Pokemon Go Success Story – Over 100 million Downloads And $268 million Earned

Published In : Technology, July 13, 2016

Even Google Is Benefiting From Pokémon Go Success


Last week an association between The Pokémon Company and Niantic released an augmented-reality based game called Pokémon GO! And it has pretty much been able to very powerfully reach the top ranks on both Android and iOS platforms.It has been reported that this app has already earned $14 million in just a week’s time.
The app is developed by Niantic Inc and was released last week. In just a week it has become internationally the most popular app having more than 10 million downloads.

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In an interview Niantic CEO John Hanke said that it took him 20 years to build this game which and only one week for it to become a phenomenon.
“The game itself is intended to facilitate the real-life stuff,” John Hanke reportedly said in an interview. The game is super addictive and users keep on playing it all day long. There is so much strain on the server that some people are also experiencing several crashes during the sessions. Niantic is said to have know about this crashing issues and are working really hard to get over this.

While the Niantic team is working to fix the capacity of the server to avoid any further crashes in the game the roll out of Pokemon Go is stopped at international level to the countries like The United Kingdom and The Netherlands. While building this game there were three main objectives that were kept in mind which were:

Pokemon Go making people Exercise

Many fitness apps keeps you on your toes, while Pokemon Go promises to keep you fit and you don’t have to go any intense workout routine.Pokemon Go is built in such a way that rather than putting any pressure on you , it very smartly gets you moving and also gives you the opportunity to earn reward points.

Making users see historical sites

The game is also focused on making users view major historical sites in the game and very creatively transforming those sites into gyms and pokespots where the player can fight battles.

Pokemon Go is Breaking the ice

Pokemon Go outings and cruising around the nearby areas are being initiated and are being organized at global level. Hanke says it to be an ice breaker as people get to spend a lot of time together doing things they like via this game.

Key Pokémon GO data points:

Total number of downloads – 100 million (by August 8th, Google Play market only)
Total revenue – $268 million (by August 12st)
Average revenue per DAU – $0.25
Percentage of iOS users that do in-app purchases – 80%
Daily Active Users – 20+ millions
Time Android users spend with the game daily – 43 minutes
Three day retention – more than 60%
Gender female vs. men split percentage – 40/60
The App Store rankings – 3 stars
Google Play rankings – 3,2 stars

Handwork Behind Pokemon Go Success


Even though Pokemon go was a smashing hit overnight but years of hard work has gone into it to make it such a big hit. Pokemon Go is considered to be a sequence of Ingress. Ingress is another major hit in the world and was developed by Niantic. This game was an iOS and Android based game and the main objective of the game was to challenge players to find the world around them and assert territory.
Major social platforms like Facebook, Twitter & Google are trending with Pokemon and everyone around us is getting crazy for catching up Pokemon, no matter from where – it can be on the road, in parks, in office cubicles and even in the public bathrooms beside the roads.

Super Addictive

The main reason for this game to be so very addictive is that people are finding the Pokemon for their collection even by travelling the countries and by getting offs from their offices.

Your privacy is compromised with Pokemon go success

Well, let’s reveal this for those who are still not aware about this. In simple terms, Pokémon Go uses the GPS and clock of your smartphone to detect your gameplay location and timings and make the virtual Pokemon visible around you in the application installed in your smartphone so you can target the pokemon with the pokemon Ball and catch them up using your camera.

Encouraging People to Travel across the world

The more you travel around to different locations, more types of Pokémon will are shown to you depending upon the time and the location at the moment you are. This is the first time that any mobile app is encouraging the users to travel outdoor in the real world to enjoy the beauty of the virtual things in augmented reality.

Trending Everywhere

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Pokemon Go has hit the world so bad that it is almost in the vicinity of overtaking Twitter. The reason why pokemon go has become so popular in such less span of time is that is is super easy, very realistic, amazing graphic and free to download. The best part about this game is that it makes you explore different places around you in the real world environment and at very different times. We hope the game to fix its server issues and get back rolling again and making most of its users addictive of it.
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