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Develop An IoT Based Smart Parking System Mobile App

4520 Views | 1 min | Published On: October 27, 2021 Last Updated: October 28, 2021
smart parking system app development

Lack of proper parking spaces is a major problem in many metropolitan cities. Which often leads to traffic jams and accidents. That is why we need to adopt this latest smart parking system software. This will make things easier for car drivers.

Often when we go to movie theatres, shopping malls, stadiums, and offices we did not find the proper place for vehicle parking. It consumes too much time while searching for an appropriate space for parking. There is no proper parking system in major cities nowadays. But now with the help of the latest technology, we can develop a smart vehicle parking system that will solve the daily parking issues for many users. 

In this blog, we will learn about the IoT-based smart parking system mobile app. What is the use of developing a smart parking system, its features, and the cost required to develop an IoT-based parking system?

What Is Smart Parking System App?

Nowadays we have seen the concept of the smart city is in trend. We have seen major changes since technology has evolved and provided us with useful software and made our lives easier. The smart parking system is also a part of that advance and modern change. Moreover, smart parking mobile app is not just a trend but a growing demand in developing cities. Where people struggle daily to find a place for vehicle parking. 

smart car parking software

The smart parking system is a simple app or software that will help users find an appropriate place for parking depending upon their vehicle size. Users can easily book parking spaces from their homes so that they don’t have to struggle much while going out. 

This is an amazing mobile app that is highly in demand and there are very few online car parking apps available. So it could be your chance to take advantage of this opportunity and attract as many users as you can. You just need to discuss your smart parking app development idea with the best mobile app developers. So that your app development process can go smoothly. 

Demand For Smart Parking System App

To understand the demand for a smart parking system app. Let us have a look at some stats:

  • According to Statista, it is reported that by the year 2023, smart parking apps will grow tremendously. The investment rate will increase by a CAGR OF 14% and the revenue will reach $3.8bn U.S.D.
  • The recent smart parking apps like ParkWhiz and MKE park app are widely used in the US and have a great user base. The number of users of these smart parking apps has increased in no time. This clearly explains the need for smart parking system mobile apps in the coming days. 
best app developers for smart parking app development

Main Features of Smart Parking Mobile App

The objective of the smart parking app is to gather information or data from the parking area. Whether it is free or occupied and after collecting all the information. Further, it sends the information to the users. Then the users can easily book the booking parking slot as per the information received. This is the basic functioning of the app. To make your app more advanced, you need to add some amazing features. That we will discuss in this part.

Features for User’s Panel

  • Login/Sign Up
  • User Profile
  • Search
  • Booking
  • Payment
  • Push Notification
  • Select City
  • Suggestion ( Allow users to do research and compare prices from other parking systems and then book the parking space as per their convenience)
  • Help/ Support
  • Reviews

Features for Admin Panel

  • User Management
  • Manage Bookings
  • Check Revenue
  • Manage offers and discounts
  • Approve/ Reject the request
  • Manage new users
  • Analytical Report

Features for Parker’s App

  • Login
  • Attach Documents
  • Contact Details of Customers
  • Payment confirmation
  • Accept/ reject the parking request
  • Check reviews and ratings

If you think you have something more to discuss, then you can read our other blogs on features of the smart parking system app or you can contact us for the same.

Working Model Of Smart Parking System

Now let us discuss a bit about the working of the smart parking system mobile app. What steps to be followed to book a perfect parking space for your vehicle. Let us discuss that in this paragraph:

working of smart parking system

1. Search Parking Area

With the help of GPS or by turning on the current location of the mobile. Users can find the nearby parking areas.  It makes the search for parking areas easy. 

2. Compare 

Users can also compare the different parking prices and areas depending upon their vehicle. As per the availability user can book the area for parking through the app easily.

3. Book and Pay

Once users find the appropriate parking area through the app. They can easily book that space and can pay as per their convenience. Users can pay through digital mode or can pay cash after reaching the parking area.

4. Location Finder

After booking the area of your choice, now find the exact parking area. You can turn on your map navigation. That will direct you to the exact location where you need to park your vehicle. 

5. Parking

Finally, users just need to park the vehicle and can easily enjoy their outing or do whatever they want to do. Without thinking about their vehicle’s safety.

Points To Consider Before Going For Smart Car Parking App Development

There are a few points that you must consider before going for any app development plan. Without proper planning, you may leave a chance for mistakes and that can directly affect your budget. So always do complete research and then go any further:

Research the market

One must research the market before investing money in any app development plan. You must understand the market and current demand of the users. Check for the latest tech used for the app development and compare your app’s feature with other similar apps to stand out in the competition.

Contact mobile app development company

Once you are done with the research and other things. Now it is time to hire the best app developers. If you do not have an in-house team of mobile app developers then you can contact any mobile app development company. They have full-time dedicated skilled developers who can easily develop an app for your need with all the latest tech stack.  

Select features

To make your app look different from others, you need to add user-friendly features to your app. Make the right selection of the features so that your app development stays in budget and more users get connected to it.

UI/UX Design

The design of your app should be simple. It must be easily accessible by every age group people. Hence, UI/UX plays a very vital role in making your app a successful p project. If your design is complicated, then it will be difficult for non-tech-savvy users to use the app. 

App testing

Once the app is developed, now it is time to test the app. The objective of testing the app is to make sure there are no glitches or issues with the app’s functioning. 


Finally, after all the steps, it is time to launch the app for the users. You can launch the app on the google play store. The app launch is an integral part of marketing campaigns to get the attention of the users quickly. 

There are certain policies that have to be followed to list your app on the marketplaces. To know about such things you can read here or you can contact an app development company.  

The cost required for app development

Now after deciding everything, it is time to estimate the cost required to develop an app. It is very important to get the exact estimation of the app and that can only be possible when you are working with experienced developers and designers

The development cost directly depends on the number of hours required to develop an app, country of operation, technical specification, etc.

 If we talk about IoT based smart parking system then the rough figures will be:

App development cost: $20,000 – $70,000

UI/UX designers: $5000 – $15,000

App testing cost: $5000 – $15,000

So we can say that the total app development costs will fall between $30,000 – $1,00,000.


Even after successful testing of the app before launch, your app might need maintenance and update every now and then. That is why you need to consider or hire a full-time app development company. Who can help you anytime in clearly or fixing the bugs. 

Final Thoughts

The development of a smart parking system is more than a trend nowadays. It is in need of the increasing population and requirement for proper parking spaces. However recently there are very few car parking apps in the market. But in the coming years, the demand will be high and it will be beneficial if you start today and create a better user base than others. 

If you have any queries regarding this car parking app, then you can contact us for better advice. We are the best choice for app development, as we have years of experience in the same.  

experts of smart parking system

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