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A Comprehensive Guide to Metaverse Wedding Platform Development

374 Views | 1 min | Published On: September 21, 2023 Last Updated: January 3, 2024
metaverse wedding

Ever since its conception, the metaverse has slowly taken on all things real and rendered their virtual equivalents. The latest fad is metaverse weddings. Yes, that’s right, people are now interested in exchanging vows over the cloud rather than in the real world. We are talking about the concept of metaverse wedding, a novel idea in the ever-expanding landscape of metaverse development services.

Although technology was already being incorporated into ceremonies prior to the coronavirus outbreak, the event acted as a catalyst for the adoption of technology in events, both formal and informal. Zoom and Google Meet business meetings, for example, became the norm during the pandemic.

As public gatherings were banned during the COVID-19 outbreak, people started connecting virtually to complete important events like weddings. Zoom weddings already made headlines but now it’s metaverse weddings that are capturing the public – and business – interest.

While some people are opting for metaverse wedding platforms others are doing it over popular metaverse platforms like Animal Crossing and Decentraland.

If you’re looking to know more about how developing a metaverse wedding platform can help you flourish your business, you’ve arrived at the right spot. In this blog, we will answer:

  • What is metaverse wedding?
  • What are the advantages of tying the knot in the metaverse?
  • Which technologies are required for building a metaverse wedding platform?
  • Why develop a metaverse wedding platform of your own?
  • What are the various metaverse wedding platform development services?
  • How much does it cost to develop a metaverse wedding platform?

So, let’s start with a basic introduction to the enigmatic metaverse.

What is Metaverse?

Metaverse is the collection of everything virtual. It is the next step in the evolution of the internet. The definition and scope of the metaverse is evolving over time.


Today, not only big brands but smaller companies are also embracing the concept of metaverse. It has applications in many markets, including healthcare, retail, fashion, video gaming, real estate, and advertising.

A metaverse allows brands and businesses to connect with their customers virtually. It also enables customers to experience products and services from almost anywhere in the world.

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Top Metaverse Stats and Facts

According to Statista, the total market capitalization of web 2.0 metaverse companies is over $14.8 trillion in 2021. Other important metaverse stats and facts are:

metaverse stats
  • The global metaverse market is set to cross $82 billion in 2023.
  • The global metaverse market is expected to grow to $936 billion by 2030.
  • User penetration is projected to grow from 6% in 2023 to around 18% by 2030.
  • The total number of metaverse users will reach 1.461 billion by 2030.
  • Gaming, education, health and fitness, eCommerce, and virtual assets are the biggest markets in the metaverse industry.

What is Metaverse Wedding?

A wedding in the metaverse is a new concept that is gaining a lot of traction around the world. It is a new and innovative way of getting married by ditching the traditional nuptials and has its own advantages.

Owing to the popularity enjoyed by metaverse weddings, more and more businesses are looking forward to developing their own metaverse wedding platform to offer top-notch services to their clients.

A metaverse wedding involves creating 3D avatars – virtual representations of people – of the bride, groom, families, friends, and other attendees. Next, the ceremony proceeds in a virtual venue.

A wedding ceremony in the metaverse tries to bring many perks of a traditional wedding along with the unique advantages provided by virtual worlds.

Although there is no legal recognition of metaverse weddings in most areas, this is slowly changing as the concept of wedding in a metaverse is gaining popularity.

While certain festivities like food and drink are not available for metaverse weddings, like it is for traditional weddings, there are several unique things that can only be added to virtual weddings.

This includes rendering any location in the world as the venue or crafting a unique one for the special event. Moreover, the attendees can join the wedding ceremony from anywhere around the world. Let’s discuss the advantages of virtual weddings in the next section.

Advantages of a Virtual Wedding in the Metaverse

Metaverse is going so big that even the big giants, tech or not, have been working on building their own version of the metaverse. May it be Meta, formerly Facebook, Adidas, McDonald’s, or Puma.

Every big brand has hopped on the metaverse train and is looking to make hay while the sun shines. There are several perks to creating a metaverse wedding platform. These are:

advantages of metaverse wedding

1.Enhanced Audience Participation

Attendees at a virtual event can not only interact with the bride and groom but also with one another as real people can at a real wedding. Furthermore, virtual reality expands the horizons of what one can achieve while planning a wedding.

Metaverse allows wedding planners and organisers to get more creative and plan special events in addition to the main wedding event. Metaverse avatar services help wedding attendees to suit up as per their preferences.

2.Flexibility to Attend from Anywhere

Health problems or long routes can be a roadblock for people to attend marriages. This is not the case with metaverse weddings though. A person can participate in the virtual nuptials from almost anywhere.

3.High Customizability

One of the major highlights that is alluring more and more users to arrange their nuptials virtually is the high customizability. In the real world, there is just so much that you can do, and doing something out of the ordinary might cost you a lot. The metaverse, though, has endless possibilities, without the hassle of the real world.

The users can decide to add a rainbow to their wedding or perform their hymeneals in a real, exquisite location or an amalgamation of surreal locations. The possibilities are infinite.


Metaverse isn’t bound by any geographical boundaries, which means anyone, anywhere around the world can access it via the internet. Thus, there are no geographical limitations on the attendees of a wedding in the metaverse.

