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The Future of Mobile App Development with NASA and Nokia 4G Contract

4005 Views | 1 min | Published On: October 22, 2020 Last Updated: June 29, 2023
nasa and nokia 4g contract

Today the need for fast network and connectivity has become very important. People can not imagine themselves without the internet as it halts their simple process of getting a taxi too. And when it comes to research and finding to be done, how we ignore the importance of the net.

While the competition is getting tougher on Earth, the Moon is all set to outshine it. The big news that came on 15th October 2020 by Bell Labs, the research and scientific development company of Nokia through a tweet will eventually change the scenario of mobile app development of today on the Earth.

NASA is all set to set up a 4G network on the lunar surface for better communication and research for an upcoming project of NASA. With Nokia and NASA 4G contract, the latter is eager to establish fast communication over the Moon. This will not only change the dynamics of astronauts having a conversation in lunar orbits but also for the people residing on Earth.

NASA and Nokia 4G Contract

nokia and nasa 4g contract

NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) has signed a contract with Nokia to ensure smooth lunar communications for the astronauts. It will allow them to use their phone as they use it over the Earth. Surfing, browsing, streaming, and uploading- all of it will be done with fast 4G speed standing on the lunar land.

The company will receive funding of a total of $14.1 million US dollars to build the first 4G network on the Moon and in space. The funding is a part of the $370 million US Dollars of Tipping Point Program that is run by NASA to revolutionize life on the Moon and Earth. 

The contract has been signed with Nokia’s USA subsidiary company but will deliver a big impact on the company as a whole. NASA is planning to land on the Moon in 2024. By then, they want their astronauts to feel like-Earth with fast connectivity of the internet for communication and entertainment.

The setup of the 4G network will come in use for Moon residents i.e Astronauts completely. The 4G Nokia network will be set up with the towers to send signals and frequency that can help astronauts access their phones with the internet. Therefore, if you see astronauts from NASA going live on Instagram in 2024 from the Moon, don’t get surprised. It would be possible with Nokia and NASA 4G contract.

Apart from astronauts, the Nokia 4G network will be used by vehicles for map navigation just like Google Maps. In fact, Jim Reuter, associate administrator for NASA’s Space Technology Mission Directorate said the following about the 4G Moon network.

 “With NASA funding, Nokia will look at how terrestrial technology could be modified for the lunar environment to support reliable, high-rate communications,”

About Project- Artemis

NASA and Nokia 4G contract has taken place to carry out the special project of former- Artemis. This project is being developed to send the first man and first woman in 2024 to the Moon and start a sustainable life for the next decade.

With the mission of showing the possibility of life and existence on other planets other than Earth, this project is being carried out to explore untouched aspects of the Moon.

NASA wants to develop new technologies and innovations that make life over the Moon super easy and help astronauts to lead the research and development at the lunar base. This research will not only be helpful to authenticate the fact of life sustainability but also uncover some hidden findings that could be beneficial for us on Earth.

How Will 4G Network Be Established?

Jim Bridenstine, administrator of NASA said that he wants to establish a wireless network over the Moon and that is the reason why he made NASA and Nokia 4G contract to perform the same.

To further explain his statement, he said that with the help of Nokia they will try to build a groundbreaking network that will be very crucial for making communication mediums over the lunar surface.

This 4G network will allow running data transmission applications, real-time navigation of the Moon( like Google maps), control of lunar overs, conducting calls, streaming of high definition videos, and much more.

They are also thinking of upgrading the network into 5G in the later stage. But for now, building an error-free 4G network on the Moon is the main priority they are focusing on. 

Talking about the installation of network towers and its technical functionality, Nokia’s 4G network will consist of RF antennas, an LTE Base Station with integrated Evolved Packet Core (EPC) functionalities, LTE User Equipment,high-reliability operations and maintenance (O&M) control software. 

The network is designed in such a way that it will remain unaffected in unpredictable and harsh environmental and physical conditions present over the Moon. The designing of network towers and machines will be done to operate effectively despite unfriendly circumstances. 

The designed integrated cellular network will come in very firm size and its weight and power will be good enough to perform in extremely compact and diverse environments.

Future of Futuristic Apps

With the internet taking over the Moon, the Earth will also see some drastic changes. The mobile app developments will be done not only for Earth users but also for Moon users as well.

Currently, we are having a check on mobile app trends that might get outdated by 2021, there will soon be mobile app development done with respect to trends popular amongst Moon’s livers!

Let us uncover some of the potential app ideas that might go viral with their usability over the Moon and change the scenario of mobile app development on the Earth.

  • Knowledge-Based

In these apps, there will be complete information provided about the celestial bodies that could be seen from the Moon. There might be some information that is still difficult to find manually. With apps like this, the users both from Earth and the Moon will be keen to learn about the celestial bodies more in detail as they now could see them more closely.

  • Route Navigation

Like on Earth we rely on google maps, there would be mobile app development for the Moon as well. It will allow users to know where and at what position they are standing. This navigation will help them to reach their desired destination. 

  • Video Streaming

Boredom could strike on the Moon as well. Like there is an intense demand for OTT platforms now over here, the same would be on the Moon as well. The mobile app development would be done with respect to making OTT platforms that have relevant content and features which gel well with the environment and circumstances of the lunar surface. These video streaming apps will be developed like features that won’t affect the viewing experience despite of harsh and unpredictable weather behavior.

  • Asteroid Forecast

Just like a weather forecast, there will be forecasts about androids that might hit the surface of the Moon. There could be mobile applications that will be predicting Milkyway appearance, solar eclipses, and many more that would affect the lifestyle of people living over the Moon.

  • Communication Apps

There would also be chatting and calling apps. These apps would be made with respect to the timezone of the Moon and encrypted in a certain way. The communication from Moon to Moon and Moon to Earth will also be catered through these mobile app developments. Therefore, as people will be living on two different planets, there will be demand for not only global but universal calling mobile applications.


With people landing on the Moon, there will be an elevation to technology, lifestyle, and human existence. The things that were never imagined will exist and be seen happening. Soon the time will come when these kinds of apps will actually function and be useful. To make your app a great hit in the future, it is smart to act to start planning about mobile app development. Ask Apptunix, and they will help you with futuristic app solutions. And you never know, maybe your app gets officialized by NASA and brings Moon-bright profits to your company.

mobile app development

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