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How Much Does It Cost to Develop an e-Scooter App?

6065 Views | 1 min | Published On: August 7, 2019 Last Updated: June 3, 2022
development cost of e-scooter app

Streets all around the world are getting busier day by the day.
Arriving at your destination on time is important, but hard even if you’ve
ditched your car in favor of a motorbike. The electric scooter or e-scooter is
the latest, fastest and cheapest solution at our disposal. Smart mobility is
all the rage and companies like Bird and Lime are making the most of it, thanks
to their excellent, user friendly e-scooter mobile apps!

e-Scooters –Where Innovation Meets Micro Mobility

The evolution of e-scooters perfectly meets the traditional
startup approach – finding a way to provide a marketable solution to an
existing problem. Congestion due to traffic, pollution accused by motor
vehicles and the need for a faster mode of commute in the urban landscape are
the issues that created the need for micro mobility solutions – smart, “small
in size” alternatives to popular ride-sharing apps like Lyft and Uber.

Recent studies have revealed how e-scooters can help big cities cut down on pollution and add convenience to urban commute. Thinking of creating an e-scooter app like Lime or Bird? It’s a bright, opportune idea. Dockless e-scooters are quickly spreading their market quite like Uber had done when it first arrived on the scene.

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Why You Should Invest Into An e-Scooter App?

With the limited availability of popular fuels like petrol and
diesel, their ever-rising prices and the growing concerns regarding global
pollution, everyone – from world governments to common people are attracted
towards cleaner, greener solutions.

E-scooters provide the additional benefit of being more
cost-effective than conventional means of commute. Also, they allow quicker
movement between two points while reducing the changes of traffic congestion.

Given all these benefits, the user interest and engagement in
e-scooter service is bound to grow in the coming times which makes it a
profitable venture for budding startups and entrepreneurs. Have a look on the
budding startups in this field:

Why You Should Invest Into An e-scooter App

Factors to Consider When Developing an e-Scooter App

1. The Future Market for e-Scooters

The future of e-Scooters, according to market research, is extremely promising. The global market for e-scooters was estimated to be worth USD 17,630 million in 2017 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12.8% leading up to 2025.

2. Local Regulations and Conditions

One of the most important factors for On-Demand e-Scooter App Development is looking into the local road regulations and bylaws, the road and traffic conditions. Bad roads, areas prone to accidents and locations where the regulating bodies may have shown signs of reluctance towards e-scooter commute aren’t the best location to invest in.

3. Competent App Developers

Another factor is your choice of mobile app developer. Building an
e-scooter app can be a bit tricky – it’s ideal to find a top app developer that
has prior experience in creating similar apps.

How Does an e-Scooter App Work?

Users download the app from Google or Apple’s app store and register using their email or social media accounts. This is followed by creation of user password and profile and selection of payment method. When the user requires a ride, he/she simply hits search and is notified about the nearest scooter, it’s condition and battery related details. The user reaches the scooter’s location, unlocks it by scanning the e-scooter’s QR code in the app and take the ride. Once the ride is completed, the user parks and locks the scooter using the app and completes the payment process.

7 Must-Have Features of an e-Scooter App

7 Must Have Features of an e-scooter app

A high-end On-Demand e-Scooter App Development Process will include integration of several high-end features to make to make the app look and perform better than the competition. When you’re starting out, it’s essential to focus on the covering the very basics so you can add more features later on, as and when required. The following are the must have features for building an e-scooter app.

1. Navigation and Geo Location

A satellite supported navigation system that shows the users the exact location of all e-scooters available around him/her is a must for your app.

2. Real Time Tracking Facility

Real time tracking is essential in order to ensure the user can locate the scooter and knows the exact distance from its location even when on the move.

3. QR scanning

E-scooters are locked and unlocked by the user by scanning the scooter’s QR code using the app. An in-app QR scanner is important as it helps the user scan and unlock
without having to click out of the app.

4. Ride Record and History

A readily accessible record of the user’s past rides, including the fare, time and date is essential so the user can review the charges and seek assistance related to any issues he/she might have regarding a past ride.

5. In-App Payments Facility

At a time when digital payment has all but replaced cash transactions, it’s highly important your app integrate a secure payment system where the user can pay using all popular channels, including various e-wallets, credit and debit cards and net banking.

At Apptunix, we have E-Scooter app development services

6. Rating, Feedback and Support

A rating and review system is the simplest way of gauging the customers’
experience and level of satisfaction. It can also help you identify and
understand their issues and preferences so you can better your app in the

A dedicated support feature to help the user resolve issues with the charges or e-scooter’s condition and performance is essential to gain the customers’ trust

7. Push Notifications

Push notifications have become integral to mobile apps of all kinds. Your e-scooter app Is no different. Push notifications regarding booking confirmations,payments and offers help enhance customer experience and is therefore a must have feature for your app.

At Apptunix, we offer e-Scooter App Development Services with all the necessary features and robust admin panel. If you want to get a free quote, Contact now!

How Much Would Your e-Scooter App Development Cost?

e-Scooter Mobile Application Development Cost depends upon several factors, including the time required for development of the app, features for admin, user and customers, the size of development team and the cost of development per hour. Further customizations, additional themes and services can further contribute to the overall cost.

The approximate time for development of an e-scooter app complete with only the basic features is about 350 hours which puts the estimated cost of app development between USD 25 to 30k. For a closer cost appropriation based on your vision, goals and business requirements, contact Apptunix – a well-oiled e-Scooter app development company making waves with its ground-breaking innovations and excellent creations.

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