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How Much Does Fantasy Sports App Development Cost?

438 Views | 2 min | Published On: May 10, 2023 Last Updated: May 10, 2023
fantasy sports app development cost

Sports betting is among the fastest-growing markets. All sorts of fantasy sports app ideas are skyrocketing. The fantasy sports app covers many popular sports, including cricket, football, basketball, and hockey. Consequently, the demand for fantasy sports app development is on the rise.

Dream 11, DraftKings, FanDuel, and CBS Sports Fantasy are some of the big names that are hitting the ball out of the park. For entrepreneurs, it is high time to develop a fantasy app. With a fantasy sports app development company, you can get your business up and running fast.

As per Statista, the sports betting industry crossed the $194 billion mark in 2021. It is expected to grow at a CAGR of 9.2% until 2030.

Today, millions of people around the globe are using fantasy sports apps to make their dream teams and win money. This makes the business model of fantasy apps lucrative.

In search of creating the next smash hit in fantasy sports apps, entrepreneurs and business executives, and decision-makers are scrutinising the DraftKings business model and business models of other leading fantasy sports apps.

What is a Fantasy Sports App?

A fantasy sports app is a mobile application that allows users to make teams by choosing players of their choice and guessing the outcome of a real game. Usually, the availability of players to choose from depends on ongoing matches.

White some fantasy sports businesses are available exclusively as mobile apps, others also offer a website with the same features as that of their mobile app equivalents.

Know How to Convert Your Website into an Android App

The basic idea of fantasy sports app development is to gamify sports betting. By winning, users not only get instant gratification but also real money and rewards, which makes these apps one of the most popular money-making gaming apps.

The increasing demand for such fantasy sports apps has created a sprawling sports betting industry. Therefore, if you’re also looking to make hay while the sun shines then you must know how much fantasy sports app development costs.

Factors that Affect Fantasy Sports App Development Cost

The budget that you need to keep in mind while opting for a sports betting app development company depends on many different factors.

Understanding these factors is important to correctly estimate the cost to develop your sports fantasy app before hiring a fantasy sports app development company, which are:

fantasy sports app cost factors

1.Types of Sports Included

The most important aspect to consider while requesting a fantasy sports app development company for a price quote is the type of sports your app will cover.

The features added to the sports app depend on the games that you want to cover, which range from basketball and baseball to cricket and football. As the features are different, the cost also varies.

2.Targeted Platform(s)

The platform(s) that you choose to develop your fantasy sports app also imposes an impact on the overall cost of developing the project. Android app development and iOS app development are the two leading choices.

You can decide whether to target one or both. Obviously, the Android app development cost is different from the iOS app development cost. Similarly, building a hybrid app costs a different amount.

3.Tech Stack

There is a continuous addition of newer technologies to the development tools available. Mobile app development trends come and go. AI, the Internet of Things, AR/VR, and metaverse are some of the latest technologies that are impacting mobile app development at the moment.

Not only does the integration of these technologies impact the cost to develop the app but also its performance and usability. The cost is also dependent on the choices of programming languages, databases, servers, and other essential technologies.


The cost of any mobile application, whether a fantasy app or an on-demand grocery delivery app, depends mainly on the type and number of features added.

Adding many features to an app makes it more engaging to the user but also increases its complexity, which is something that you need to consider. To cut to the chase, the more features you will add to your app the costlier the app becomes.

5.App Maintenance

Maintaining an app accounts for half or more of the total time invested in app development. Hence, it can easily play a pivotal role in determining the cost to develop a fantasy sports app.

A sports fantasy mobile app is an active application that can have hundreds to thousands to hundreds of thousands of users using the app simultaneously, hence, app maintenance is an essential aspect of fantasy sports app development.

Maintaining an app includes active bug fixes, server maintenance, providing continuous technical support, new feature releases, feature updates, and security enhancements.

6.Location of the Fantasy Sports App Development Company

Another important factor contributing to the overall cost of your fantasy app is the location of developers. This is because the pay rate varies geographically.

A sports app development company in the US or Canada, for instance, charges about $30 to $40 per hour, while in India, the cost per hour is around $15-$20.

Features to Include in the Fantasy Sports App

Features are to an app what music is to a song, it’s essential to make it tick. The choice of features can make or break your fantasy sports app. Features must be chosen that not only attracts users but also engages them.

Here, we will categorise fantasy sports app features into two sections, features for the admin and features for the user:

fantasy sports app features for admins and users

For the Admin


This is the most important feature for an admin as it is the place from where the admin can take complete control of the sports fantasy app.

It details things like how many users are currently using the app, ongoing and upcoming matches, and earnings made by the users.

2.User Management

This feature facilitates admins to manage the app users. With it, the admin can edit, delete, or deactivate user accounts. They can also set privileges according to the user role.

3.Contest Management

This feature enables the admin to manage the various contests organised on the platform. It allows the admin to check the details, add, edit, delete, or deactivate contests.

