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Increase User Engagement And Reduce Churn Rate

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4517 Views | 4 min | Published On: February 22, 2019 Last Updated: October 3, 2019
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Acquiring new customers is far easier than retaining the already existing ones. If your customers are loyal and stick around, your chances of building a flourishing brand are very high.

The biggest truth of having a mobile application is that the customer churn rate is a grave issue which determines the overall success of any business.

In a study, Kolsky revealed that more than 50% of the app users churn within 5 years and every 26th customer will make a complaint; the leftovers will churn. As per a recent survey by Zoho, it was revealed to the lower the churn rate the higher will be the business’s performance.

customer acquisition plans for months

Churn is inevitable, people will keep deleting your apps even if you put endless effort to satisfy them. All you can do is work on a long list of reasons why users stop using your apps or stop doing business with your brand, control them.

However, a high churn rate can affect the decision-making process of every business, also, your revenue will surely take a steady downfall. If your business’s churn rate is higher than 10%, even if you acquire 10% new customers your business will struggle to grow at a steady pace. In fact, your expenditure on customer acquisition will keep increasing with each passing day.

The crux for all you entrepreneurs is that whatever you do, bring smiles on your investors face and take the profits graphs high. But your business is not achieving the growth you want even after putting your heart and soul to it, Why does stuff not click on time or why do prospects are not converting into customers. Client engagement starts with an inquiry generation. An efficient engagement process leads to more chances of bringing in sales. Therefore, the more connections you make, the more will be the number of sales.

Interpretation of User Engagement

User engagement plays an important role in the profit generation and nurturing leads. The term can be summed up as an evaluation of how customers revert to any type of offering be it be a product or a service or even an app or website for that matter. The engagement rate can be judged on the basis of the interactions customers make with your brand i.e. the number of times he/she visits your app/website, comments on your posts/blogs, Click on any CTA content, watch videos, downloads any type of content, etc.

customer satisfaction

Going by the marketing books, user engagement also called customer engagement depends to a very large extent of how often you market your product/service across various channels on the internet, and how many times do you get a response from potential customers. But, it’s important to point out a difference between the “actual customer” and the “potential customer” – Where on one hand a potential customer is someone is at that point in a customer journey where he/she is likely to buy/use your product/services but didn’t end up buying it. Whereas a customer has already bought your product/service.

Customer retention and churn rate

For entrepreneurs, a major factor which they need to keep in consideration is to find out ways to reduce churn rate or customer drop rates from the sales and engagement process followed by them. Marketing takes a toll over your bank balance as well as your time too. So, if you are spending a lot more on sales and marketing and ending us less from your customers you are doing something wrong which will lead to a closed sign outside your business soon.

  • Acquiring a new customer is more expensive than retaining an existing one(Bains & Company)

  • More than 72% of people who have used your services/product are likely to recommend you to others and continue their loyalty with you (Harris Interactive).

  • There are 60%-70% chances that you will sell easily to your existing customer as compared to selling your brand to a new customer who is likely to shop only 5% to 20% of times from you, out of the endless times you woo them to buy from you (Market Metrics).

So, going forward- it’s important to acquire newer clients but its equally critical to retain the ones who have already shopped from you. Its all about retaining the customers once you engage them.

Why is Reducing Customer Churn Important?

If your team has an effective plan to reach out to new customers, most of you may be wondering why is it important to worry about the ones dropping out or deleting your apps. After all, if the number of customers you gain is more than the ones you lose, you are still on the growth path, right?

No, not completely.

While a little churn is ok or let’s say inevitable, you are not growing as a brand if you are losing customers continuously, Also, for a lot of our businesses, a major part of the revenue is acquired after the initial sale.

If a client sustains with your brand for a long time, their initial purchasing represents a little fraction of what he/she will ultimately spend. Beyond that, it’s pocket-friendly to retain the already existing clients than it is to acquire new ones.

As per a survey by Kissmetrics, it may cost you seven times more to acquire a new customer than it takes to retain an old one. So, if your brand doesn’t have a great retention strategy, your expenditure is simply not being used as effectively as it can be.

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