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The Future of Mobile App Development: Predictions and Trends to Watch Out For

1178 Views | 2 min | Published On: May 12, 2023 Last Updated: May 12, 2023
mobile app development trends

Mobile app development has evolved exponentially. And why not so when state-of-the-art technologies, consumer demands, and other such factors are fueling it?

If we go with a market survey, the annual number of app downloads worldwide can reach up to 299 billion in the year 2023. This is a massive increase in the number if we compare it to 247 billion in the year 2020.

Apart from this, mobile apps are expected to generate revenue of around 613 billion USD by the year 2025.

So what does this mean?

Well, this means if you are moving ahead with mobile app development, you are on the right track. All you need to do is to be specific with what you want, take the latest mobile app development trends into account, and hire the right custom mobile app development company that can help you provide an edge over your market competitors.

You might be wondering what latest mobile app development trends to go with that can help to elevate business.

Well, here are some major app development trends you can go for in 2023.

Top 6 Mobile App Development Trends

Needless to say, when it comes to mobile application development trends, the list is large. To make it easy for you, here are the top 6 trends based on effective market research that are proving their worth in the market.

top mobile app development trends

1.Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR)

Although Pokemon was not able to keep its glory for a long time, it paved the path for AR to revolutionize mobile app development. One of the reasons why tech giants like Apple, Google, Meta, and others alike are putting their best to bring more innovations in AR & VR.

The good thing about this technology is, it has spent enough time in the market and has proven its worth by helping Lenskart let users try glasses virtually before making a purchase, L’Oreal by allowing its users to see how the makeup looks on their faces, and many other reputed brands throughout the world.

In addition to this, LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) – another interesting technology has made its statement in the world of innovative mobile apps. It is a field of AR and has shown its power in iPhone 12 Pro & iPhone 12 Pro. A technology behind quality photos even in low light.

2.Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML)

top mobile app development trends in 2023

You must be aware of how FaceApp has marked its presence in the world of technology. This paved a path for Artificial Intelligence to mark its solid presence in mobile app development. 

Undoubtedly when such technologies begin proving their worth how can a tech giant like Google remain behind? Google has recently enhanced its user experience by introducing AI in Google Maps. Needless to say, users are loving “Live View” which provides user navigation in large indoor spaces. Apart from this, the suggestion of less carbon-intensive routes is something that uses AI technology to help users lower fuel consumption.

On top of that ML is something that can take mobile app development to the next level by offering valuable data and real-time analytics. As a result, the year 2023 can witness the blend of AI & ML to offer a whole new user experience.

top mobile app development company

3.5G Technology

There was a time when we were facing issues surfing videos seamlessly on the 2G network. Then came 3G technology which offered a good experience, followed by 4G which offered a better experience. But now we are experiencing 5G technology that is offering an average downloading speed of about 438 megabits per second (Mbps) if we take the example of South Korea. Just imagine how fast it is especially when you are there to download a 4K movie and it only takes a click from your device to download it completely.

You might be wondering what it has to do with mobile app development trends.

Well, 5G is going to add more opportunities to further enhance AR & VR experience. The data transfer between the devices is going to be blazing fast. Moreover, even if we add virtual payments, they are going to be more secure, safe, and fast as biometric identification is an added advantage users will experience because of the 5G network.

4.Touchless UI

top mobile app development trends

Touchless UI has emerged as one of the smartest concepts that level up user convenience. You might be wondering, is this about capturing the gesture to access the app?

Yes, that’s what its job is. Touchless UI identifies the users through faces. This concept has earned a solid reputation during the pandemic (COVID-19) and even now is in trend. If we go with a survey conducted by Gartner, more than 50% of the business apps will have at least 1 touchless experience embedded within their app by the end of 2023.

5.Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics is all about making future event predictions based on the present data. Haven’t you used astrology apps? They offer results based on planetary conditions. Similarly, predictive analytics uses modeling strategies, statistics, AI, ML, and data mining.

Predictive analytics can not only help to achieve sales targets but also lays a crucial role in business growth. A reason why tech giants like Apple, Google, Facebook, and many more have already utilized it for improving a user’s journey across the UX/UI through AI integration.

According to a survey, big data analytics is expected to touch a whopping $79.23 billion by 2028. Moreover, if we consider the current scenario, there are more than 44 zettabytes of data in the digital world of which about 70% of data is user-generated. Needless to say, it is offering solid outcomes. A reason why it is going to be one of the biggest mobile app development trends.


trending mobile app technologies

Blockchain is mostly associated with digital currency but if we analyze its underlying technology, it has much more to offer. Where it is rapidly paving its way in mobile wallets, even person-to-person payments are increasingly utilizing blockchain technology for increasing both transaction speed and security. One of the reasons why more than 68 million people are currently having blockchain wallets.

The good thing about blockchain is, it can work in combination with the Internet of Things (IoT) and smart contracts. This can benefit a lot to shopping and logistics companies. We can easily get the idea from the way it helped IBM reduce costs, improve supply chain inefficiencies and settle various disputes.

Reap the Benefits of Mobile App Development Trends with Apptunix

Needless to say, with the number of users increasing exponentially, the future of mobile app development is showing a silver lining. What you are required to focus on is hiring the right app development company that carries extensive experience in handling advanced technology projects.

With a creamy layer of mobile app developers, Apptunix is a reputed mobile app development agency known for offering custom mobile app development services for more than a decade now. Whether it’s Healthcare, Fitness, Education, Logistics, Social Networking, Gaming, Finance, Sports Betting, Dating, or other such industries it has offered scalable and robust solutions to both local as well as global clients. 

But what makes it unique is the use of trending tools and technologies for mobile app development. So if you are looking forward to integrating trending technologies like IoT, AI & ML, AR, VR, XR, blockchain, motion design, etc into your mobile app, Apptunix can be your best bet.

cost and time to develop a mobile app with latest technology

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q 1.Which is the Best and Most Advanced Technology for Mobile App Development?

Well, when it comes to the best and most advanced technology for iOS or Android app development, the list is large, but AR, VR, IoT, AI & ML, Blockchain, etc. are some of the trending technologies that can help you mark a presence in the global business community.


Q 2.How Much Does It Cost to Develop an Advanced Mobile App?

Well, it all depends upon the company, region, features you want to add, and various other factors. For the estimated cost, you can talk to our expert.


Q 3.Should I Go for the Android Mobile App or iOS Mobile App?

It all depends upon your target audience. If most of your target audience is using iOS devices you can begin with iOS mobile app development. On the other hand, if most of the audience is on the Android platform, you can make your entry with an Android mobile app development and later on go for both platforms once the user base increases.


Q 4.What is the Future of Mobile App Development?

Well, when we have more than 6.33 billion smartphone users across the world and about 88% of users’ mobile time is spent on apps, mobile app development can prove to be a win-win strategy.

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