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Delivery Management Solution: Features and Benefits for Your Business

5374 Views | 1 min | Published On: April 11, 2019 Last Updated: April 24, 2024
delivery management solution

The disruptive “On-Demand” idea that came in the year 2019 with a taxi-booking app called Uber is now taking almost every industry by storm. And logistics is not behind.

There are two primary parts of the on-demand world; user experience and logistics. You need to complete deliveries as fast as possible to keep users happy. However, figuring out the right way to do this has always been the main barricade – which we can now overcome with the right technology.

May it be retail, parcel services or restaurants, the organizations that are working on Uber-like business models are changing the standards by using technology. As per Statista, delivery platforms are predicted to generate approximately $9.26B revenue in the year 2019.

Delivery Management Solution

Organizations that offer delivery services or on location visits are especially affected by this move. Users expect visibility of a transaction from the second they make an order until it is received.

That’s where Pickup and Delivery App Development come into play. If provided, these solutions can enable a business to scale their operations and in turn, increase profitability.

What Is a Delivery Management Solution?

To put it simple, delivery management solutions connects your delivery personnel out on the road with the staff in your back office. Having this association implies that your drivers get all the information that they need to finish a delivery, while your back office get complete overview of individual movements. Delivery management solutions facilitate improved operational services, quicker delivery, and increased customer satisfaction.

The delivery management apps also help in expanding the delivery efficiency by empowering determination of the most ideal route and live tracking of the deliveries.

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Top Features to Look For in a Delivery Management Solution

We can differentiate the customized delivery application in three sections. Features can be added into the application based on this order.

Customer App

delivery management app

There should be a client side application that incorporates the following common features:

Registration: Registration process incorporates sign-up via an email or a social media account.

List of Vehicles: After successful registration, the user can go to the list of vehicles.

Vehicle Booking: He can choose the vehicle and book it as per his requirements.

Real-time Alerts: Notification related to delivery, offering, tracking and different services can be sent to the user on a regular basis. The real-time update is sent when the vehicle left the stockroom and reaches the client’s place.

Payment Gateway: User can pay online through the application with payment gateway integration. He will also receive the bill and its receipt in the application itself.

Track Consignment: The user can also track the order as it goes out for the delivery. The tracking feature additionally shows the map on the real-time basis.

Rate and Review: After getting delivery, the user can share his experience and give ratings based on the same.


free delivery management app


A couple of logistics apps also empower the users to see the estimated fare charges relying upon the choice of the vehicle and a quote according to the user’s prerequisites.

Driver App

application delivery management

This piece of the application is valuable for the drivers and helps them increase their efficiency. It contains the following features:

Registration: The drivers can register in the application utilizing either email address or social media accounts.

Request management: The drivers get the user’s request to deliver the shipment and manage it from the app.

Shipper details: Drivers can get the entire detail of the client or shipper like name, contact number, address and destination in the app.

Route Tracking: Using GPS, drivers can find the optimal route to reach the destination in the app itself.

Payment receipt and approval of bills are additional features that can be integrated into the driver-side transportation and logistics application.

Admin Panel

The logistics mobile application development organizations focus around building up the admin panel as it is the core of the entire logistics application and gives their transportation-related customers a complete control of the processes. Here are some important features of the admin panel:

Dashboard: It incorporates information related to the users and drivers. The admin can see the pending and completed requests along with the real-time data.

Push notification: It empowers the admin to send notifications to drivers with respect to order completion, payment, and driver allotment.

Payments: The admin can access, investigate, and approve every one of the bills and invoices effortlessly by utilizing this feature of the app.

Vehicle management: This is one of the most essential features for the admin. It is easy to track the vehicles and their fuel consumption alongside performing other management-related activities.

In a nutshell, the admin panel contains every one of the features to give seamless services.

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5 Benefits of Delivery Management Solution that Your Business can Leverage

Your logistics business needs accuracy to deliver the products as per the schedule. With the geo-location functionality in your delivery management app, you can track the vehicle and on getting the real-time location of your vehicle, you can inform the client right away. Likewise, you can track the vehicle through GPS and send the help rapidly if there is an emergency.

2. Manage Your Fleet

You have to deal with the fleet legitimately to flourish your business. Also, the effective fleet management can empower you to improve the profitability. The application will store information of every one of your vehicles and their routes. So using it, you can also track the location of the drivers and manage the service schedule of the vehicles.

3. Enable Online Booking

Businesses are witnessing a change from desktops and laptops to mobile applications. As entrepreneurs want to do business on the go, you can encourage them to book their parcel with a dedicated logistics mobile application.

4. Say NO to Paper Work

The old business model for logistics business includes a lot of paper work. However, by using a delivery management app, you can get rid of paper work and manage everything easily by a couple of clicks.

5. Get Real-Time Information

The application can give you and your clients the real-time data about different imperative activities, which is important for the development of your business.

6. No space for errors

A custom logistic application will introduce automation in your business. Be it ERP or CRM, it is easy to deal with each perspective related to your representatives and clients. It can spare your business from any expensive blunders.

7. Improved Services

How about giving real-time information to your clients about the delivery of merchandise and different aspects? A feature-rich and customized application can empower you to improve the customer services through building up a 24/7 connection with the customers.

It is reasonable to state that a transportation and logistics mobile application can make your business more customer-friendly and result-oriented.

Wrapping Up

Delivery isn’t simply transfer of possession – it is the procedure through which a business satisfies its customers. Gaining increasing attention and importance, delivery management is inclusive of viable tracking and allotting orders, managing, organizing and supervising your services or products.

To make unique, branded, Uber-like experiences while improving efficiencies over the organizations, you need a complete solution. If you are looking for the same, get in touch now.


delivery management app


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