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Metaverse x NFT- A Unique Revenue Opportunity With Cost And Features

4276 Views | 1 min | Published On: September 1, 2022 Last Updated: June 29, 2023
Metaverse NFT marketplace development

The future of business and the commercial world lie in the hands of unseen technology. There is a lot that the future beholds for every business owner and most of the upcoming advancements are unknown. However, the metaverse is one technological upsurge that is certain in ruling the future. In a world where humans will be able to access everything virtually, with the NFTs, it would be a smart move for every business owner to go for metaverse NFT marketplace development.

The ultimate hi-tech future requires instant actions in capitalizing on the NFT craze if one seeks to have a hold in business. Hence, we have brought every single detail for a business-oriented mind. So, start reading with a vivid birdseye vision and reckon the measures you need to take!

NFT Marketplace- A Basic Introduction

NFT or non-fungible tokens act as a blockchain platform, and are accessible to the public. There is a lot that comes along with the NFT marketplace, simply because it is giving the businesses an option to drive huge traction for their profit. The NFT Marketplace majorly simplifies the process of selling or purchasing NFTs and storing them simultaneously.

Metaverse marketplace

However, the NFT tokens can be purchased anytime as they are available for auctions at designated prices. The major requirement to store NFT tokens is the crypto wallets. Apptunix excels in curating the best Metaverse NFT marketplace development.

Market Analysis & Overview

The prominence of Metaverse and market analyses ought to have infinite progression in the near future. According to the Crypto Giant, the metaverse is a $1 Trillion annual revenue opportunity. Also, 30% of organizations in the world are certain in having their products and services ready by 2016. It is apparent that the metaverse is a digital or virtual world, where people would be interacting with each other as digital avatars. Here there would be options for selling and buying commodities like in the normal world.

Growth of metaverse

The growth potential of the metaverse is extensive. The market in this arena is likely to have a growth rate from $107.1 billion in 2020 to $758.6 billion by 2026. Having an eye on the popularity of Metaverse NFT marketplace development, most business owners are showing huge interest in blockchain technology. Furthermore, various corporate giants like Facebook, Rebook, Nike, Microsoft, and more have already begun investing in the metaverse NFT solutions. The changing of Facebook’s name is an evident example that portrays the arrival of Metaverse in the global market.

Why is Metaverse in NFT trending?

The evident increase in the prominence of metaverse NFT marketplace development is majorly due to its features. All industries from games to e-commerce aspire to give their users the perks of 3D immersive and real-time parallel universes. Also, digital assets like JPEG and PNG images are mostly sold for millions of dollars. Most of the legacy businesses started accepting payments via the NFTs and Crypto exchanges and the big brands seek ways to leverage the NFTs. The metaverse NFT marketplace makes the trading of NFTs more transparent and decentralized.

The metaverse NFT marketplace is estimated to have a growth of a trillion-dollar economy. Also, the metaverse NFTs holds 3% of the total NFT market value. The NFTs are not digital currencies like crypto, rather they might be anything digital like paintings, music, video game content, or anything associated with a token. The major reason that makes metaverse in NFT trending is that here the digital artists, as well as the digital asses, will have equal and huge scope for monetization of their work. Hence, it is likely that the NFTs will recoil to be the optimal metaverse currency in no time.

How Is Metaverse NFT Marketplace Development Beneficial?

The metaverse NFT marketplace development is a pretty comprehensive and fair deal for every business owner. You might have heard the buzz to invest in it right away. But we believe that having complete knowledge before concluding any decision is a must. There is a vivid scope for every business owner to boost revenue when entered into the NFT marketplace with their products and services. Therefore, we have penned down the most prominent aspects related to the same to make your choice easier by many folds. Keep reading to get the gist of all!

Benefits of metaverse marketplace

Encrypted Security

The chances of your digital assets being stolen or forged are impossible in the metaverse NFT marketplace. Blockchain technology backs up every transaction taking place, ensuring every deal is a steal deal. Additionally, the quality of being immutable, your assets will be free from the risks of being erased, forged, removed, altered, or misplaced from the blockchain network eternally.

