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Google launches a new app – “Who’s Down” to track friends

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4628 Views | 2 min | Published On: November 4, 2015 Last Updated: November 26, 2019
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As there are number to things going on in the technological world, the biggest giant of technology, Google – has come up with new app “Who’s Down” that will function both on Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store. The app allows users to instantly find out which of their friends are available to hang out. This app will be targeting college students and teenagers with the help of social apps.”Who’s down” is an invite-only app, as it is restricted to college students.


How it will function:
This app will be requiring an invite code, to sign up; as the users don’t need to provide an email address on edu, domain. The sign up will only require the institution’s name of a user. With this new app, the users can passively see if their friends are “down” to do something, rather than sending them group text message or surveying their friends one by one which one can be reply late in any case of emergency or might be a chance that there is no response. One can post their activities and see how many of their friends are free to participate with them. The person who will be available to hang out can slide the app and turn up the toggle to the “on” position.


This “on” position refers that they’re down to do whatever keyword they selected. The availability will last for up to three hours before it defaults to off. The one who is using the app can choose pre-defined keywords on this app or create the custom ones. For example, who’s down for a “Gym”, or a “Movie”.

Once the status is posted, the app will allow the member to browse what their friends are down for. If the members find someone whose activity interest is close enough to them, and they want to hang with that person, they can easily start a chat to sort out the details of where and when to meet for a hangout. But one should know that the conversation will only last for 24 hours for every activity.

The friends who are also down to hang out can then agree to take the members suggestions or include the users in whatever plans they might have made in past.

According to news, Google’s “Who’s Down” app is very similar to Apple’s Find My Friends app and Four square’s Swarm app. It is unclear how “Who’s Down” app matches friends. It is said that it is possible with the help of Google contacts or based on people with whom the users chat on Hangouts.

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