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Pet App Development Ideas That Have Gone Mainstream

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5227 Views | 3 min | Published On: February 26, 2018 Last Updated: November 15, 2019
Anna Stack

With the unceasing advance of digitalization, mobile apps have become immensely popular. We use mobile apps for Social Networking, Media, Entertainment, Shopping, News and lot more. There’s hardly an industry that hasn’t yet felt the impact of mobile. The experts from the circles of technology can’t be wrong in their judgment when they claim that Sky really is the limit for mobile. A lot of new and unheard of niches are being explored by the power of mobile. Pet-Industry is a recent addition to that list.


As soon as the first few pet apps were released, the anticipation in the owners’ community was getting high. Many pet businesses have already responded to the urgency and developed fully-functional mobile apps in addition to their websites. Some have opted for sole mobile apps looking to mine as much as there’s on offer in this untested niche.

Following are some of the Pet-App ideas that have gained traction and got popular right off the bat.

1)Personalized Digital Pet Records

Pet app development

Many pet owners like to have an instant access to their pets’ advanced information. Digitalized pet records seem to serve that purpose perfectly well. Apps such as Pet Partner App, that allows pet owners to book appointments, coordinate with the vets and groomers are already present in the market. Setting appointment reminders, saving pet’s history and keeping a log of advice and suggestions from pet service providers are some of the other stand-out services such apps offer.

2) Activity Trackers For Pets

FitBark acts as your dog’s activity tracker, mirroring Fitbit, human activity tracker’s interface. It’s got a variety of highly customized options to search for boarding kennel operators, dog trainers etc.

3) Social Media For Dogs

Social media for dogs

By creating a Facebook-like space for dogs, Dogbook has made a lot of fans and followers worldwide already. The app allows the dog-owners to play their pet’s part online. Features such as photo sharing, check-ins at dog-parks and ‘find friends’ to plan pet play dates are simply irresistible for any pet-owner.

4) Hotel Reservations For Pets

BringFido is a great app that assists owners to look up dog-friendly accommodations. From booking hotels to getting in touch with pet concierge for arranging travels, this app is a perfect solution for dog-owners who’re always on the move. The app does have a few competitors vying to get a better stake in the market, but so far, BringFido rules them all.

5) Pet Monitoring When On The Move

Pet monitoring device

A great many pet monitoring devices have emerged in the recent past, comprising a variety of options from video, audio to GPS elements. PetCube remains the most prominent app in this category, launched initially via a Kickstarter campaign. PetCube is nothing more than a Wifi camera that makes it possible for dog owners to view and speak with their dogs while away from home. Pet monitoring services have been hugely popular and are doing a great job of providing a sense of relief to the owners when they leave their pets home.

6) Request For Dog Walkers

Sometimes the owner just doesn’t have enough time to take their dog out for a walk. That’s where services like Zingy, Swift, and Wag have looked to cash in. These services promise to send a dog walker to the owner’s door within a specified time period, spanning anywhere between 30 minutes to 2 hours. GPS tracking which allows the owner to keep a watchful eye on their pets and secure online payments are some of the other bonus features these apps have to offer.


Those were just some of the ideas that have been implemented thus far and eventually got popular. There’s no doubt, more new ideas are being shaped and given form to make the world a lot more jolly for the pet owners’ community. The niche of pet-apps is still in the latter stages of its infancy and therefore has plenty of room for development. It’s safe to say the future looks pretty rosy for the pet app industry.

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