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Why Your Restaurant Needs a Mobile App?

5613 Views | 1 min | Published On: June 19, 2018 Last Updated: November 15, 2019
steps to develop a food app

Die-hard Foodies are seen all around the world. And to serve their cravings, there are a number of restaurants that are reasonable and give them a convenient experience. So, what is the mantra to stand out from your competitors in a restaurant business? Simple, go digital with a restaurant mobile app!

Yes, it is one of the solutions that can take your business higher than ever if utilized properly. The restaurant business is up and blasting with the help of technology. So, if you are not yet digital, you are nowhere in the competition.

In this mobile world, where organizations like Starbucks is conducting 16% of their monetary transaction over the mobile app only, how might one overlook the advantages it can produce for your business?

This implies Starbucks generated $1.6 billion of $10 billion revenue with their restaurant mobile app only and that too in 2015. So, just imagine today’s stats when mobile users are grown from 1.86 billion in 2015 to 2.53 billion in 2018, as per the research by statista.


restaurant mobile app

Before we dive into details on why you should develop your own app for your restaurant’s business, let’s have a glance at why people use mobile apps for restaurants.

food ordering mobile app

Sound great, isn’t it? Nearly anything that a customer desires handy can be made available for them via a food ordering mobile app. As indicated by a research, 60% of searches on mobile phone convert into clients purchasing inside 60 minutes. So, is restaurant mobile app development worth investing for your business? Yes. Here are a few points to support the answer:

Increase Your Sales (Excite customers with ‘Mouthwatering’ pictures)

Mobile apps to order food online attract customers of every age group. But, office goers who have a bustling life are attracted more by a restaurant mobile app. Furthermore, if your app facilitates their stresses to avail fresh food on time-you hit the big plan!

One great example of increasing sales via food ordering apps is Domino’s. In the year 2015, the organization grew its online business – via mobile app by 19%. Domino’s said, their 77% of all orders are now placed via mobile phones.

Here is what you can offer your customers with a restaurant mobile app:

  • Clear Menu along with pictures and prices
  • Simple navigation to click and order inside a minute
  • Show picture that portrays what your client may crave
  • Include ‘click to call‘ alternative for additional help

One of the best approaches to attract your clients through mobile ordering applications is by including pictures of mouth-watering dishes! When people discover food pictures in your application which looks hot and delicious, it increases their cravings! The better your photo looks-the hungry your customers become! Can you imagine doing it over a phone call?

order food online

Increase the Number of Bookings

One of the least complex KPIs for any restaurant is the number of clients served every day. It is a great indicator of popularity, and – when used to find out total sales per head – a great measure for development.

In spite of the growth in the number of smart phone users around the globe, individuals are making fewer phone calls. In between 2013 and 2017, the number of individuals not making any calls in a week expanded from 4% to over 30%.

Presently, if you are taking internet booking by means of your website, you would know how helpful it is for you and your clients. The booking features of restaurant ordering apps are not much different than websites, but it gives one additional advantage and that is push notifications.

You can utilize push notifications to confirm online bookings rather than asking somebody to call every client. Push notification not only help customers remember their booking, but you can also ask them to cancel the booking if they cannot make it.

In case your online booking framework can also process cancellations, incorporate a link specifically to the booking framework in your push notifications. Moreover, push notifications have higher deliverability rate, opening rate, click rate and retention rate when compared with emails.

power of push notification

That is just another way in which a restaurant mobile application can enable you to lessen the number of hassles you deal in every day.

Boost Brand Awareness


Power of Branding

The main purpose of all types of marketing is brand awareness and brand’s name at the top in the mind of customers when they require services that you offer. But, with such huge numbers of competing brands, and the large marketing budgets of organizations, neither brand awareness nor top-of-the-mind status are effortlessly achieved by small organizations. Furthermore, for restaurants, this is significantly trickier.

Beyond any doubt, you can produce some buzz through brilliant services, impressive food, and stunning decor, yet without something promoting recall, you’re only an anonymous restaurant that somebody suggested. Having a website, a good profile on social media, and utilizing paid marketing all helps in a good way, however, clients should be presented to a brand no less than 10 times before brand awareness and recall turn out to be automatic.

Obviously, having your own mobile application is one of the most effortless methods for presenting clients to your brand at least once every day. They may not utilize your application consistently, but rather as long as they have the application installed, they see your application icon almost every time they utilize their Smartphone.

Answers Every Question of Your Customers

You and your staff need to answer many inquiries every day, and a good number of them are most likely similar inquiries you’ve just addressed a thousand times. With a little planning, these inquiries – and their answers – can be incorporated into a mobile application for restaurants. Not as a conventional FAQ section, but into relevant areas of the application, for example:

  • Your booking page could incorporate details of the maximum people you can accommodate.
  • Your location can link to either Google Maps or Apple Maps, furnishing clients with simple navigation.
  • Your contact number can be incorporated so clients can call you with a solitary tap, and without leaving the application.

Fewer Hassles and Better Processing of Payments

food ordering apps

You are making your work messy if you are allowing your customers to order food but not allowing them to pay via your restaurant mobile app.

We’re talking about take-out requests here, not sit-down requests. If your eatery is much occupied, the next thing you need do is clean up your front work area by letting take-out clients take orders and go. Making payments part of the in-application requesting process:

  • Eliminates the risk of clients ordering, and after that never collecting,
  • Ensures that when clients do come to collect their order, they are in and out inside seconds – diminishing dissatisfaction on their part, and keeping your front work area clear,
  • Gets free of the need to check whether an order being delivered has just been paid for.

The advantages of having a mobile app for restaurant ordering are not restricted just to what the client can do by means of the application. Streamlining how clients connect with your restaurant lessens the number of assets you need to allocate to specific functions. That means these assets can be diverted to different areas of the business, profiting both; you and your customers.

Simple Menu Access via Restaurant Mobile App

According to a research, 62% of people are less inclined to stop by your restaurant if they can’t easily see your menu on their smart phones.

Furthermore, rather than depending on mobile responsive website pages, you can ensure your menu is easy to see in your application. It is better to keep your menu in the main navigation bar. This guarantees clients can discover it in a flash without feeling like they need to dig for what you offer. Recently, Apptunix developed a mobile app for a restaurant having a clean and alluring menu card that is increasing its sales more than ever before.

mobile ordering applications


Having a responsive website doesn’t mean you don’t require a restaurant mobile app. As purchasers change to utilizing smart phones more than desktop, your own particular way to deal with digital marketing needs to develop.

Furthermore, while your site remains an essential device for discovery, your mobile application serves as a way to promote or market more effectively to clients with a known interest in your restaurants. The benefits of mobile apps for restaurants do not only revolve around pulling in new clients, but additionally about expanding support for your current customers to get them back again and again.

So, if you want to take the much-demanded step to transform your restaurant business with a mobile app, schedule a free consultation with best mobile app developers at Apptunix.

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