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How Much Does it Cost to Build a Mobile Banking App like Monzo?

144 Views | 5 min | Published On: February 28, 2024 Last Updated: February 28, 2024

Mobile banking apps have transformed the way people manage their finances. With the rapid advancement of technology, more and more financial institutions are turning towards fintech app development to have a competitive edge. Among the many successful mobile banking apps, Monzo has emerged as a leader, transforming the traditional banking experience with its simple interface and innovative features.

By 2027, the global transaction value in neobanking is predicted to reach a staggering $9.2 trillion. This showcases a remarkable 94.88% increase in overall transaction value.

Global Fintech app development market size

The cost of banking app development like Monzo ranges from $30,000 to $280,000 or more. It is influenced by the features and functionality financial businesses require. 

In this blog, we will explore the key features that make these apps successful, the factors to consider when developing such an app, and the challenges that come with it. 

So let’s begin! 

Understanding Monzo: A Top Neo-banking App

Monzo is a leading digital bank that encompasses a user-friendly interface and advanced features and functionality. It has set a benchmark for fintech app development. Monzo Bank Limited, based in London was founded in 2015 by Tom Blomfield, Jonas Huckestein, Jason Bates, Paul Rippon, and Gary Dolman. The platform had over 7.4 million users in 2023, an increase of 27% from the previous year. 

Monzo also aims to demystify banking by eschewing jargon and providing clear explanations for fees. This resonates with its tech-savvy customer base, who appreciate the convenience and accessibility it offers.

Build an app like monzo

Monzo offers other advanced features like payroll integration, 24/7 support, virtual cards, and API access, making it a tough competitor in the marketplace. Now, let’s see what factors influence the cost of mobile banking app development like Monzo.

What Factors Influence FinTech App Development Costs?

A mobile banking app like Monzo comes with a high price tag, and the cost can vary significantly depending on several key factors like the size of the fintech app development company. Let’s explore the main elements impacting the overall cost:

Factors impacting the cost of developing app like monzo
  • Platform Compatibility 

The compatibility of your app across different platforms, such as iOS and Android creates a profound user base.  Developing a mobile banking app like Manzo that works seamlessly on both platforms requires more time, effort, and resources, which can increase the overall cost.

Make sure you get expert guidance from a reliable fintech app development company like  Apptunix. Proper consultation will allow you to choose the right platform for your finance app.

  • Development Location & Team

Another factor to consider is the location and size of the fintech mobile app development company. While a basic app with minimal features requires a small team, a complex app with cutting-edge features would require a much larger team. Usually, the team consists of 8 or more members.

  • Flutter developers 
  • UX/UI designer
  • Project manager
  • QA-engineer 
  • Backend developer 
  • DevOps engineer
  • Business analyst 
  • UX researcher 

The geographical location of your team plays a key role in estimating the cost. In the USA, where labor rates are higher, the cost of banking app development like Monzo will empty your pockets. Whereas, developers in regions like the Middle East, India, and Southeast Asia provide finTech app development services at a much lower rate. 

  • Features & Complexity 

The number of features you want to include in your app will directly impact the fintech mobile app development cost. Features such as account management, transaction history, bill payments, money transfers, budgeting tools, push notifications, and customer support require varying development efforts and resources. Deciding on the features and their complexity gives a clear picture of the development cost for an app like Monzo.

Mobile Banking Features that are demanding in the USA
  • Tech Stack 

Incorporating a robust technology stack requires expertise and resources, which can contribute to the overall development cost. Your mobile banking app requires the right set of databases, frameworks, and programming languages, which can add complexity to the development process. However, it’s important to make a viable decision for the high efficiency and scalability of your banking app like Monzo.

  • Type of App 

A banking app with basic functionality can cost less than $30,000, whereas a mid-range mobile banking app could cost you around $30,000 to $50,000. If you are going for a complex app with advanced features then it could cost more than $50,000.