Transparent Interface

The metaverse NFT marketplace offers a due chance for users to have access to see the frequent transactions occurring in the marketplace. This feature enhances the trust and reliability of the users to a huge extent. This trust and transparency are not available in the traditional marketplace, hence the chances of your business having a great toll in the metaverse NFT marketplace are guaranteed.

High Revenue Insights

The craze of NFTs and Crypto has proliferated in every space of the commercial world. The interest of big corporate giants in the metaverse NFT marketplace has catered to the interest of investors globally. Therefore, considering the advancements of tomorrow and the marketplace, there would be a huge boost in your business and revenue generation.

Fluent and Uninterrupted Trading

The marketplace platform is curated by using distinct algorithms and strategies to offer a flawless asset trading experience. Hence this feature oughts to provide a high-end and qualitative experience to the users. While comparing other marketplaces, this is not the scenario while trading hence, the popularity of Metaverse NFT marketplace development completely makes sense.

Fast Payments

The most intriguing feature of the metaverse NFT marketplace is making transactions via cryptocurrency. The transactions are seamless and require no credit card details of the user, neither there is any requirement for any personal information of the user. Therefore, the transactions are instant, hassle-free, quick, and easy.


Investments in crypto and all sort of digital assets and metaverse is completely future-proof. There is a lot the metaverse beholds for the future. Undoubtedly, there was a bit of criticism in the initial stages of crypto introduction but now its prominence with respect to the future is evident.

Fast Transfer of Assets

The transfer of assets is quick and convenient for every user in the NFT marketplace. Similarly, there is in-build authentication provided to every user as proof of ownership for every original item that the user purchases. Also, the advanced feature of custom build NFT metaverse allows the users to tokenize their and sell them in the marketplace.

Types of Metaverse NFT Marketplaces

Along with the extended popularity of metaverse, there has been an emergence of various brands creating their own metaverse NFT marketplaces. The concept of gamification has a huge prominence in such marketplaces. So, let us now have a sneak peek at the types of marketplaces that Meta and NFTs hold together.

Types of metaverse NFT marketplace

1. Real Estate NFT Marketplace

When the buzz was spread all across the globe about the metaverse being a platform where people could sell and purchase commodities and services, none would have thought about Real Estate. It does sound a bit bizarre also, that how can property be sold and purchased virtually. But, this is an astounding fact that Metaverse Real Estate Marketplace.

In the metaverse, the users can bid for a piece of digital land and purchase it by paying the full price and ultimately gaining its ownership. In the metaverse, there is an example of a real state marketplace known as Decentraland. Just like Decentraland, people can easily sell, purchase, and also set properties on auction in the NFT marketplace. Furthermore, the consumers can explore the area of apartments, buildings, and more end-to-end. The real estate NFT marketplace further alleviates the gap between the real world and the virtual world by creating a digital economy.

2. E-Commerce NFT Marketplace

The technological upsurge has revolutionized traditional shopping to a tremendous extent. Almost everyone likes to shop online and purchase things with the virtual options available on the websites. However, there are a few proportions of consumers who like to purchase clothes by checking the clothes physically. Clubbing both traditional and online shopping, the metaverse NFT marketplace development will provide the perks of both. It might sound bizarre, but how would online shopping let you shop like the normal traditional one? Well, let us explore that also.

The metaverse E-commerce marketplace is designed such that here the consumers can check the products they wish to purchase with a personalized experience. Also, there are options where they can make their digital avatars try on the clothes or products, and further make a purchase. Considering the needs of tomorrow it is highly prominent for the business owners to reckon with this metaverse marketplace. Undoubtedly, there is umpteen profit that they can make from there. Cosmetics, clothes, gadgets, and many more options can be traded here and consumers can enter such marketplaces with their VR devices.

3. Gaming NFT Marketplace

The metaverse gaming NFT marketplace has entered the commercial world, with unmatched popularity. The “play-to-earn” concept makes the users go crazy for the games. Various entrepreneurs have already started to invest in this genre. Metaverse technology empowers this marketplace by providing real-time navigation and a realistic experience for all users. Moreover, blockchain technology caters to the consistent interest of the users through smart contracts. Here the players can earn accessories, characters, and in-game assets. Also, the games in the metaverse gaming NFT marketplace are decentralized, hence it is convenient for the players to withdraw the NFT to their personal wallets but stay static with the gaming marketplaces as before.