4.View Earnings

The primary selling point of a fantasy sports app is earning money and rewards by predicting the performance of players in a particular match.

The view earnings feature allows the administrator to keep track of the earnings made by users on the platform.

5.Report Management

This feature allows the admin to view different reports like player ranking reports and earning reports. Analysing these reports is essential to form decisions that help to keep users engaged and attract new users.

The features mentioned above are standard features, but you can also add other features by hiring a custom app development company. Before deciding to add a feature to your app, you must ensure that it has some value for the user and isn’t an annoying addition to the app.

For the User

1.User Registration

A user’s journey with your app begins with registration. The information required from a user of a fantasy sports app includes name, contact number, email ID, a unique username, and preferred payment options. Ensure that you only ask for the information from the user that is required.

2.Contest Dashboard

This is the place where the users can get started with making teams and entering competitions after successful registration on your platform.

It has a search feature that allows users to find contests on the basis of sports type, date, match type, et cetera. From here, the user will also be able to check their performance in various contests that they have participated in.

3.Profile Management

This is the feature that allows the user to take control of the information that they share with the app as well as their preferences while using the same.

It allows users to add their photos and customise their profiles as per their liking. Additionally, the user is able to enquire about their account details, rewards and earnings, transaction history, referral bonus, and so on.


To enter a contest and pay the participation fees, the user must be able to load money in their in-app wallet. For this, you need to provide them with a payment option with support for cards, net banking, UPI, and so on.

Ways to Monetize Your Sports Fantasy App

Monetizing a mobile app depends on several factors, most importantly on the type of app and your audience. There are multiple revenue streams to consider when mulling over sports betting app development. The most important among them are:

fantasy sports app monetization options

1.Subscription Fees

This is the fixed charge imposed on your users to use your fantasy sports app. It can be one-time or recurring. On a recurring basis, you can bill the user for annual, semi-annual, or monthly charges.

You can also keep your sports betting app free of charge if you have other well-thought-out ways to monetise your app.

2.Participation Fees

An event created on a fantasy app allows users to enter by paying a particular participation fee. These fees vary across different levels of matches. The more an event charges the participation fees, the more the payout for that event is. High risk, high reward.

3.Paid Features

A major revenue stream for fantasy apps is through premium features. These are advanced features – like the ability to create more teams and access to advanced stats – that are available for purchasing or subscribing.

Usually, these features allow users to not only increase their chances of winning but also increase their earnings. As such, many premium users like to have them.

4.Brand Partnerships

Another popular way to generate revenue from a sports fantasy app is through developing partnerships with brands. You need to choose brands that have overlapping audiences with your audience. This ensures better conversion rates.

Your app could include special promotions and discounts for your users to make purchases from your partner brands. These brands can vary from sports apparel and equipment providers to food and grocery delivery.

For endorsing their services and products on your platform, these brands offer a small portion of their earnings – commissions – for every successful sale made via your fantasy sports app.


This is the most common way to monetise a mobile app. The ads that run on your app will pay you depending on the number of views, clicks, and conversions they get.

There are several options for doing so, including banners and videos. The space where you will display these advertisements also matters a great deal when it comes to user experience. Therefore, ensure advertisement material placement is in accordance with user preferences.

6.Data Licensing

One way to optimise your mobile app is by selling data like user behaviour and preferences to other businesses for market research or advertising.

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Fantasy Sports App?

There are several things when deciding the cost to develop a fantasy sports app. This includes the features added, the tech stack chosen, and the developer location.

It is almost impossible to accurately estimate the total fantasy sports app development cost, nonetheless, we can have a rough estimate.

fantasy sports app cost estimate

The minimum viable product for a fantasy sports app can cost anywhere between $40k to $85k. The full-fledged app can cost in the price range of $85k and $200k.

Hire Apptunix to Develop The Next Big Fantasy Sports App

Apptunix offers fantasy sports app development services to help clients across the globe develop fantasy apps that are alluring to the users and delivers them a great sports betting experience.

Our methodology involves extensive research to ensure that your app has the most captivating features to attract and retain users, and increase your ROI.

Whether you’re looking for a single-game-focused fantasy app or a sports betting platform with support for multiple sports, Apptunix developers will help you with all.

Our professionals will help you realise your vision after you share your requirements and come up with a tech solution that engages your users and keeps them coming back for more.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q 1.How do you make a fantasy sport app?

You need to start by researching your competitors and market requirements. Next, hire a fantasy sports app development company, choose a tech stack, analyze and integrate the latest trends, select a suitable app monetization model, and launch your app.

Q 2.How much does it cost to develop a fantasy sports app?

The cost of developing a fantasy sports app depends on several factors. Nonetheless, developing an MVP for a fantasy sports app can range from $40k to $85k and a full-fledged app can cost around $85k to $200k.

Q 3.How to start a fantasy sports app business in the year 2023?

To start a fantasy sports app business in 2023, you need to choose your niche and do market research. Hire an experienced fantasy app development company to help you build an app with relevant features, leading gaming trends, and the best monetization options.

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