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An Ultimate Guide To Hiring Mobile App Developers In 2022

4038 Views | 1 min | Published On: February 11, 2022 Last Updated: February 21, 2022
hire app developer

We understand that your business is your baby hence letting someone else take care of your baby and help in its growth is always a risk. But what happens when you find the best nanny? Similarly, letting someone else handle the growth of your business may require a lot of trust.  

Finding the best mobile app developers can be a tough job and we, at Apptunix, develop mobile applications with the best functionalities and technologies consequently, we have developed over 2500+ mobile apps. Hence, here we are answering the questions of the readers still pondering over how to hire an app developer? 

We have dealt with more than 2000 clients and we are aware of the questions that may come up while hiring mobile developers. This blog will answer a lot of questions like how to find an app developer and many more hence, if you’re interested, keep reading.

What Options Do You Have While Hiring Mobile App Developers?

While looking for app developers, you will realize that there are a lot of options available like – full-time or part-time employees, independent contractors, etc. There are a lot of factors that determine the cost of these employees like where the employee will work, where you find them, etc. The options you have while hiring mobile app developers have strengths and weaknesses of their own. Let’s discuss these options in detail:

options to hire app developer

Hire Freelance App Developers

Whenever there is a need to hire app developers, freelancers are the first ones who come to mind. The main reason behind this is that freelancers are spread worldwide and they even charge less than in-house developers. There are hundreds of platforms where you can find many freelancers with specializations.  

Freelancers should contain self-motivation to achieve the goals that you have set for them. Otherwise, you may find yourself spending more time dealing with organizational concerns than interviewing an app developer online. 

There can be a lot of problems you may face while hiring freelancers like language barriers, time zone differences, multiple projects, etc. These obstacles can lead to failed deadlines and misunderstandings hence if you are looking for app developers, you must watch out for all these scenarios.  


  • Various hiring platforms
  • Cost-effective
  • No worry about taxes, vacations, sick leaves, office spaces, etc.


  • No guarantee & commitments
  • Language & cultural barriers
  • Hard to manage

Build A Team Of In House Developers

Building a team of in-house developers is exactly the opposite of hiring freelancers and in this, you rent an office, hire mobile developers and work together. The best part about this option is that you get to control the entire development process.  

Don’t get too excited! Hiring a team of in-house developers comes with huge expenses like office rent, furnishing it, buying hardware and software licenses, etc. If you have hired a team, you must pay for their wages, sick leaves, vacations, etc.  

Another stumbling block is that you may not only hire a mobile app programmer but also someone to supervise your development team. If you lack management skills, employing a project manager or chief technology officer (CTO) is essential to ensure continuous and effective development. 


  • Easier communication
  • Deep understanding of the product
  • Team culture fit


  • Hiring takes a lot of time
  • Expenses on vacations, taxes, equipment, etc.
  • Team management skills are necessary

Select Extended Team Model

The extended team model can also be referred to as Staff Augmentation and it answers the question ‘where can I hire mobile app developers?’. It refers to an outsourcing strategy that allows you to expand your development prospects by partnering with a specialist who is skilled in the use of a specific technology needed for your project. 

If you are planning to hire an app developer then this option is a solution for you. It will allow you to hire mobile app developers that are suitable for your domain and project requirements. The market is full of organizations offering you to select an extended team model therefore if you are looking to hire app developers with a specific skill set, this is a great opportunity. 

This model aims to define the knowledge, skills and expertise of the team members and this will help in finding out what specifications your project may lack. The cost and risk of hiring additional full-time employees are eliminated because these resources are being employed directly by the provider. 


  • Cooperation free trial
  • Cost reduction
  • More efficient and quick development


  • Dependency on vendors
  • Remote conditions make communication difficult
  • High cost for complex products

Hire Resources Of An Outsource Company

The best way to get a mobile app developed for your business is by outsourcing a professional IT company. This offers top resources, services and that too for a reasonable price and if you choose this option, you don’t have to worry about hiring mobile developers yourself, renting an office, language barriers, etc.  

If you do not have a heavy budget, then hiring one of the top mobile app development companies is the best option. Don’t worry, we will talk about hiring mobile developers and outsourcing projects later on. 

With outsourcing a mobile app development company, you may face a slight language barrier and time difference. Experienced developers will have good communication in English and can manage time according to the clients. 


