick-up delivery app development will cost you somewhere around $15,000. 

To understand more about the curbside pick-up and delivery app development you must read our other blogs too. The links are given below:

Ending Note

Believe that there are no limitations, no barriers to your success if you acquire the right help from the best app development company. Therefore we are here to provide you with the right platform to develop an amazing curbside pick-up and delivery app. Just let us know about your exact app development plan, and it will be served to you just the way you want it. 

Start with small steps, these small steps will have a big impact in the future. If today you do not have enough funds to invest in a full-fledge curbside delivery app, then you can also choose white-label app development. With white label app development your app will be developed with minimum capital too. Contact the best mobile app development company to know more about this concept. 

experts of curbside delivery app

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