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How to Develop Your Own Social Media App Like Clubhouse | Features and Costs

4202 Views | 1 min | Published On: December 27, 2021 Last Updated: June 6, 2024
app like clubhouse

Social media has become an integral part of our everyday lives. Most of us check social media the final thing before going to bed, and we regularly wake up gazing at a social media post. It means that social media app like clubhouse, Instagram, Facebook are where we start and end our days. Isn’t that surprising?

The Clubhouse app is the newest social media network that’s taking over the internet one exclusive invitation at a time.

Today, everyone is talking about apps like Clubhouse. Users are debating on the app, fighting over it, and attempting to join the ‘exclusive club’ as well.

The clubhouse is also named as one of the Unicorn companies (following the Airbnb and Uber lead). It has a market valuation of moreover $1 billion, which is worthy of respect and even adoration.

Clubhouse continues to expand in several regions, notably outside of the United States. In June, the app had 7.7 million new downloads, with 5.8 million of those coming from India. International expansion was a crucial component of Clubhouse’s most recent financing round, in which investors valued the app at $4 billion.

What is the Clubhouse App?

The clubhouse is a unique social media app. Consider it a mix of live-streaming, podcasting, and Snapchat, with conversations disappearing as soon as they end. Users can join or create chat rooms focused on a variety of themes, including audio-only interactions.

About Clubhouse

An App clubhouse was created by Paul Davison, a Silicon Valley veteran, and Rohan Seth, an ex-Google employee, with the purpose of “creating a social experience that felt more human – where instead of posting, you could join with other people and converse.”

Clubhouse presently boasts over 600,000 users, including Oprah Winfrey, influencers, CEOs, and everyone in between. It’s also a popular place for creative industry networking and casual chats.

Aside from being an audio-based software, Clubhouse is an invite-only app, which means you must be invited by someone to join. “We’re currently in private beta,” the Clubhouse website says, “but we’re working hard to open things up shortly.”


Clubhouse Key Statistics

As per – Clubhouse experiences had no difficulty with assets, as it has as of now brought $110 million up in two rounds, both driven by Andreessen Horowitz. 

  • Back in Nov 2020, the application had enlisted just 0.2 million; in Jan 2021, it was 2 million, and by March 2021, it arrived at 10 million.
  • The Clubhouse has been esteemed at $4 billion in a Series C round in April 2021
  • In Dec 2020, the Clubhouse got subsidizing of $100 million.
  • The Clubhouse download has additionally outperformed 15 million absolute downloads.
  • The clubhouse has about 10 million users, the majority of whom joined in January and February 2021.

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Must Have Features For App Like Clubhouse Development

features of an app like clubhouse


You must submit your name and provide a photograph after you have arrived at the Clubhouse. You have the option to join any room you choose right now. By default, every new user is muted, although they can unmute themselves at any moment.

User Profiles 

Users’ profiles contain all of the information about themselves that they want others to know. In the bio, a business owner, for example, can define the business area. There’s also the option of including links, which could be to a company website, a personal website, or a social network presence.

Push Notifications

An app like Clubhouse, a social networking app, uses push notifications to increase user engagement and alert users about future or scheduled events, such as when someone they follow starts a new room.


The events hosted by persons and clubs you follow are displayed in this section of the Clubhouse clone app feed. When a user views the feed, they’ll see a series of “Rooms” where they may participate in various topics.

 Each room’s name and details are visible to users. Because an app like clubhouse designs as a social media platform for the wealthy, the majority of the talks are about business, politics, and networking.


Conversations take place in a room. You can look around rooms, join in on chats, and even create your own. To do so, go to the bottom of the screen and click the ‘Start a Room’ button. In a room, you can raise your hand to interrupt the speaker or to respectfully request a turn to speak.


Clubhouse clubs are a popular feature that draws a huge number of customers. Clubs can be public or private, and they are founded based on subjects and interests. To start a club, users simply need a name, logo, description, areas of interest, and members.

