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The Future of E-commerce Mobile Applications

5369 Views | 1 min | Published On: May 18, 2018 Last Updated: June 3, 2022

If you have ever shopped online, you cannot deny the existence of an ever-expanding e-commerce industry. According to latest statistics, active mobile users in 2017 had reached a whopping figure of 4.77 billion. It has overshadowed desktops and other internet-enabled devices as all the shopping, searches and relevant e-commerce transactions are happening over multiple handheld devices. 80% of the shoppers are now using mobile e-Commerce Apps to make purchases.

Today, Intuitive UI, secure payment gateways, and usable e-Commerce mobile Applications have changed the way customers are buying products and services. A Lot of things are happening at the e-commerce end, all in the hopes of making it a robust revenue-driving channel. Right from AI to Big Data, the technology is being explored to make e-commerce better than ever.

What are the top trends we are going to observe in e-commerce in the future?

1.1. Chatbot Integrated Mobile App Development

Although, chatbots were introduced years before, but they have been trending recently with app developers replacing the traditional form of application development. With more and more smartphone users complaining about apps lack of ingenuity, chatbots will take over. Moreover, chatbots will bring down the number of apps we have been using.

Big brands have already started integrating customized Chatbots and 35% of the users want to see companies using Chatbots for quick and smart customer services.  
Long phone calls are facing a downward trend now and 21% of the users prefer to interact with Chatbots for the speed and accuracy they offer.

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1.2. Augmented Reality Integration

Augmented Reality started as a way of adding dimensions to the human experience of watching a movie or playing a game. They are now treading the mobile App Commerce industry. Can you envision how AR can be used? Well, what if I tell you that the next time you wish to buy a dress, you would not need to visit the store for trial. This form of technology will help buyers attach the e-commerce App with the AR headset and visualize themselves in the dress of their choice.

It is not only going to reduce the buyer’s headache but will also help enterprises reduce the workload of exchange and returns. Overall it is going to offer a strong push to potential buyers who often ponder over how the dress or makeup will look like on them. Enterprises with AR enabled technology can expect the sales to go up as they will witness fewer cart abandonments in future.

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1.3. Automation and AI

Automation of any task has been a basic need for every innovation. Driven by the power of AI, the mobile e-commerce Apps are designed to work on various tasks that help businesses make more sales. A simple example is a recommendation engine that offers the buyers suggestion of other products that they can buy by simply identifying their search pattern. The regular in-app notifications and push notifications make sure that the app brings in more engagement and sales. In addition to this, it can also determine your likes and helps you retrieve the product list as soon as possible. eBay ShopBot is a classic example of a personalized automation upscaling.

1.4. Voice Activated Shopping

geo marketingImage source- GeoMarketing

Voice activated shopping is another form of Artificial Intelligence, but its enhancement on the Natural Language Processing front has been tremendous. With Siri and Google now, Apps are becoming quick and easy to voice. Searches activated by voice: adding products to carts, making payment or mobile wallet usage can all be handled with voice instructions.

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mobile shopping cartImage source- Vulcan Post

The concluding thought on the future of e-Commerce Industry is that the technology will help spiral a change in the way it serves both business and customers. We are edging close to the world where shopping is easy and hassle-free. As a matter of fact, the faster businesses shift to newer technologies-more rapidly will they grow and taste success in the long run. The smartphone shopping revenues have exceeded desktop revenues by 40% in 2017 and the lion’s share has come from the Mobile e-commerce Applications, making it a comfortably less-disrupted market to invest in.

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