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Spread Fun in Tons with Your JibJab Clone

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4261 Views | 2 min | Published On: April 28, 2017 Last Updated: November 15, 2019
create a jibJab clone app

JibJab initially came into reckoning with its success in political and social satires exploits. To go a step better its makers launched the JibJab mobile app and the rest is history.

JibJab proved to be a tremendous success. It offers a great way to have a laugh with friends by letting you create funny images and gifs using tons of effects.

Have a Laugh and Make The World a Happier Place

JibJab has a whole army of creative and brainy technicians working behind the scenes to make the app a real joy to use.

Their aim is to provide people with a means to have fun and have a laugh. There’s no debating the fact that JibJab excels in doing just that.

There’s No End To The Fun

JibJab Clone

JibJab coupled with the power of the internet and mobile technology has realized its maximum potential. Insert your images in hilarious screens that’ll leave your friends and loved ones bursting with laughter nonstop.

What’s more, you could even add your friend’s pictures in JibJab and create some really comical gifs, e-cards or Music videos. The sharing option with iMessage is just an icing on the top.

What’s For Me in a JibJab Like App?

JibJab app is a cool app giving you so many features to play with and spread the joy around. If you have a similar app concept, there’s every reason to pursue it and see it becoming a reality.

JibJab’s amazing success should be motivation enough for anyone! For the creative minds, who are great at churching out elegant sketches, a JibJab like app could really be the thing they need to get universal acclaim.

Apptunix is All You Need


Apptunix commands a force of expert designers and developers, whose brilliant ability to think out of the box and get things into perspective is inimitable.

Mobile app development is our forte, however, we also provide top-notch Web-Development services. Depending on your choice, we can build either an iOS or Android JibJab clone. Our prices are very reasonable and overly justify the quality of work we deliver.

If you have any queries to discuss your JibJab like app’s idea, feel free to contact us.

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