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Mobile App Marketing Trends for 2024: How to Grow Your App Like a Pro?

224 Views | 6 min | Published On: February 9, 2024 Last Updated: March 17, 2024

Nearly 4 out of 5 customers prefer their mobile for shopping. Can you picture the untapped potential it brings for your business with just a sliver of that audience - an increased customer base every moment? 

Mobile apps are the catalyst for businesses to achieve this silver lining of success. 

As of 2024, 85.74% of the global population are smartphone users. This number is expected to increase further and reach a peak of 6.4 billion by 2029

With ever-increasing mobile usage, people’s dependency on the convenience of mobile transactions also increases. But, with nearly 6.63 million apps available on Google Play Store and Apple combined, how would you make sure your app stands out in the crowd?

The truth is, you can’t unless you stay abreast of the latest mobile app marketing trends and leverage them in creating a dynamic, feature-rich VPN app.  

Another harsh reality is most mobile apps fail. Their inability to match pace with ever-evolving trends leads to losing ground to more technologically adaptable competitors. So, integrating key development tips can significantly improve your mobile app marketing strategy. 

To ensure your mobile app success, the first and foremost step is staying informed about upcoming mobile app trends. Let’s uncover some of these trends.  

Top Mobile App Marketing Trends That Will Define 2024 - Your Strategy Can’t Afford to Overlook Point 5!  

top marketing mobile trends

While there are numerous mobile app marketing campaigns emerging this year, here are the top 5 mobile app marketing trends that we’ve picked after comprehensive and fact-based research. 

1.Leveraging Augmented Reality Will Only Grow in Coming Years

Augmented reality has curated a niche as the newest member in the mobile app marketing trends. This technology enables users to interact with digital content in a real-world environment. 

In 2024, Augmented Reality is all set to grow by 54%, bucking the trend of three years of consecutive declines. This growth is fueled by the rising accessibility of AR experience, providing users immersive experience. 

Though AR is still in its infancy stage, its integration into campaigns helped capitalize on its interactive benefits. One such use case is IKEA. IKEA leverages AR to enable users to see how furniture will look in their comfy corner before making a purchasing decision. 

Another brand to recently implement AR in their marketing strategy is Zomato. It implemented AR technology that allowed the food-ordering platform to be the trailblazer to virtually present the food on its menu. This visualization is so real that it gets difficult to differentiate between the real and virtual cake, helping customers order their perfect choice. 

💡Fun fact: The tech giant Google has also introduced a feature called “Live-view” in Google Maps, enabling users see the direction in real-time on real-world imagery. 

Do you have an amazing mobile app idea, too? -- We can help you test the water with our MVP Development Solution that too without having a burning hole in your pocket. 

2. With Great AI Power Comes Great Responsibility

Of course, I’d be remiss to exclude the monumental impact artificial intelligence made in 2023 and the transformative changes it’s poised to usher in for 2024.

AI has welcomed the unforeseen and immense potential for digital transformation, especially for marketing. This technology makes everything quicker and more available but simultaneously requires a greater degree of thoughtfulness.  

In essence, 2024 AI marketing should be bold, collaborative, and responsible. 

My team at Apptunix is actively thinking about the promising potential of AI, with a special focus on: 

  •  AI is Transparent About Data Use:

People look ahead to leverage AI in marketing, for example, to personalize communications, but on the contrary, they’re concerned about the red flags it carries for their data. This is where transparency plays the pivot role. Extracting and utilizing user data with AI tools proves beneficial to improving marketing messages and enhancing website experience. 

  •  Curating a North Star KPI:

With AI it’s easier - and quicker - to streamline marketing campaigns. Unsolicited repercussions that may have unfolded over the years can be addressed much faster with AI integration. So, when defining KPIs, consider the significant impact AI can have on your business's bottom line and society.  

  •  Legal and Brand Compliance:

Undoubtedly, using Generative AI allows marketers to pace up copy and visual creation, but that doesn’t mean to be completely hands-off. It’s the perfect amalgamation of human efforts and technology that is driving this new era of creativity. Precisely, marketers should ensure that assets are safe to use from a legal and copyright perspective and also dynamically personalize the brand’s voice for each individual.  

If you want your business to take great leaps, leverage the power of AI with entrusted mobile app marketing companies that walk the extra mile in today’s bottle-neck competition. 

