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App Like Gojek – Business Model & Revenue Model

3878 Views | 4 min | Published On: October 27, 2021 Last Updated: January 5, 2023
Business model of Gojek

Many apps like food delivery app, laundry delivery app, grocery delivery app, etc attract their customers with a single service. Whereas an app like Gojek is a multi-services stage, which has a couple of fragments that require the Consumers, Merchants, and Drivers. To Know how the application works for these various sections, we should understand the Business model of Gojek.

Business Model Of App Like Gojek

Here we have a point-to-point explanation of how Gojek actually works in each section.

Business model of gojek

How An App like Gojek Works For Customers

Stage 1: Defining The Need 

At first, customers can search for his/her needs and after that, they can look for an answer on the app. There are a few incredible arrangements, like Gofood, GoSend, GoRide, GoShop, and in excess of twenty such services.

Stage 2: Booking Apt Option 

When customers are clear with their needs, they would then be able to book the service to finish their choice. Clients can choose their buys and add at least one to the cart. When the cart is done with their ideal purchases, clients can continue on to the following stage.

Stage 3: Receive Your Services 

Once the payment is complete, for the service that customer has opted for, whether it’s a food delivery service, or grocery delivery, etc., the package arrives at their door, or the work is done, and so on, at the stipulated time. 

The timing can depend on the service which has been opted for. Gojek provides services in collaboration with thousands of merchants who join the venture to increase their sales and expand their business.

Gojek gives the merchants exposure to access a broader consumer base and the merchants help Gojek to offer into different areas of the market. The first merchant app was made for Go-Food called Go-Resto which after some growth changed into becoming Go-Biz. Here is how Gojek works for the merchants in all the services they provide.

How An App Like Gojek Works for Merchants

Stage 1: Receive Order

Once the customer places an order, the Go-Food merchants will get a notification on their Go-Biz app. This is the first step of how Gojek works for the merchant. This makes work easier to keep the order ready by the time a driver arrives to collect the delivery.

Stage 2: Preparation

The merchants then prepared the exact order for the consumers. If something is missing, the merchants can contact the consumer to know that they could replace the item with something else from the app. Gojek provides several features that they have changed from the GoBiz app to the Go-to app for all business merchants. It not only helps them to get more orders but also expands their business and helps them to keep a record of their transactions all in one place.

Stage 3: Delivery 

Once the order is prepared to deliver the driver then arrives to collect the order for the consumer. Gojek has made it mandatory to make payments from wallet to wallet between the drivers and the merchants. 

Gojek then deducts the commissions from the merchant’s wallets themselves, which keeps the transactions simpler. It is the way Gojek maintains a record of the deliveries done by the merchant.

This process is similar in almost all the services provided by Gojek. All the transactions are done with the help of Go-Pay. The digital payment service offered by Gojek helps business merchants to manage their businesses easily.

Build your own app like gojek


How An App Like Gojek  Works For Drivers 

Drivers and conveyance service providers can join with Gojek with a direct procedure.  

Stage 1: Download The App 

Drivers need to download the Gojek App on their devices. First to realize how Gojek works for drivers and start the enlistment procedure. The web service must be stable in the area where they need to serve since the moderate web can prompt lesser business for them. 

Stage 2: Sign-Up

When the enrollment is done, the driver needs to include their details and data to make a record. To work with Gojek they need to turn on the online catch given on the app. Submitting data about their vehicles are required to enlist themselves with Gojek and perceive how accomplishes Gojek work for drivers. Some important records, for example, vehicle enlistment verification, personality evidence, and more are required in this enrollment process

Stage 3: Profile

Once the application is downloaded and introduced, the driver now needs to choose the administration they need to work with. They can either opt for a taxi or bike driver or register as a vehicle service provider for the different administrations. Drivers need to enroll with their phone numbers.

Revenue Model Of An App Like Gojek

Gojek has created several means of income for the business to develop. The income sources bringing in most of the revenue models are discussed to understand how Gojek makes money.

Commission From Merchants

Gojek charges some amount of money from the merchants who sell their services, it is the initial way Gojek makes money. Gojek helps the merchants to build more money and expand their business to more existing areas. 

Merchants have to pay some amount of money raised from the profit on each order which comes from Gojek. This transaction is done automatically from the e-wallet since all the orders are paid for via GoPay – the electronic payment service which aids how Gojek makes money.

Commission From Drivers 

Drivers and delivery partners also need to pay some amount of money on each order they deliver. It is the second-way Gojek makes money. This helps Gojek to work more as they are working on a profit-based model. 

To get more money the drivers work with more motivation and complete more orders since they receive money on each delivery and also get rewards and bonuses for outstanding performances.

Service Charge From Consumers 

Consumers need to pay a small amount as a service charge to Gojek for bringing every kind of service to their doorstep. This service tax is added to their bill and they can pay it directly from GoPay while they book their order.

This service charge is a minimal charge and consumers are not burdened financially which helps the company to build its reach among consumers.


 This is all you need to know about how Gojek works and how Gojek makes money before you go on to get an app like Gojek and build a business with the same. You need to understand how Gojek makes money closely and determine if you would be able to earn enough profits with this model. This is to make sure that if you are planning to develop your own multi-services app like Postmates, Task Rabbit, Gojek, Uber, etc you should have knowledge about that. So if you want to know more about the development of apps like Gojek Let us know.

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