  • Cost-effective
  • No additional expense
  • Guarantee to finish the project on time


  • A cultural gap within countries
  • Hire budget than freelancers

How To Hire Android App Developers: 6 Skills To Look For

The popularity of Android applications is like a rocket ship blasting off. The number of Android users is expected to increase due to the advanced changes in the operating system and its compatibility with mobile devices. These applications are heavily appreciated because they are handy to use.  

If you are planning to hire an app developer, there are some skills you should consider:

android app development skills

Java or Kotlin

Java is known to be a very basic yet important language for mobile app development for an enterprise. It is generally used for web app development, the development of government applications and big data techs like Apache Storm and Hadoop. Java has no competitor when it comes to high-end app development projects. 

In terms of android app development, Kotlin (powered by Google) was released as an obvious competitor of Java even though many multinational companies use Kotlin to build Android applications. The best part about using Kotlin is that the developers won’t have to worry about rewriting the whole project when switching from Java.

Android Studio

Android Studio is a very important tool when we talk about Android app development. It offers all the tools that make working quick and easy and this Studio has a lot of functionalities like testing, debugging, and many more.  

It gives you the tools you need to code quickly and without worrying about flaws. Make sure you hire someone familiar with Android Studio.


An Android developer needs to have good knowledge about the Android software development kit (SDK). They should have a good understanding of the fundamentals, which include layout and views, accessing data from the web, user input, the action bar, activities and their life cycles, and storing dates and densities. 

The developer should also be familiar with the concept of communication and documentation. 


A back-end is required by most Android apps to keep user data. It allows you to manage a big amount of information. It also gives you the choice of storing data on your computer or in the cloud. 

SQL (structured query language) knowledge is required to handle the database. You should make sure that the developer you choose is well-versed in SQL.

Material Design

Material Design is the set of guidelines that a developer must follow to deliver the best user experience. It is a very adaptable system that is powered by a strong backend. When you hire an app developer, you must make sure that he has a good knowledge of material design.


Appearance is also very important. As you may be aware, the basic construction of any mobile app is done in Java, but XML (extensible markup language) is required for other features and the appearance.  

For any Android mobile app, XML provides a base of the layout. Some of the most important portions of all apps are coded using XML and its standards. It provides a consistent interface for processing data across several devices.

How To Hire iPhone App Developers: 5 Skills To Look For

iOS is a very presiding platform in many parts of the world like Canada, the US, France and Norway. There are many technical arguments in favour of iOS development. Because the platform is more standardized than Android, developing an app for it takes less time (and money).  

Hence, if you are planning to hire an iOS app developer, now is the right time. Here are some skills you must look for when you hire an app developer.

iphone app development skills

Objective C or Swift

Swift is a very fast and stable object-oriented programming language. Developed by Apple, this language is very intuitive and robust. Swift gives the developers the freedom to build a feature-rich and responsive iOS application in no time.  

Swift 3.0 is the most famous language for iOS app development. If you hire an Apple app developer, he must be familiar with Swift 3.0 and its concepts. 


REST API or RESTful API is a programming interface that observes the constraints of the REST architecture. A RESTful API sends a representation of the resource’s state to the requester or endpoint when a client request is made. A good developer will know all the functionality of this API and will make the application better.

Xcode IDE

An Integrated Development Environment or IDE is a very important skill for an iOS developer. An IDE consists of tools for debugging, automation, interpretation, programming and compiling. All these help in making the app development process very simple.  

An IDE also offers a great user experience and cuts out development time and cost. 

UI/UX Design Standard

When you hire a mobile app programmer, you must make sure that he is aware of the UI/UX standard to offer good aesthetic elements in the application. While UI is concerned with appearance, UX is concerned with navigation and other aspects and both of these play an important role in improving the user experience. 

You must hire an iOS app developer who has a good knowledge of the designing concepts to create an attractive iOS application.

Open GL or Metal

Developers mainly use the Open Graphics Library for rendering 2D and 3D vector graphics. It is a cross-platform application programming language. It is kind of an API that offers a lot of functionalities to build graphics and make them look more attractive.  

Metal is an API used to build the latest 3D pro applications. Though it is created by Apple, it has a lower overhead which means that it has better performance. An iOS developer with good knowledge of Metal will deliver an unrivalled set of powerful GPU debugging tools to help you achieve your graphics code’s full potential. 

Also, read – 10 Ways To Get The Greenlight For iOS Apps On Apple App Store.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Developer For An App?