3. Mobile Commerce is the Key to Retain Your Customer

Mobile commerce, aka m-commerce, includes buying and selling goods and services through mobile devices.  

Primarily, M-commerce transactions happen on digital shopping platforms like eBay, Amazon, and Shopify, but can also be accompanied by social media. This trend is termed social commerce (a subset under the m-commerce umbrella).

M-commerce has been a trend for quite long but the trend skyrocketed during the early months of the COVID-19 epidemic when most brick-and-mortar stores had to shut down. Though the global economy has reopened, mobile commerce continues to gain momentum. 

According to eMarketer Insider Intelligence, 66% of Americans will shop at least once from their mobile devices in 2024. Furthermore, mobile devices contributed to 71% of global retail website traffic and 61% of online shopping orders. 

These mind-boggling numbers underline one inescapable marketing insight - Consumers across the globe have embraced the convenience and comfort of mobile shopping. 

So, if you want to cement your footsteps in the already saturated market, handhold the dynamics of mobile commerce to reach and engage every moment increasing customer base. 

We, at Apptunix can create a comprehensive, adaptable, and scalable custom mobile app to fuel your business growth. We’ve done this for several clients like - Expo City Eats. 

Explore how our geeks did it and how we can make the same happen for you! 

4. Video Content Will Continue to Rule

Who hasn’t found themselves lost in endless scrolling on TikTok? I’ll readily confess that I’ve bought clothes, accessories, pet supplies, and many other stuff after being captivated by one too many reels, TikToks, or YouTube Shorts. And I’m not alone sailing on this boat. 

In a nutshell, there’s been a significant change in the way people consume content. 

In 2023, the global digital video viewer count overshadowed the mark of 3.5 billion, with an average weekly online video consumption of 17 hours for every person. This underlines a significant trend in marketing mobile apps.

Plus, many other unskippable reasons behind the curtain stand out for me: 

1. First and foremost, short-form videos provide a rich, immersive experience that grabs the user’s attention. 

2. Advancements in mobile technology and internet speed have improved exceptionally in the past few years. Thanks to 5G network technology and other advancements, mobiles now load swiftly - probably, 100x faster compared to 4G - improving the overall user experience. 

3. Not to forget, mobile videos are easy to share. With minimal clicks, users can spread the word to their near ones, fostering a sense of connection in the digital space. 

4. Lastly, there's an industry giant - “TikTok”! This mammoth has revolutionized the way we eat content, providing a unique amalgamation of short-form content with user-generated creativity that has taken the world by storm. 

When everything funnels to mobile marketing trends, TikTok is a clear winner. Thanks to its algorithm that caters to a never-ending stream of content. To your surprise, tech giants like YouTube and Instagram, have also followed the trail and adopted similar short-form video content strategies. 

For more tried and tested tips for promoting your app, share a word with experts. 

5. Mobile Games are the New Social Networks

Mobile games have come a long way since the debut of mobile devices. Presently, mobile games are enjoyed by more than 2.2 billion people globally and this trend is showing no sign of stopping. 

But, how do mobile games become social? 

Let’s spill the beans! Mobile games integrate features that facilitate player interaction during gameplay, right from in-game messaging and social media integration to creating communities or guilds. 

These elements not only improve the gaming experience but also foster a sense of community, improve user engagement, and enhance both Return On Ad Spend as well as Ad revenue. Another driver supporting this trend is the wide-scale adoption of 5G networks and cloud data. These two technologies have made the gaming experience more immersive, with lesser lag and better synchronization and interaction for multiple players in different locations. 

Roblox has been the spearheader to integrate these social feature mechanics. This platform allows players to become creators, allowing them to design their games and share them with the community, encouraging social interactions.  

To simply put, this segment is all set to reach more than $136 billion in revenue in the following year. Unsurprisingly,  businesses are looking for ways to cash in on this exceptionally growing industry. Allied Market Research poised the global in-game advertising market value to reach a whopping $17.6 billion by 2030. 

Imagining how lucrative and engaging mobile games are becoming with every passing day, I won’t be surprised if more businesses tap into this untapped gaming market in the coming years. 


You’re well-informed… at least for the moment. As long as you keep your thumb on the pulse of mobile app development, your business won’t fall behind. However, if the thought of staying ahead in the competition seems daunting, don’t fret.    

Seize the countless opportunities awaiting you in this amazing era with us. 

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