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Know Everything About An App Like OnlyFans | Features, Cost, and Tech Stack

5493 Views | 1 min | Published On: October 2, 2021 Last Updated: June 12, 2023
app like onlyfans

The “OnlyFans” app is one of the trending topics nowadays. How people are earning so much with the help of this app and what is the core reason for the popularity of this app. These are some of the most asked questions by the users. That we will discuss in this blog.

To develop an app like OnlyFans, you need to first understand the OnlyFans app and how does it work. So here we go:

  • OnlyFans app is a platform that is used by people for selling their original content in the form of videos or pics.
  • Here subscribers have to pay for watching the content of their favorite artist. 
  • There is no restriction on posting the content through OnlyFans. However recently they have banned adult content on their app.
  • OnlyFans was launched in the year 2016, and since then they have paid $600 million to their users. 
  • The content creators allow their subscribers to pay through different digital channels. 
  • Subscribers can buy the monthly subscription or can pay as per PPV.

Let us discuss your plan related to apps like OnlyFans.

best developers for OnlyFans app

Is It Beneficial To Develop An App Like OnlyFans?

In this part, we will discuss few points that will justify why one should go for developing an OnlyFans clone. These stats will help you understand the success of the OnlyFans app. Let us start:

  • Currently, OnlyFans has more than 1 million users. It is really trending and you can definitely go for the OnlyFans app clone without any confusion.
  • An app like OnlyFans is a source of income for many users. therefore, it is too early to say that this app is going to lose its popularity in the coming years. Rather, the popularity of the OnlyFans clone app will grow with time. That is because it provides the perfect platform to the users as well as to the app owner for earning money.
  • OnlyFans app makes more than half of the money from subscriptions and the rest from the PPV and tips.
  • It takes less than a year to get popular among users with an app like OnlyFnas.
  • One of the most trending and entertaining apps which are going to rule the market with its advanced features and functions. 
  • People above 18+ can get access to this app. So, you don’t have to worry much about its content type, whether it is adult content or normal. However, you can customize your OnlyFans app clone as per your idea and thinking. 

Features To Integrate Into OnlyFans App

Now, let’s discuss the features that make an app like OnlyFans so popular among users. We have mentioned a few important features below. You can choose the best for your app like OnlyFans:

features of an app like onlyfans

1. Interacting while Going Live

These features will allow the users to interact with their favorite person (video creator and performer) through live video streaming and in addition they can also chat with them. Such features are used in many social media apps like Instagram, Facebook

2. Social media sharing

Allow users to share their posts or stories on different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp, etc. it will help your app to gather more subscribers and will help grow your user base. 

3. Tipping

This feature is something very new that has been introduced primarily by TikTok and now by an app like OnlyFans. The app pays some tips to their popular creators or users. It motivates users to create something useful or interesting every time. 

4. Top fan badges

Just like there are gems and other attractive features in the gaming app. Similarly, in an app like OnlyFans, you can use digital badges to reward loyal users by providing them exclusive services. This will increase the user retention rate and the popularity of your app with loyal users. 

5. PPV Messages

Again, a new feature was introduced with the app like OnlyFans. The “PPV” stands for pay per view. You can also allow users to send PPV messages. 

6. Post scheduling

This feature will allow users to schedule their posts. When they want to post the content for their fans and for which country or zone.

An app like OnlyFans is most popular internationally, therefore it is very important to manage the time and fans from different regions due to diverse time zones. And with the help of post scheduling features creators can make the content any time and can post it as per their fan’s availability.   

7. Pinning your favorites

Just we save the videos which we like on other social media platforms. Similarly, an app like OnlyFans allows users to pin their favorite content creators with an app like OnlyFnas. 

8. Creating interactive polls

You can consider this as an important feature for an app like OnlyFans. The engagement of the user is the key of OnlyFans. That is why it is important to integrate this feature into your app. Because with these fun polls it becomes easier to interact with the fans and keep them engaged with the stories and posts. 

9. Stories

One of the prominent features of every social media app. Sharing stories of everyday activities is the best way to stay connected with the fans. And the main objective of an app like OnlyFans is that the fans should be connected with their favorites every time. So, you need to add this feature if you want to have an app as popular as OnlyFans. 

