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How Much Does It Cost to Develop Apps Similar to Netflix | Full Guide

4124 Views | 1 min | Published On: April 26, 2021 Last Updated: June 29, 2023
How to develop app like Netflix with features and cost estimation

Now the audience is really bored of those typical “hero and vamp” featured serials. Viewers are now shifting more towards apps similar to Netflix. Where they can see content related to suspense, love-story, crime, thrill, and other entertaining shows. The audience wants to see something new now. It could be a biopic, book adaptation or etc. People are liking something similar to shows which are related to their lives or real-time films.

Therefore, there is a massive need to change the television experience for the viewers. We all have seen how people are addicted to Netflix series or drama. This is because apps similar to Netflix provide them original content, something different from usual or basic story. 

These ott apps are getting popular every day. You must be wondering, what are these OTT apps? If you watch web series on Netflix, Prime or Hulu then it will be easy for you to comprehend the concept of OTT app development. “Over the top” is the full form of OTT. It is an industrial concept, which makes it possible for users to stream videos through the internet straight onto their device. Many entrepreneurs have become millionaires with this OTT app development business. If you also want to know more about this OTT app development concept click on the link or you can reach us. Click on the box given below.

What is The Working Model of Apps Like Netflix?

Netflix is the largest video-on-demand service with a huge database that contains cartoons, films, and web series. It offers SVOD service, which means, subscription video on demand. It works on a monthly fee subscription model and then users get access to watch unlimited content. Netflix also provides its users with the facility of a one-month free-trial subscription pack. Where users can see unlimited videos. This app can be accessed through any device like mobile, smart TV, laptop, tablet, computer. It is easily compatible with the following operating systems, like Android, Windows, macOS, etc. If this video streaming app development makes you curious and you want to start your own apps similar to Netflix then do let us know.  

working model of app like Netflix

How To Create an App Like Netflix?

It is really not easy to develop apps similar to Netflix. It requires a lot of research and efforts to develop an app like Netflix. It is a little challenging because your video-streaming app should be highly interactive, engaging, and responsive. You must have unique and fresh content for the users, this is the toughest part of this app development. Below we have mentioned points that will help you to create apps similar to Netflix. These pointers will tell you how to pick the right content for your video streaming app.

how to create app like Netflix

Find Your Slot

Decide the type of content you would like to stream on your OTT app. You must have seen in Netflix there are so many categories for the users. Although there were not so many options available when Netflix first came into the market. So if you are new to this business, then it is better that you go with a single category or choose an option that will be helpful in entertaining the users. And when your video streaming app gets popular, then add other categories too. Given below are a few categories you can decide, which will suit your targeted audience.

  • Entertainment
  • Fitness
  • Education
  • Comedy
  • Cartoon
  • Music

Content Availability

The content is the main thing of any video streaming app. On the basis of your content, your audience will be decided. You need to decide whether you will show the content from the other distributors or would you like to create your own content for the audience. In both cases make sure content is original and something that can interest your targeted audience. Decide the content for your video streaming app carefully so that more and more users can join with the app.

“Point to consider, if you are getting content for your Netflix like app from another distributor then you have to contact the copyright holder, and if you are renting a movie from any authorized then make sure it is along with the license. 

Monetization Model

There are usually three types of a monetization model for apps similar to Netflix and those are:

1. Subscription 

You all might be aware of this type of monetization model. Netflix uses this model to get the fee from the users. When the user/subscriber pays a monthly or yearly fee to get access to the app. This type of monetization strategy is good for those who are already popular or who have fresh content to broadcast every single day.

2. Pay per view

The second monetization strategy is simple when a user pays for every video he/she watches. This strategy is best suited to those who broadcast content related to sports and conferences etc. 

3. Advertising

The third one is for advertising agencies, you can charge the advertising companies for showing video advertisements on your video streaming app. But again this is beneficial for those who are already famous or popular among users. If you are a beginner then this type of strategy won’t work for you.

Finally, if we conclude all the above points it will be better if you give your users a free subscription for one month, and then later you can charge them. Just like Netflix does. In the beginning, you need to give this free subscription to the users so that maximum to maximum people can connect with the app and later when your app becomes popular. You can charge users monthly or yearly as you like.  