5.Reduced Costs

While some may argue that virtual weddings can’t make up for the gaiety of real weddings, like food and drink, one thing is certain, which is the cost of a metaverse wedding is much less than the cost required to complete its real counterpart.

Tech Stack for Metaverse Wedding Platform Development

There are several technologies that go into carrying out a wedding in the metaverse. Building metaverse spaces for weddings requires augmented and virtual realities, digital twins, 3D avatar rendering, and video streaming.

metaverse wedding platform tech stack

1.3D Avatar Development

This technology makes it possible to render humans into their equivalent 3D forms that can be used inside the metaverse. 3D avatars enhance user experiences and make engagement with the metaverse better.

3D avatars take the realism in the metaverse to a whole new level. Moreover, they enhance personalisation by providing a slew of customization options. Thus, a user can customise their 3D avatar to reflect their personality, values, and preferences in the virtual world.

The 3D avatar technology lets users choose from a wide selection of body types, clothing options, facial features, hairstyles, and whatnot.

2.Digital Twins

The digital twins technology is another important part that makes up the metaverse wedding platform development tech stack. Creating a digital twin of a specific location, church, villa, etc. is a popular practice in metaverse wedding platform development.

The venue for the virtual wedding can be either a replica of a real place using the digital twins technology or it can be a mish-mash of reality and virtual worlds.

3.Immersive Technologies

immersive technologies

Augmented reality and virtual reality are the two main forms of immersive technologies. Mixed reality or MR is another type of immersive technology that combines AR and VR.

These technologies are what made it possible for all the attendees of a virtual wedding to interact with one another during the virtual nuptials.

4.Video Streaming

Video streaming allows to broadcast a metaverse wedding on multiple channels to the invited guests. There are multiple video streaming options offered by a metaverse wedding platform development company.

Metaverse Wedding Platform Development Services

From event planning to gifting, there are a galore of metaverse development services that are required in a metaverse wedding. These are:

metaverse wedding platform development services

1.Metaverse Arenas

Metaverse brings a lot of possibilities into a wedding ceremony. Virtual arenas can be created using high-quality UI/UX designs. This can be used for bridal entry, handfasting, and exchange of vows.

2.Metaverse Games

People can integrate metaverse gaming into weddings to enhance user engagement. It is a great way for the bride and groom to enjoy a great time with their loved ones during their nuptials. Rewards might also be available in the form of NFTs.

3.Metaverse Gifts

Gifts are an integral part of wedding ceremonies. The guests of a metaverse wedding can make payments in cryptocurrencies as gifts to the bride and groom. They can also give them NFTs in the form of gifts.

4.Metaverse Merchandise and NFTs

Everything that you need during a wedding, like the wedding rings can be transformed into NFTs that you can offer to your users. You can also offer guests the opportunity to purchase virtual merchandise as souvenirs.

5.Metaverse Ticketing

Your customers can invite their guests with virtual tickets. In addition to marking them for just attending the metaverse wedding, your customers can add additional services like refreshment corner tickets and theme park tickets for their wedding guests.

6.Metaverse Virtual Event Planning

A wedding is a collection of multiple activities. A metaverse wedding platform development company can help you with ensuring that you offer high-quality video streaming of weddings to your clients.

It can also help you to offer your users a wide range of activities that include purchasing wedding merchandise, creating virtual gifts, and so on.

7.Metaverse Virtual Rooms

A metaverse wedding platform development company can help its clients in creating designated virtual rooms during a wedding. This includes meeting rooms, party halls, and virtual offices.

Metaverse Wedding Platform Development Cost

The total cost of developing a metaverse wedding platform depends on multiple factors like design, deployment, features, and maintenance. Although providing an accurate quote isn’t possible for a metaverse wedding platform as it depends on many factors, a basic metaverse wedding platform with standard features can cost about $70k to $100k.

The cost of developing a metaverse wedding platform in the metaverse with a digital twin model starts from $100k and increases with additional services like adding refreshment corners, additional events, and shopping desks.

Apptunix Offers Comprehensive Metaverse Development Services

Apptunix is an experienced metaverse development company offering a wide catalogue of services to clients and businesses of all sizes across the globe. We have helped businesses develop innovative websites and mobile apps to enhance brand awareness, attract more customers, increase sales, and boost revenue.

We have an experienced team of over 50+ tech professionals experienced in developing metaverses, NFTs, cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and other leading web 3.0 technologies.

Our professionals can help you develop a metaverse wedding platform from the ground up or add specific features or enhancements to your already existing platform.

We also offer consultation services to build, enhance, and modify your metaverse-based projects. Apptunix is reputed for its flexible service models that range from hiring a few developers to hire dedicated development team.


Metaverse is a fast-growing market. It is pushing the envelope further when it comes to the creation of immersive virtual environments where humans can create and explore together, and interact with one another.

Today, we have a surge in demand for metaverse development services, may it be metaverse healthcare app development, metaverse wedding platform development, or metaverse NFT marketplace development.

As the metaverse market is growing exponentially, the idea of developing a platform to facilitate metaverse weddings is a profitable endeavour. Ensure to hire the best metaverse development company to get the best results for your business.

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