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How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App Like Discord?

4601 Views | 1 min | Published On: December 28, 2021 Last Updated: June 6, 2024
How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App Like Discord?

Discord has become one of the most popular apps today. Today, many investors plan to make an app like Discord for better revenue generation.

During the outbreak of Covid-19, Discord reached 100 million active users. If the growth of Discord inspires you, this blog will help you understand the features that make Discord distinct from others and why you should invest in getting any of the social media apps similar to Discord.

What Is Discord?

The majority of the population use Discord mainly for efficient communication. It is a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) application and is simply a combination of Slack and Reddit with voice, video and text features.

The Journey Of Discord

It is available on all platforms – Android and iOS and can be used in Linux, iOS and Windows browsers.

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Features For Making An App Like Discord

Many people use Discord for communicating in private or public communities. It also has a set of exceptional functionalities and if you are planning to make an app like Discord you should keep these in mind.

Features For Your App Like Discord

Channels & Servers

Servers are communication spaces divided into channels, each of which is usually dedicated to a single topic and has its own set of regulations. Discord has two types of channels:

  • Text Channels: Users can upload messages, post files and share images with others.
  • Voice Channels: Users can connect with others through voice or video call. Also, a background noise suppression feature was introduced in 2020 for the voice channels. 

Direct Messages

Discord, like other chat programmes, allows users to send direct messages to other users. The ability to create message groups of up to ten people is an additional feature. Discord allows users to have their direct messages screened for sexual content as part of their privacy focus.

Video Calls & Screen Sharing

In 2017, Discord added video calls and screen sharing. Users may initially video chat with up to ten individuals in a single channel. Due to the pandemic, Discord extended this limit to 50 people in 2021.

Users can share a specific programme window or their full screen using Discord’s Go Live screen sharing feature. Discord will make this capability available on mobile devices in 2020.

Rolls & Permissions

Within servers and channels, administrators can assign roles to members and modify permissions. On a Discord server, roles and permissions are adjustable for all channels as well as for each channel individually (channel settings will override server settings in this case).

File Sharing

If you want to create Discord app with voice and text chat service, you’ll need to share files. This function is available in all messaging apps nowadays, so omitting it would be a mistake. However, when compared to Slack, Discord falls short: a free account’s file upload limit is 8 MB, whereas the Discord Nitro subscription plan’s maximum is 50 MB. 

However, this does not appear to be a significant issue among consumers. To calculate suitable file size restrictions, you’ll need to research the needs of your target audience (if any). Uploading huge files usually necessitates the use of more powerful servers.

Push Notifications

Don’t we utilise messaging apps to communicate with folks whenever we have free time? We don’t want to miss any messages, either. As a result, every messaging application requires notifications. At the same time, a modern chat app should have the ability to partially or totally disable notifications – after all, you don’t want your phone ringing or buzzing with constant messages while you’re at school, at a board meeting, or on a date.

Notifications that might be helpful in a chat app like Discord are:

  • Mute all notifications
  • Mute specific groups/channels
  • Getting notified only when a username is mentioned
  • Get notified when certain words are used. 

Message History

Some chat programmes allow you to specify a timer for when your messages are automatically deleted. This is mostly done to save space on your devices: text messages aren’t particularly large, but they can add up over time. This functionality is useful if you frequently use an app but rarely return to examine messages and files sent.


The ability to link your chat app to other accounts and services isn’t required, but it can be useful. You can, for example, allow users to connect their Twitter and Facebook accounts, as well as their YouTube and Spotify accounts. Twitch and/or Steam integration will be a winning feature if you’re developing a chat for gamers. It might be industry-specific apps and networks for enterprises


Challenges That Can Be Faced While Building An App Like Discord

There can be various challenges faced in making a communication app like Discord. Some of them are described below:

Security & Maintaining Privacy

If you’re wondering how to make Discord-like software, keep in mind that Discord prioritises anonymity. Because Discord filters all network traffic through its servers, users’ IP addresses cannot be disclosed. Criminals will be unable to discover users’ IP addresses and launch DDoS attacks against them as a result of this.

If you are going to build an app like Discord, be prepared to handle moderation at scale.

Fortunately, routing audio and video through your own media servers provides a solution, allowing administrators to turn off audio and/or video for irritating attendees.

Speed & Stability

A low-level API is available in the native WebRTC library to build both a transmit and receive stream. As a result, when people join a voice channel, they can only exchange a little quantity of data. WebRTC also uses Interactive Connectivity Establishment (ICE) to determine the most efficient communication path between parties.

Tech Stack

Discord uses a client-server networking architecture to accommodate huge groups of people. According to Discord, there may be hundreds of individuals communicating in large channels, adopting peer-to-peer networking would have been prohibitively expensive.

As previously stated, Discord employs WebRTC, a real-time communication standard that allows the app to run on a variety of platforms while also allowing social media app developers to reuse code. WebRTC in Discord, on the other hand, is customised. A C++ media engine developed on top of the native WebRTC library is used in the iOS, Android, and desktop apps.

Discord’s frontend web tech stack consists of React and Flux. The backend architecture and all the signalling server’s of Discord are written in Elixir. Discord also uses Rust in a number of locations throughout its software stack, including the gaming SDK and a number of backend services.

As you can see, Discord’s tech stack is extensive and varied. However, you don’t have to design your VoIP app with the same tools and technology. Discord was designed with gamers in mind, so some of its features may be superfluous in your app. Hence, the Discord social networking app development process is going to hassle-free.

Revenue Model

Discord, unlike many of its competitors, does not make money via advertisements. Consumers, according to its founder, despise commercials and don’t want their data shared with brands. Instead, Discord has chosen the methods listed below.

Revenue Model Of An App Like Discord


The subscription business has always been the core of Discord’s monetization efforts. Discord will provide two premium plans in 2021:

  • Nitro Classic is a game that is based on the Nitro ($4.99 per month or $49.99 per year) – Basic chat features include the ability to upload a gif avatar and use custom emotes.
  • Nitro ($9.99 per month or $99.99 per year) – Includes features such as improved video quality, server acceleration, and a greater upload limit.

Discord’s subscription model appears to be successful. By providing members access to unique features, the company nearly tripled its income in 2019.

Subscription-based models, according to analysts, appeal to IT investors because they deliver constant and predictable revenue.

Game Store

In August 2018, Discord opened a global game store. On the Discord shop, developers can self-publish their games. After selling a game, the developers receive 90% of their income whereas Discord receives the remaining 10%.


Discord used to sell many items for years like T-shirts, socks, caps, and scarves. 

Funding & Investment

Although funding is not a monetization strategy, it’s worth noting that Discord is constantly raising funds from investors. By 2020, the value will reach approximately $3.5 billion.

Discord’s path to success, on the other hand, was never easy. Discord ran into a lot of roadblocks along the way, and your Discord-like programme will, too. Let’s see what we can do about them.

How Much Does It Cost To Make An App Like Discord?

The number of individuals participating, the complexity and number of features and the duration will all influence the ultimate cost. A tighter schedule will necessitate the use of additional workers to perform duties on time.

A rough estimate of the cost to create a Discord-like chat app under normal circumstances is $15,000 and higher. You can get a quote for a more precise calculation.

Wrap Up

Discord is a famous chat programme that has grown in popularity thanks to its sophisticated user interface and robust communication capabilities. Although Discord’s tech stack is robust and broad, you may create a Discord-like app with other tools and technologies by hiring a social media app development company like Apptunix. It’s a smart idea to choose a pre-built solution adapted to your business needs rather than creating one from scratch, which may be costly and time-consuming.


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