Additionally, gamers can easily trade, sell and purchase distinct gaming assets on the primary as well as the secondary markets also. This is one such arena that oughts to generate infinite revenue. To make a quick entry in the metaverse gaming NFT marketplace, all you need to do is get going with a game development company and enjoy the perks of technology.

4. Art NFT Marketplace

The metaverse NFT Art marketplace is yet another intriguing arena of the digital or virtual world. There are various famous metaverse NFT Art marketplaces ruling the platform. The assets in this marketplace come in the form of digital files such as GIFs, audio, videos, images, and more. Furthermore, these assets are then traded in the marketplace for millions of dollars.

This platform brings together an intriguing or luring option for the users to explore a variety of artwork altogether. There is a lot that comes along with this marketplace. Here the users can easily use their digital avatars to explore the live NFT art auctions or attend the virtual galleries of popular NFT artists.

Best metaverse NFT marketplace development company

Features That Cannot Be Overlooked

The metaverse NFT marketplace development comes with certain features that portray due prominence. Therefore, before you dig deeper into the world of the metaverse and get going with your metaverse NFT marketplace development, there are a few aspects that require your attention.

1. Metaverse Marketplaces Are Decentralized

You must have this in regard that the metaverse is backed up by blockchain technology and the entire platform is decentralized. Therefore, the marketplaces never have a single owner, rather same platform can be operated by various users at the same time. The facility of transferring data at the same platform makes trading easier. Consequently, all the users get access to a secured, personalized, and controlled platform where the mobility of transactions has no third-party control.

2. Encrypted P2P Transactions

Being a decentralized marketplace, the metaverse NFT platform provides an array of perks. One of those benefits is peer-to-peer transactions. The secured P2P transactions add to the security and reliability of the transactions minimizing the risks of cyber attacks. Furthermore, the user data, as well as the purchase details, are coded with scrutiny and which further recoils to the smart contracts.

3. Convenient Tokenization

The users owning the tokenization features tokenize their assets in the marketplace. This feature is one of the most prominent features for the users as they not only get a chance to trade their NFT but also recoil them to tokens.

Hence while approaching a Metaverse development company, you must abide by the standard of various tokens. This approach will help your users gain ownership by tokenizing their digital assets and trading them further.

4. The NFT Wallets

The extended perks of the NFT wallet integration will serve as a cherry on the cake for your metaverse NFT marketplace. All the users will have an access to trade and store the digital assets while having a linkup with the metaverse world. However, the wallets here require integration with third-party numbers for simple yet precise transactions.

Furthermore, the NFT wallets do not function like the physical wallets and there is no requirement of storing cryptocurrencies in them. The NFT wallets rather give a platform for the users to store their assets held on the blockchain networks.

Metaverse NFT Marketplace Development Steps

There are tremendous steps that need to be given an eye to while curating the metaverse NFT marketplace. With the updated technological measures we sought to curate the best, that will not just fuel your business but bring you glory. We have the best technocrats that excel in developing the metaverse NFT marketplaces. Let us now dig deep into the prominent steps that help in creating a metaverse NFT marketplace with scrutiny.

Trending NFT marketplaces

Step 1- Select the Blockchain Network Carefully
It is apparent that the metaverse NFT marketplaces operate on the basis of vigorous, portable, and interrelated/linked blockchain networks. Therefore, choosing a precise blockchain network while building NFT software is highly crucial. Your marketplace will run and exist for a long period of time in your chosen blockchain network only.

Some of the highly chosen and well-known blockchain networks are; Polkadot, Solana, TRON, Tezos, Ethereum, Steller, and many more. However, Ethereum is one of the highly sought-after blockchain networks and is variedly chosen by metaverse projects.

