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How Last Mile Delivery App changed The Market | Complete Guide

3915 Views | 1 min | Published On: December 28, 2021 Last Updated: June 2, 2022
last mile delivery app

Have you ever wondered how the apps like Ola and other grocery delivery apps are making the delivery in 10 mins and bringing the courier delivery business to the next level? 

Well, this is all because of the last-mile delivery app. It helps in delivering the order in a very short time. 

The last-mile delivery app has proven to be a great help to the multi-vendor marketplace apps and changed the pattern of online shopping and market. Customers receive their orders on the same day or within the next few hours this is all because of this last-mile delivery app. 

Recently the new concept of “q-commerce apps” has been introduced. This is because now customers are restless and so are the business owners. Customers want the delivery on the same day and business people want to expand their reach as much as they can and want to satisfy their customers with their quick and convenient services.

In order to provide instant services to the users, the last-mile delivery apps came into the market. Now, it has become the backbone of all the business. Let us see through this blog how these apps are changing the future of the ordering and delivery business.

If you have any plans or vision of integrating last-mile delivery service into your business then do connect with the experienced mobile app development company. This will definitely change your business for the best. 

What is Actually Last-Mile Delivery?

The last-mile delivery is not something like rocket science. It is one of the methods that help in transporting the courier or parcel from retailers directly to the customers. 

what is last mile delivery app

If you want your customers to receive their orders on time and want to bless your business with something good then the last-mile delivery app is all you need. 

To get the growth in your business you need to move with the time and have to take the advantage of technology. Last-mile delivery is the latest tech that is been in trend and helping business owners, as well as customers, connect better. 

The last-mile courier delivery app ensures the complete happiness and satisfaction of the users so you can try this without any doubt. Still, in case of any query get in touch with our experts.

How Last-Mile Delivery Changed The Market?

In this section, we will see the change brought by last-mile delivery apps in the market. We will discuss the stats and expected future of this service. Let us put this into points to make it much easier for you to comprehend the things:

  • According to one survey done by McKinsey, it is observed that 25% of the consumers are ready to pay extra for quick or same-day delivery of their order. And to fulfill this urgent need of the consumers, the last-mile delivery app is the best platform and will definitely get a good boost in the future. 
  • With the unexpected increase in delivery businesses, it is seen that last-mile delivery apps are also getting into the trend. E-commerce apps are expected to reach $4.2 trillion by the end of this year. And if we want to provide uninterrupted service to generate such a big amount of revenue then you must need to develop a last-mile delivery app


contact experts for last mile delivery-min


Why Do You Need Last-Mile Delivery App For Your Business?

Whether it is an e-commerce app, food delivery app, or any ordering and delivery app, we need a last-mile delivery service for all. That is because these apps are helpful in delivering orders on time to the users. To offer users great convenience and instant delivery you must give this a thought. Here we have mentioned a few points that will justify why one must develop a last-mile delivery app:

  • Easy to track vehicle with GPS tracking.
  • Proper fleet management, helps in tracking all the fleet’s routes. 
  • Can reserve cargo or parcels for the customers.
  • With the help of NFC and RFID cargo tracking become easy.
  • Easy to keep a record of dispatch information, data tracking, warehouse management, inventory management.  

Main Features Of Last-Mile Delivery App

Now, let us discuss some important features which are a must for any successful last-mile delivery app. You can customize your app as per your requirement, get in touch with a recognized mobile app development company, which has good experience in the industry.

features of fleet management app

A list of the common features are given below:

  • Smart Tracking

This feature helps in maintaining transparency by offering a real-time tracking facility to the customers. Users can check the shipment status anytime they want. This is what customers can experience through this feature.

If we talk about drivers, then they can use this feature for finding the right location for their customers. 

This is an important feature to go with your last-mile delivery app.

  • Route Optimization

If you want efficiency in your operations, then you need to add this feature. This helps in identifying the easiest and fastest way. 

Helpful in sending the real-time updates to the drivers and helping them reoptimize their routes and make relevant or necessary last-minute changes in the schedule. 

  • Customer Feedback

Make sure your end-users have the facility of providing you the relevant feedbacks on your services. This will help you in improvising your services and making it more user-friendly by knowing their reviews about your app or business. 

Customer feedback is very important if you want a long-term business and connections of the users. 

  • Data Analysis

If you want to ensure that you generate maximum from your last-mile delivery app then you have to get the data and analytics like information of the agent performance, delivery status, information about successful or failed deliveries, and more. 

All this provides the best knowledge about the business and further gives clarity, transparency, and growth.   

  • Integration

Enable users to access the app through mobile or computer. Depending upon the user’s convenience let them decide the best possible platform to use the app. Make sure your app is accessible through all the devices ( mobile, laptop, computers, and tablet). And can be easily integrated with android or iOS. 

This will help in making your app more popular.

  • Auto-dispatch 

One of the important features of the last-mile delivery app. It allows users to have hassle-free and efficient management for the on-demand deliveries. 

The main objective to integrate this feature into the app is that it assigns the right task to the best available driver. By reducing the time.

Steps Involved In Developing Logistics Delivery App

Just like any other app development process, last-mile delivery app development involves similar steps. 

1. Decide what is the requirement of your business. And then according to that make a rough sketch of your app and then take your plan to the professionals.

2. Time to choose the right mobile app development company for your business type. You can put all your app development concerns in front of them. This will help them and you to take your idea to the next development step. 

3. Now, you need to decide on your target audience. It is not necessary to cover a larger area in the beginning. It is better to choose a limited or a certain audience to check the response of the audience. It will also help in managing the right cash flow. 

4. Once you are done with all the above steps now it is time to decide the expected expense for the app development. This will help you in making wise decision-related to app development. You can talk to the experts to know the cost for last-mile delivery app development.

5. Later, comes the technical process like designing, development, testing, and launch. 

Wrapping Up

Now, also if you are thinking about how profits will be this last-mile delivery app development for your business. Then we would like to show you show some stats collected by Statista. It proves how last-mile delivery is helping the vast logistics industry and others. 

The last-mile delivery is the requirement of the time because no one wants to wait, everyone wants things instantly. 

The population is increasing and with that, the demands of the people are growing too. And to fulfill this vast demand of such a huge population it is very necessary to have quick and efficient management that can deliver the orders on time. That is why we need and the future generation needs apps like last-mile delivery or app like Postmates.

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