COst Break down of Mobile banking app like Monzo

This choice of app type also impacts the duration of banking app development. So if you have a deadline to match then you can start with a basic app and later can scale up as per user requirements. 

  • Testing & QA

Similar to the e-commerce app like Zalando thorough testing is essential to ensure the functionality, security, and reliability of a mobile banking app. The cost of testing and quality assurance should be considered as it contributes to the overall development cost. Remember, quality assurance can reduce the risk of future errors saving additional time and money.

Needless to say, the initial investment in a well-designed and secure app can lead to long-term benefits in terms of user loyalty and brand reputation. Going ahead let’s take a closer look at features that influence the price and make a Monzo-like app a success. 

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What Features to Integrate Into an App like Monzo?

Fintech mobile app development like Monzo requires understanding what users like about it and where improvements can be made. Here are some features you can incorporate:

Fintech app development features of Monzo

1. Easy Login and Authentication

Like any other mobile app, a banking app also includes a login and authentication process. Banking apps should facilitate a simple yet highly secure user interface. Nowadays options like fingerprint scanning and facial recognition are a common way of authentication that brands use for developing a banking app like Monzo. A multi-factor authentication system can help increase the app's security.

2. Intuitive UI/UX

Creating an intuitive and visually appealing design is essential to attract and retain users. This includes wireframing, prototyping, UI design, and UX research. The cost of designing a banking app like Monzo or Myfawry can vary based on the customization required.

3. Support Service 

When questions arise, users need support they can trust. In-app chat, FAQs, and even 24/7 phone support help enhance user experience. Technological advancements like AI in fintech apps reduce the chance of human errors and make the customer support process more accurate.

4. Account Management

An account overview encompasses viewing balances, tracking transactions, and managing accounts across platforms from a single screen. Instant transaction updates and clear categorization bring clarity to user spending habits. This feature in a banking app like Monzo empowers users with detailed and accessible financial information.

5. Budgeting & Money Management Tools

Helping users take control of their spending with powerful budgeting tools can make your app catch the eye. Categorizing transactions automatically, setting spending limits, and tracking progress toward savings goals help users make data-driven decisions.

Leverage cutting-edge fintech app development services to incorporate such advanced functionality with ease. 

6. QR Code Integration

Seamless QR code scanning and mobile wallets can simplify the payment and money transfer process. This convenient feature in banking app development eliminates the need for account numbers and streamlines everyday financial transactions.

Apptunix Excel In Fintech App Development 

As we explored, the cost of developing a mobile banking app like Monzo is influenced by various factors. By understanding these factors and considering the challenges involved, startups and financial organizations can embark on the journey of successful fintech app development that meets the needs of the modern-day consumer.

As technology continues to evolve, there is an increasing need for banking apps to adapt and provide unique experiences. At Apptunix, we follow proven methodologies to make an app like Monzo. We use advanced technologies like blockchain, IoT, and AI in fintech apps to enhance user experience. Our finTech app development services include multi-factor authentication, firewalls, advanced threat detection, and data encryption to transform the way users interact with finances. 

Get in touch with our experts and create an innovative mobile banking app that generates handsome profits. 


Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q 1.What are the challenges to face in finTech App Development?

Here are some of the biggest hurdles you’ll need to overcome:

  • Security and Data Privacy 
  • Evolving regulatory environment
  • Third-party services 
  • Unique UI/UX design
  • Customer Support


Q 2.How much does it cost to develop a banking app like Monzo?

The cost of building a fintech app like Monzo varies due to various factors. This includes features, UI/UX design, chosen tech stack, location of the development team, and more. The cost can range from $30,000 to $280,000 or more. 

It is important to consult a fintech app development company to get a precise cost estimation as per your needs. 


Q 3.How long does it take to create an app like Monzo?

The timeline for making a fintech app varies based on the project’s complexity and customization. Typically, it can take 2 to 7 months or more for a banking app like Monzo to develop. 


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