Step 2- Select A+ Features
Optimizing the functionality of the metaverse NFT marketplace by choosing advanced features is highly prominent while choosing the features for developing the NFT marketplace. The mathematics is very simple here, the better and more advanced your features are, the finer performance of your NFT marketplace will be.

Being static on the requirements of your project, you need to be selective with the features you wish to incorporate. You can choose distinct options like 3D display, interoperability, decentralization, wallet integration, social media linkage, and many more.

Step 3- Curate Intuitive User Interface
Curating is easy to use and the intuitive user interface is yet another prominent aspect. As the intuitive user interface will create a comprehensive and convenient NFT marketplace for the consumers. The inclusion of an Intuitive User Interface will enhance safe and flawless trading across the platform eliminating the glitches and bugs in the NFT metaverse marketplace. On top of that, smart contracts will add on to automate asset transactions by many folds.

Furthermore, the intuitive user interface will also add on to increase the interest of your consumers and in turn, upgrade the image of your metaverse marketplace. Hence, you must prioritize keeping the interface easy, simple, responsive, and agile. This will help in upgrading customer satisfaction and bring good revenue in return.

Step 4- Database Storage & IPFS
Database storage & IPFS supports storing sensitive and private databases of the admin profile and the user altogether. Also, your metaverse NFT marketplace will get an immutable and encrypted database. The inclusion of this arena is very important as the database also carries information as the tokens. Therefore, sharing and storing the database in the form of distributed files becomes convenient.

Step 5- Creating Smart Contracts
You must always have due consideration for inculcating smart contracts in the metaverse NFT marketplace development. There are a plethora of perks that smart contracts bring along and can be utilized simultaneously. The most prominent factor of smart contracts is trust and reliability. However, the functionality of a smart contract will rely highly on the features, technical aspects, and requirement structure of your project. You also need to be clear that your contract has great alignment and is able to cope with the features that your NFT marketplace intends to perform.

Step 6- Testing And Deploying
The final and most important step in the metaverse NFT marketplace development is testing and deployment. This is the pre-final step upon the completion of the database and integration of the smart contracts. In this stage, the testing of bugs and glitches takes place and in case any such issue pops up then it is rectified then are there.

How Much Will It Cost?

Considering the prominence of the metaverse NFT marketplace, it is apparent that every business enthusiast would invest in this niche. There are various factors that come into play when it comes to curating an app. Having a keen comprehension of the metaverse and its linkup with the future is highly integral. Before making an investment, you must know what perks await you.

Furthermore, knowing the cost estimation of developing a virtual world coupled with the technicalities that it possesses is important equally. Also, you need to look at a few technical features that influence the cost estimation of your metaverse NFT marketplace development.

  • The app’s features and complexity
  • Choosing the app’s platform
  • Inculcation of distinct technologies
  • The development team
  • The UI/UX of the app
  • Usage of the technical stack
  • Maintenance of app & support

At Apptunix, we have high-tech quality developers who curate digital spaces like no other. With the influence of leading technologies, your metaverse NFT marketspace will rule the virtual world. The development of such a marketplace here would cost you around $100,000 – $300,000. However, to have a precise close of the cost estimation, contact our technocrats and accelerate your business.

Apptunix Expertise

Apptunix is one of the leading mobile app development companies having experience of more than 9 years in the industry. Our tech experts work on the leading blockchain technologies and then curate apps considering the far-sightedness of your business.

  • Our business analysts undertake in-depth research and provide a free project estimate.
  • A track record of developing software from scratch in a variety of fields
  • We ensure high-level data protection by adhering to best security practices and legislation.
  • A range of adaptable collaboration structures that are appropriate in any situation: time and materials, a committed crew, and fixed pricing
  • Achieving the highest level of solution quality and full-cycle software development
  • Complete team structure with all the necessary highly qualified specialists
  • Innovative development methodology and state-of-the-art technology stack

Develop metaverse NFT marketplace

Wrapping Up

Now that you have a comprehensive understanding of the prominence and future prospects of the metaverse NFT marketplace, do not waste any further time. Make a detailed list of the innovation that you wish to bring and contact us right away. With 100% customization, our team will ensure that your NFT marketplace gets the image that you have envisioned.

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