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Why Python Is The Best Language For App Development

4475 Views | 3 min | Published On: August 8, 2021 Last Updated: October 4, 2021
Python the best programming language

There are so many best programming languages that you can use for app development. However, there are no fixed criteria to decide which is the best language for app development.

 There are a number of apps like food delivery, gaming, grocery delivery, social media apps, etc. All the apps have different requirements and features. Hence it becomes important to understand every programming language separately. And know which language is good for mobile app development.

However, Python is one of the best programming languages for app development because

it is easy to use and it is flexible. Programmers also find it easy because there are easy solutions for every glitch and coding errors.

Through this blog, we will try to help you understand different programming languages and why Python is the best language for app development.

Why Is Python One Of The Most Popular Programming Languages?

Python is considered one of the favorite programming languages by developers worldwide. It has many features that made this programming language so popular in the software development markets.

In this section, we will be discussing the key features of Python and how these features can help in the app development process. 

Best Features of Python

  • Comprehensive Libraries

The vast libraries present in Python enables developers in developing a dynamic android application. 

This programming language gives tough competition to the other programming languages. 

Python0 programming language enables developers to add functions to the app in later stages of the app development process, without adding any code separately through different modules present in it. 

Python has inbuilt code which a developer can use for various reasons like, database, image manipulation, threading, web browsers, and unit testing, etc. 

The inbuilt feature of Python allows developers to develop apps faster without writing the codes manually. 

  • Compatible With Different OS

As we know there are three types of operating systems, Android, iOS, and Windows. But with a Python interpreter, you can run code on any operating system. This feature helps developers to develop cross-platform applications.  

Python also allows developers to add a real-time modification to the applications. This fine compatibility is one of the most important reasons why python is so popular among developers worldwide. 

  • Ensures Test-Driven Development

Python has an additional feature of test-driven development that helps in developing apps faster. One can develop the prototype and can monitor the design of the app to make sure the final product is correct. 

Python also made the testing process easy with the use of refactoring the code. This feature attracted the attention of many mobile app developers.   

  • Easy-To-Read Code and Understand 

Python made the code reading easy. It has a unique syntax that correlates with the language to offer an easy feel. The syntax makes complex things easy for the developers. 

It helps developers in maintaining apps through a clean codebase. Python also speeds up the development process since it uses English keywords instead of punctuations.

Now, as it is easy to read python codes therefore it allows developers to build apps faster. 

  • Vast Community Support

Python is a widely-used programming language therefore it is easy to resolve any issue by any developer. As a beginner also you will never feel stressed because there is a huge community there to help you with any app development issue or problem.

Due to this huge and active community and so many tutorials, it becomes easier and more efficient to build an amazing android app. 

  • Supports Big Data

Due to extensive library availability, it becomes very easy to manage big data. The libraries present in Python allow developers to use their modules for managing huge data. This is again a big reason for the popularity of Python.

Popular Apps Built With Python

After knowing so many features of Python, now let us know what is the use of this best programming language.  Python is a useful programming language for developing many popular apps that are mentioned below.

popular apps developed with python

It is an amazing site used for sharing images. Python and Django are used for the development of Pinterest.

There are more than 442 billion users on Pinterest, with this we can very well guess the prominence of python development. 

If you also want to develop image sharing app then refer to our other blogs too.

Instagram, again one of the very popular apps and has one billion users. This app has revolutionized today’s digital world. This app also proves the importance of python.  

We all are aware of this amazing music streaming app “Spotify”.  Python is best for developing this app because the developers wanted to develop apps faster. And due to easy readability, Python accelerates the app development process. Hence it is best for developing Spotify app faster. 

To handle the list of 70 million songs there can’t be an any better option than python. 

Uber is the best taxi booking app that offers services worldwide. It has even other services to offer like, food delivery, bicycle-sharing, etc. 

Uber is active in 285 metro cities worldwide and it has more than 100 million users. Since Python can handle the huge data of Uber therefore there can’t be any better choice than python for Uber and other popular apps.

This is the largest OTT platform that users use for watching movies, web series, and other serials. Python is responsible for developing this app. 

 Python is used for developing other apps, for example, Reddit, Disqus, Dropbox, Quora.

If you also want to develop a clone of any app which are discussed above then you can contact us.

Other Best Programming Language For App Development

We all can see how much we are dependent on technology. For example, we can take our mobile phones, we can’t imagine our lives without them. 

But! Have you ever thought about why we use our mobile phones so much? 

Well, the answer is very simple, because our mobile phones contain amazing and contagious applications (Gaming apps, social media apps, etc.) 

Do you want to know which programming language is responsible for developing your favorite application?

In this section, we’ll learn about the programming languages used to create Android apps.

different programming languages
  • Java

It was the first official language that made android app development possible. Now it is replaced by Kotlin. Maximum apps that we see on the Google play store are developed with this language. It is one of the most supported programming languages by Google. 

But if we talk about working and learning this language, then it is a little complex in the beginning. That’s because it contains complex subjects like null pointer exceptions, constructors, etc. 

  • Kotlin

It is the official language for android app development nowadays. Kotlin was declared as the official language by Google in 2018. It is an alternative to the Java language. This programming language is a cross-platform that is useful for android app development. 

It is also called secondary official java in 2017. 