Some of the most popular apps like Clubhouse clubs are Community, Tech Talks, Human Behavior, Bitcoin, Marketing, and Movie Club. it’s one of the important features that must be in apps like a clubhouse. 

Filtered Search Options

This feature allows users to search for friends or clubs they are interested in based on their names. They may also use it to look for other people in the room while they’re chatting. Users may also explore other subjects and areas of interest and join rooms based on their preferences.

It’s one of the unique features that allow users to learn more about the topic of conversation and connect with others who have similar interests. This feature is quite important in terms of increasing the user’s engagement.


The history of interactions with your account is displayed here, including who has followed you. You can see who has just downloaded the app, who is a member of certain groups, and when activities are scheduled.

Upcoming for you

This section covers discussion topics that will be discussed in the near future. It seems like a schedule of events, complete with chat titles, presenters, start times, and summaries of the themes. When you tap the bell symbol, you’ll see a reminder of when the discussion will start.

Steps to Develop an App Like Clubhouse

But how do you go about it, and what exactly does the social media app development process entail in this case? Whether you’re already intending to employ mobile app developers or are just assessing your choices, here are the five steps you’ll need to follow on your approach to creating your app like Clubhouse.

steps to build an app like clubhouse

Step 1. Do Your Step Research

The first step in creating a successful voice chat mobile app like clubhouse is conducting research and reaching out to the proper audience. Before you start developing, you need first to determine your target audience and learn about their habits.

Market research can help you figure out things like the average age of your target audience, the devices they use, their security expectations, and more.

As a result, for developing a social media app process, doing market research s important to identify the target audience. 

Step 2. Create Your MVP

MVP is always the finest alternative for knowing your application’s real-time reaction with potential clients and market on time. It is preferable to launch your app’s MVP first and test it with potential users before final deployment.

This technique will provide you with a notion of how your application performs in the market once it is out and what add-ons you need to make it more productive and profitable. You may subsequently add more features and complex functions that offer your app like clubhouse an advantage before its final launch based on customer feedback.

Step 3. Work on Your Design

When there are multiple applications with comparable features, one of the few methods to get a competitive advantage is to make your design stand out. A visually beautiful design combined with a well-thought-out user experience will give your users a reason to select you above your competition.

An easy, streamlined design is not a replacement for great functionality, but it can increase user happiness with your software. Defects and crashes should be fixed as soon as possible.

Step 4. Market Your App

Getting people to speak about your new app before it’s even out is a great approach to build momentum for it. There are various methods to get your software to notify. 

To begin, you might collaborate with influencers by making them early adopters of your product and informing their followers about it. App Store Optimization, or ASO, is another viable option. Another effective strategy to advertise your app is to launch a blog on your website that aims towards a certain audience.

Step 5. Ask for Feedback

It’s finally time to put your Clubhouse like app on the market. Always maintain an eagle watch on the comments gathered after a successful launch. It assists you in improving the application’s performance. Interaction with consumers, responses to their comments, and social media responses all play an important role in ensuring the application’s success.

How Much Does An App Like Clubhouse Cost?

The following formula is used by most app development companies to calculate the cost of an app: Time spend by the rate equals cost.

The cost may also differ based on the platform, complexity, user interface, backend services, animations, icon creation, integration, app design, agency location, features, and other factors. Clubhouse, a high-end software, may cost up to $45,000 to produce, with costs varying depending on customization and features. The length of time it takes to finish the app influences by its level of difficulty.

Summing Up 

An app like clubhouse has proved that there is still potential for innovative social networking apps development, especially given the shift in lifestyle that occurred during the epidemic. Building an app like clubhouse that is distinctive, purposeful, and well-targeted is the key to success.

Future social media app development company creators might consider investing in a similar app concept and launching their own product now. Twitter, Facebook, and maybe a few more digital behemoths may soon follow suit.  The market is new with major competitors, so it’s a good idea to start now and create your own audio-based app like Clubhouse.


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