Requirement of Video Streaming App

There are usually two requirements if you are planning to own a video streaming app, those are:

  • Good Internet Connection

If you are starting apps similar to Netflix then you must know that internet speed directly affects the quality of the video streaming app. It is required to have at least 2MB/sec speed for any standard definition video and for HD it has to be more than that. So always remember to stay connected with a good internet company for the best experience.

  • Cloud Hosting

The reason for recommending cloud hosting for your app similar to Netflix are:

The cloud platform gives quick access to the video.

They are cheaper as compared to other hard drives.

Cloud hosting platforms are very flexible.

Focus On Audience

Now attract the audience. Focus on your audience so that the app gets popular and becomes successful in no time. Advertise your app or upload small clips of your content on social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter so that users can see that. You can also use Youtube, where you can play a small intro of your video content at the beginning of a few videos. So that users can immediately see that and can go to your video streaming app directly through the link provided there. This is a smart move to get the attention of the viewers. 

Features To Set In Apps Similar To Netflix Type Apps

Every app is known for its unique features and content. If features are not good, then no one likes to pay attention to the app. Especially if we talk about video streaming apps, then features are really important. Let us know about a few features which can be integrated if you are planning to develop apps similar to Netflix. 

features to integrate in app like Netflix

User’s Registration

Whenever any subscriber wants to get access to your video streaming app. Then they have to mention their name, age, address, and other basic details. Just like we do on any video streaming app like TiTok. Later users will be able to see the content and further functionalities of the app.

Payment Gateway

This is where users have to make the payment to get the subscription. In the beginning, you can also ignore this feature but later when your app becomes popular, get this feature activated and ask for a subscription fee from the users. This feature helps the app owner to get the fee from the users. Users pay the fixed subscription fee to get access to the app. This is the monetization strategy of every video streaming app.

User’s Profile

Under this feature, a subscriber can download or save the video to watch it later. Depending upon their interest they can get the notification from their most-watched series or show. Just like we manage our account on other social media, we get the suggestion from the friends and other information. Similarly, apps similar to Netflix also provide their user have their account on the app. So that users can get suggestions depending upon their most searched item or they can save the show or video to watch it later. 

Content Search

The search bar feature helps users to easily look for their favorite web series or show. Depending upon their search later the video suggestions will also be provided to the users. There are so many different categories and shows. Therefore this “content search” feature will be really helpful to the users. This is a must-go with your app similar to Netflix. 

Chat and Comments

This chat and comments feature will allow users to add comments on the content related to any video or to raise any query. This will help the app owner to improve or make changes as per the audience demand. This feature will help in developing video streaming apps more user-friendly apps.

Push Notification

The push notification feature will send an alert of any new release or new episode of the web series to the user. This notification feature will keep users updated with any change or new release of the app. 


With this feature, users can manage their accounts as they want. If you want to turn off the push notification option then you can do that from settings. If subscribers want any changes on their account or profile, they can manage everything from this setting features.

create app like Netflix

“Also read to know more advanced features of video streaming apps”.

Tech Stack For App Like Netflix

tech stack for Netflix like app 1

In this tech stack section, we will know what are the technical things which you must know before starting apps similar to Netflix. What is the current demand of the technology and how to develop an app without any glitches and how you can save your app and video content from hackers and spammer? To save your website or app from any technical glitch click here.  Below there is a table where you can see the programming language that is to be used while developing a video streaming app. How many hours does it take to build an app? All such information is given in the box. To make your struggle easy, directly call us.


Cost Required For Netflix Like App Development

cost require to develop app like Netflix

The more hours involved in developing the app, the more the cost will be. If you plan to make your app with advanced features and the latest technology then again the cost will be high. If you wish for a simple or basic app design then the cost will be low. If you are a beginner then it would be good if you choose basic services or features but if you want an advanced professional video streaming app then you need to pay a good amount too. More complex is the app development process, more will be the number of hours and the cost will increase simultaneously. Lesser number of hours will automatically reduce the price. So it is completely up to the client, how they want to take this app development process depending upon their budget.


Video streaming app development is really a good business idea for 2021. As due to covid 19 people are not allowed to go out and they are stuck in the house. Therefore new web series or videos are the only way people can survive this lockdown. People are watching everything nowadays, it just has to be new and unique. The video streaming app does have a good scope in the future. It is a little struggle in the beginning but later as the situation allows you to collaborate with other video streaming apps to increase your reach and number of subscribers too. If you want to know more about the app development process do visit

develop app like Netflix

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