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White Label App Development and Its Benefit To The Different Businesses

4175 Views | 1 min | Published On: June 25, 2021 Last Updated: June 29, 2023
white label app development

Do you ever wish to have your apps like amazon, Zomato, or uber taxi booking app?

Now with white label app development, it is possible to develop an exact copy of any popular app. Which you can later customize as per your requirement.

Developing a white label app is just like, getting the app idea from any existing app and then recreating it with few changes. Later, selling it to the buyer who can use that white label app with their logo and rebrand the app as their own.

This white label app concept is the best option for businesses to own an app with the least investment. It has benefited many and now it is your chance to gain the profit from the latest technology. Technology always served the generation with the best and easiest way to get success. White label is also the product of modern technology which is now offering great success to the users. 

 If you are excited to know more about this white label app development. Then read this blog further and start your own business today with our white label software solutions.

white label app solutions

What Is White Label App?

Any common app that has been built by a white-label app development company to resell it to the other buyer for the business, which buyer can use and rebrand later as their product. 

The concept of white label app development has emerged to help the business owners to have their app with minimum resources and finance.

White label mobile apps require less effort as compared to custom mobile apps because white label apps are prebuilt for the business in an industry as a whole.

introduction to white label app

Understand with an example

Let us understand this with an example, take a white-label app development company. Name “company A” and say it builds a basic framework for a food delivery business app.

Mainly all food delivery business app require common features.

Now, rather than building completely a new app from scratch. Buyers prefer to buy an app from company A. Further, customize it a bit and label it with their company name and rebrand the app as their own.

This way company A resells its product to multiple businesses and generates good revenues from that.

The white-label app benefits the buyer (who bought the white label app).

One can have a completely functional app, which they can rebrand and use for their business. And don’t have to get into the complexity of the app development process.

Many agencies buy white-label apps just for reselling them to other businesses. Such resellers have connections with many white-label app development companies.

Even if we talk about the future of white-label apps. Then it won’t be wrong if we say that in the future everyone will be using this white labeling concept for developing apps. If you want to build a white-label app for your business then get in touch.

Types of White Label Apps

There are two ways in which we can sell white-label apps to business clients.

When you buy a white label app from a mobile app development company.

They sell you the framework of the app with the back-end code of the app and provide you freedom of creating your front-end code.

Through this type of white-label app development, the buyer can have more control over designing and UI of the app.

This is an example of partial white labeling because even after buying the app from a white label app development company. You need to invest your time and resources in building the complete app.

Another type is when the buyer gets the app from the developer with the accessibility of both front-end code and back-end code. Although in this case also the buyer gets a little scope for making changes.  Buyers can make changes like, replacing the brand name and putting their brand entity.

In this type, buyers have less scope of making any changes and have little flexibility for customization. But they get the fully functional app in minimum investment.

What Are The Benefits Of White Label Apps?

Above we have learned what is white label app and how you can choose the best type for your own business. In this section, we will see what benefits this white label app provides you as a client. Below we have mentioned few benefits that white-label app offers:

Easy Accessibility

With the help of white label app development, businesses can have easy accessibility to launch new products and services. Anyone who wants to start their business immediately and wants to get into this competitive market as soon as possible. Then white label apps are the best option for them because these are ready-made and fully integrated apps which makes branding and marketing quick and easy. This leaves much time for the e-Commerce websites to plan for their service distribution and build a better brand for users.


“Money-saving” is one of the main reasons why everyone is opting for white label app development. Because developing apps from scratch will require much resources and investment. Whereas a white-label app is a ready-made framework that can be used as an actual business app just by applying little changes and providing reasonable finance. 

Saves Time

White label apps are tried and tested which means one doesn’t have to invest much of their time in developing an app from scratch. There is no need to research for many years to get an idea for building a customized app. Just reach a well-known white label app development company and get your business on track in no time.

Build Credibility

When you are using a white label app then you don’t have to worry about how your users will react to it. Since your customers are already familiar with the working process of the app. White labeling makes your app look more trustworthy and reliable to customers.

advantage of white label app

Quick launch

Since the white label apps are ready-to-use so you don’t have to work much on their functioning and features. And you can simply invest that time in developing the best branding and marketing strategy so that your service or product gets the desired response from the users and it appears different from others in the marketplace.

What Kind Of Businesses Benefit From White Label Platforms?

Although white labeling has benefited all the businesses whether it is food, grocery, taxi booking, etc. But few businesses are highly benefited from this white label app development. Some of the top business which is exclusively benefited from this white label are mentioned below: 

businesses benefited from white label app

Taxi Booking App

Food Delivery

Grocery Delivery

Pick up and Drop



Home Services

Flower Delivery

If we talk about food delivery apps like uber eats and deliveroo, then you would like to know that they are doing overtime to meet the needs of their customers. It will be the best time to get into the competition with white label food delivery apps and become a part of this growing food delivery sector.

Apptunix - Your Best Choice For White Label App Development

We understand the current market situation and therefore we know white label apps are the best way to eliminate this competition up to some extent. White label app development is the best way of earning less money investment. Many companies offer white label app development services but we offer even more to our clients for their complete progress and growth. Below we have mentioned why we are the number one choice for white label app development


We use software and technology that is specially designed for your on-demand business needs. Which even helps you to deliver the best white label app to your customers. Our services are reasonable and will only benefit you in later app development stages. 

Customized White Label App

We offer services for completely white-labeled apps with customized branding and logo. Buyers can enjoy their freedom while customizing the features of the app and personalizing their app as per their own choice.

24×7 technical support

We are always available to our customers, in case of any issue we are just there for you. We offer 24×7 technical support to our clients in all circumstances. You will never feel helpless if you have any queries regarding white label app development.

Chat functionality

With this live chat feature, you can connect with our technical team anytime. We believe proper communication is very important between customers and service providers. It helps in building trust among two parties for future app development requirements.

On-time project delivery

Our hard-working team is always available which helps us to deliver the project to our clients on time. We understand the value of your time and money and that is why we make it worth it. Whether it is for white label app development or any app development we are always before the deadline to give our customers a margin for a few changes and amendments.


This concept of white-label app development has made things simple for those who want to build their app. With this technology, one can start their business in no time. There are readily available apps for the buyers and they can use them under their brand name. It is similar to borrowing the business idea from others and further making little changes and later launching the product as your own.

Do you ever wonder how few apps have the same features and functionalities? Well, this is the new evolution of modern technology that is known as the white labeling app. Many apps we see like food delivery apps or other delivery apps are mostly white-labeled and people are making good revenues from this food delivery business. In this busy and competitive world, no one has time and everyone prefers to take shortcuts for success. Therefore if you also want to earn fast and eager to launch your white label app then go for white label app development and get in touch with us for more details.

white label app development experts

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