The major difference between Kotlin and Java is that Kotlin can remove the unwanted features of Java. Kotlin also eradicated the necessity of using semicolons at the end of every sentence. 

Therefore we can say that Kotlin is much simpler for beginners as compared to Java. 

Kotlin can also be used as an entry point for android app development. 

  • C++

We can use C++ by using the Android Native Development Kit (NDK) for Android app development. However we cannot develop an app alone by using C++, hence we use NDK and apply it to parts of the app in C++ native code. When required this also helps in using the C++ code libraries for the app. 

C++ is useful for app development but in some cases, it is much more difficult and it is less flexible. Therefore it can lead to more bugs because of its complexity and it is better to use Java than C++.

  • C#

This language is somewhat similar to Java, therefore it is ideal for android app development. Just like Java, in C#, there are fewer chances of memory loss because of garbage collection. 

C# is comparatively easier than Java because it has much cleaner and simpler syntax which makes the coding easier. 

  • Python

Android doesn’t support native Python development but Python can be an alternative for android app development. Different tools are responsible which convert the Python apps into Android Packages that can run on Android devices.

We can take Kivy as an example, which is an open-source python library and is responsible for developing apps. It promotes rapid app development and can also run on android.

  • HTML/ CSS/ JavaScript

Developing Android apps is also possible by using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript with the help of the Adobe PhoneGap framework, powered by Apache Cordova. 

The PhoneGap framework helps to create hybrid apps with the use of web development skills. 

The PhoneGap framework helps to create hybrid apps with the use of web development skills.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Web App With Python

Every mobile app development company has its parameters and depending upon those things they decide the app development cost. Many factors affect the app development cost

If you are planning to develop a python web application then it will cost you somewhere around $3000 – $30,000. 

In case you don’t have a big budget then you can also go for other mobile app development companies. Few companies charge $5 – $75 per hour

You can choose any company as per your budget and app development requirements. It is not about the best programming language which is expensive. Moreover, it is about how many developers, testers, and designers are working for the app development process. 

Every programming is best in itself, it is all about clients’ requirements and needs. Some clients like Python, some like JavaScript, and so on. Mobile app development companies just have to deliver whatever their clients like and demand.


Depending upon the functionality and features of the app, the developers choose the right programming language for the app development. 

And because Python is so easy to read and comprehend for app development that is why it is always in demand by the programmers. 

To get your web app developed with Python, you need to hire the best developers. Who has good skill and know every aspect of Python.

When Python is used to develop many popular android mobile apps, then you don’t have to worry about its functioning. Without any second thought, you can go for app development with Python language. 

experts for app development

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q 1.What is Python?

It is an interpreted high-level general-purpose programming language. Python is one of the best programming languages accepted by programmers worldwide. Its aim is to make the code readability easy and it helps programmers to write clear and logical code for large or small projects. 

Python is used to develop many popular apps like Pinterest, Instagram, Spotify, etc. If you also wish to develop such an app then you can contact the best python programmer.

Q 2.Which programming language is better: Java or Python?

There is no policy that can say which programming language is best. All languages have their own importance and features. 

However, it is easy to work with Python and also it accelerates the app development process. It is easy to read and understand Python hence it makes the app development quick and efficient. If you are also looking for python programmers who can develop your mobile app in no time then this programming language is for you.

Programmers do prefer to work with Java, but it is time-consuming and the coding is quite complex with Java. That is why programmers prefer to work with Python. However, both programming languages are the best, depending upon the need and requirements of the client and project.

Q 3.What are the pros and cons of Python?

One of the popular programming languages used widely for developing web applications, desktop apps, media tools, network servers, machine learning, etc. Python is used to develop many amazing apps like, Instagram, Spotify, Uber, etc. 

Python provides a vast library, Robust integration, enhanced control capabilities, etc. If you want to start with something new then Python can be the best option. But every good thing has some drawbacks too. Let us see the pros and cons of Python:


Python is easy to learn, read and use. 

It is easy to deploy hence it makes the development process quick.

Python is used for computing data ( numeric and scientific), software development, and analyzing. 

Python is a high-level, interactive programming language that is used to build scalable apps and it also supports GUI applications. 

It also supports multiple systems and platforms. 

It uses a huge set of frameworks which makes programming flexible.


Execution time is slow.

Not much compatible with modern mob app development.

Users might face some issues with data access.

Not too good for memory-intensive tasks.

Q 4.Which coding language is best for app development?

As it is discussed before, no language is better than others. Every programming language has its own importance and features. 

There are multiple apps like social media apps, grocery delivery app, e-learning apps, etc. Hence, you cannot use a single language for all the apps. 

Java is compatible with some apps, some apps work best with C++, while some are compatible with Python and so on.  

Every programming language is best in itself. It depends on your requirement and needs, which programming language suits best to your project. You can contact skilled mobile app developers to decide or clear your confusion regarding different programming languages.

Q 5.How to choose the best coding language for your app?

There is no fixed parameter to decide which programming language is best. Some programmers still like to work on Java, some prefer to work on Kotlin, and so on.  

Therefore, there is no competition of languages, it is just about the requirement. The programmers work as per their convenience and client’s demand. 

Technology can be old but it can’t be said to be useless. Similarly, it might feel old to work on Java but we can’t say that Java is a useless programming language. 

So every programming language is best. You just need to understand its features and requirements. 

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