The simplest way of calculating any development cost is by multiplying the time required for integrating all the features by the approximate hourly cost. Below is the table that describes the time required for a specific functionality:

time to make an app

That was about general functionalities we integrate into your application. Talking about the admin panel features: 

time to make an admin dashboard

If you are planning to outsource your project to one of the top mobile app development companies, here is the time with a cost estimation of the team structure.

cost to hire app developer at Apptunix


Why Hire Mobile Mobile App Developers At Apptunix?

Apptunix is one of the top mobile app development companies in the US. We have been dealing with renowned brands and offering cutting-edge solutions to them since 2013. 

We specialize in providing a wide range of IT-related services and custom-built digital products that help businesses improve workflow productivity, achieve their goals, and overcome a variety of obstacles. And with the help of high-quality solutions, Apptunix assists startups, SMBs, and businesses in bringing all of their innovative ideas to life.

Apptunix awars - hire app developer

Our expertise includes:

  • 9+ years in the market
  • 300+ tech experts
  • 2000+ clients
  • 2500+ projects
Apptunix ratings - hire app developer

Our clients are pleased to receive the following advantages as a result of working with Apptunix:

  • We believe that being honest with our partners, clients and employees is very important for creating a successful application.
  • Our sales managers create a project estimation for our clients without charging any fee.
  • We follow three models of cooperation – dedicated team, fixed cost price and time & resources.
  • Also, we offer quality control and assurance at each stage of development.
  • With us, you get support, maintenance and marketing services after the launch of the application.

3-Tiered Cooperation Model

As we discussed earlier, Apptunix offers the 3-tiered cooperation model for every case and project. Let’s discuss this model more in detail. 

Dedicated Team

You can enhance your team’s development capabilities by hiring mobile developers with good expertise in a specific domain or technology specialism. Increase the size of your in-house team and form an agile team to complete specific projects or provide software updates and maintenance. 

Fixed Price

A fixed price model refers to a detailed assessment of the initial costs based on the requirements of the project. The overall price changes after the job finishes. If you have a restricted budget or if the project requirements are very clear and defined from the start, this choice is ideal.  

Because the criteria are set from the start of the project, this model requires minimal customer engagement. 

Time & Resources

For complex projects where the scope of work, timeframes, and software functionality are not determined from the beginning, the partnership model is ideal. During all development steps, it is possible to change requirements and make changes and this methodology allows developers and project managers to communicate with clients, discuss development results, and negotiate adjustments to requirements.

How We Saved Over $30K For One Of Our Clients In The Middle East?

2021 was a very successful year for Apptunix. One of our clients was a leading home service provider in the Middle East. He was facing an issue with his offline business and wanted to take his business online to gain more traffic and generate higher revenue. 


The client mentioned spending thousands of dollars manually giving the orders he received and the system cost would also charge him an arm and a leg. We provided automation to his business with our excellent app development services and brought the per order cost down from $2 to $0.5.

All in all, we saved his overall approximately $30K in 4 months by automating his business process. 


Apptunix provided them with a robust customer app, an efficient service provider app and an admin dashboard. We developed these applications with superb functionalities powered by advanced technologies. 

With our help, the business is now offering so much convenience to its customers with lower costs. Their customers are able to make payments very easily and above all this, the application is saving so much time for the business owner as well as the users. The client can now spend less on the employment cost and even if he is not working for some time, the data will be stored in the application for him to monitor later.

Overall, the decision to get a home service app developed by Apptunix paid off for them, and they are now looking to grow their business in other countries.


Apptunix continues to expand its capabilities to offer the best possible service to our clients and to develop even more creative software. We are proud of all the awards and accolades that we have received and we are a team of 300+ tech experts with more than 10+ years of experience.  

If you are planning to launch your business in the online market, we have the best solutions for you. Book your 30 mins free consultation today!


Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q 1.How Can I Hire A Native Mobile App Developer?

We’ve put together a few pointers to assist you to hire native mobile app developers with the necessary expertise.

  • To develop a native application we need, iOS or Android developers.
  • Examine the case studies and portfolio of the mobile app development company you are outsourcing to know about their expertise.
  • Check out the reviews and ratings
  • Take note of the time zone differences, communication or language barriers and cultural differences
  • Get technically consulted

Q 2.What Options Exists To Hire Remote App Developers?

To hire remote app developers, there are 4 options:

  • Hire freelance app developers
  • Build an in-house app development team
  • Outsource a mobile app development company
  • Augment staff

Q 3.When Is Outsourcing The Best Choice?

Outsourcing is the best option when:

  • You have budget limitations
  • There is talent shortage in your regio
  • And you have strict deadlines that must be met

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