10. Purchase content

Allow users to pay for downloading the content made by their favorite creator. Let them make payment through any online payment mode.

11. Media vault

Allow users to save their videos or photos for later. A media vault will save all the videos or pics created by users through the app. An entire space that will be dedicated to the user’s content that he/she may upload anytime they want. 

12. Online Payment

Allow users to pay through any digital payment mode. Provide a platform through which users can pay for any exclusive service or feature.

Points To Consider Before Developing An Alternative Of OnlyFans App

If you are planning to develop an app like OnlyFans then you need to pay attention to the points mentioned below. Here you will get to know how you can develop an app better than Only Fans.

Better Idea

Firstly, you need to have an idea better than OnlyFans so that you can attract more users than other popular video streaming or making apps

For that, you need to check the user’s interest and then have to plan accordingly. Stuff your app with the best of features so that users can’t stop themselves from trying your app. 

The reason for bringing up the great app development is very clear because we want to attract a maximum number of users. And if our app will be like any other basic app then no one would like to use it. That is why always try something new and creative when you think of mobile app development. 

Understand the market need

Here from the market we mean, keep on the user’s interest and trend of app development. After all, you are going to invest such a huge amount of money in app development. Therefore you must be very clear with your target audience. If you do not focussed or take the account of your niche. Then your app will be a huge flop. Be very focused when you decide the target audience for your app. You must know for which age group or for which country you must launch your app for better returns. 

Figure out the relevant features for the app

Now, after deciding your target audience you need to work on the features of your app. In the above paragraph, we have already discussed all the relevant features. If you still have any idea you can talk to your mobile app development company which you are going to hire for developing an app like OnlyFans. 

Delete all the unnecessary things

You must delete the irrelevant things from your app development plan. So that things can stay within budget and right. If you are an entrepreneur then it won’t be easy for you to understand what is right or what is wrong. But if you are into app development for more than 5 or 6 years then it won’t be much difficult for you to handle things.

However, some mobile app development companies are always ready to help their clients anytime. And they give a big relief to their clients. 

Designing and development

Now comes the designing part. Here, your app developers will create a unique design for your app like OnlyFans. 

Layouts and formats will be designed in this step. All the features and other things will be designed to give your app a unique look. It is very important to hire experienced UI/UX designers so that you don’t deal with any problems related to app designing. 

Front-end development

Now the front-end development. Where developers have to work on the features and looks of the app. The things which can be seen by the users. Therefore, the front-end developers must do a great job to have a similar to OnlyFans. 

Back-end Development

Back-end development, where developers will take care of all the coding and will make sure that users face no issues while using the time. 

Users get irritated when the app runs slowly. Therefore it is again very important that back-end developers are aware of all the latest software which can help handle all the problems related to the app’s performance.


Once all the developing part is done, now testers will give the final review on the working of the app. They will test the app and will make sure there are no bugs and the app is completely ready for launch. 


Now, after all the development and testing, it is time to launch the app for the users. You can use advertisements and different marketing strategies for promoting your app. So that it can reach the maximum number of users.  


Finally the support team. After the excellent delivery of the app, in a later stage, if you need any change or update in the app. You can have a support team for that. To help you to overcome all the technicals problems in future. 

How An App Like OnlyFans Makes Money

When we think of developing an app, we need to figure out what different strategies we can use for making money out of that app. In this part, we have discussed few strategies which you can use for making money from an app like only fans. Have a look:

Premium subscription

Live to stream

Premium messaging

Referral program

Cost Required To develop An app like OnlyFans

If we talk about, how much does it cost to develop an app like OnlyFans? Then it won’t be wrong to say that, it will be somewhere around $20,000 to $30,000. 

However, the cost completely depends upon the number of hours taken by developers to develop the app. 

The cost of app development also depends upon the country from where you are hiring the developers. It is seen that the charges of European and U.S developers are quite higher than the charges of other developers. So, if you want to keep things on a budget then you can research a bit about affordable onlyfans clone app development companies.

Wrapping Up

We believe this article got you covered with all the details of OnlyFans app development.

If you think there is something that is left out and you have any doubt related to OnlyFans app do let us know. Let’s discuss it together in detail.

best developers for onlyfans app development

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