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Website Loading Speed: A Real Game Changer

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4916 Views | 2 min | Published On: November 29, 2017 Last Updated: November 15, 2019
seo factor- the website loading speed

Clicking on the website link is a child’s play. You just type in the address bar of the browser or click on the link that the website provides using keyboard or mouse. However, you get frustrated when the site doesn’t load as quickly as you want. You seem to wait for maybe seconds or even minutes for it to load properly. When your patience has been tested you just close the tab and look up a different website.

How Are Users Coping Up?

According to the analysis, nearly half of the world’s web users won’t wait for more than 2 seconds for the webpage to load. They would rather abandon the site that doesn’t load within 3 seconds. It has been seen with online ecommerce websites that if they are not loaded on time, then the web shoppers vow not to return to them again and also pass around a negative feedback to their kiths and kins.

Sales Into The Drain

Due to a difference of just a few seconds of slow loading of your site, sales can take a major hit. It’s possible that you may lose millions of dollars too. So better stay alert and improve your page loading performance to attract promising customers.

Keep Google Cheerful

Website Loading Speed

It has been indicated that among many other things Google ranks the websites based on their loading speed. To please their web users, the website’s pace must be at a near-satisfactory speed so that visitors have a pleasant experience. So how do you go about improving your website speed?

Following are some of the most common issues along with their solutions.

Messy Codes

The whole site is assembled through codes. Greater the complexity, higher the quantity of codes. The developers know where and how many codes to include to ensure the proper functioning of the website. Disorganized coding will only land you in trouble i.e. it will slow your website and need more data for efficient loading of the webpage.

For a quick fix, systemized codes can save excessive webpage loading time issues. Take an example of Facebook, it has more than 60 million lines of codes. When you open up the Facebook, see how fast it gets loaded and it is displayed on the screen in less than a second. That’s made possible because of organized codes. So codes that are clean and organized are the right way to get your website running fast and smooth.

Copious Images

Large sized images (especially TIFF, BMP formats ) require a huge chunk of your page loading time. They are the fundamental reason why so many the sites load at a snail’s pace. Furthermore, they consume extraneous capacity in your server and take too long to upload on the user’s browser.

Subsequently, in order to overcome the obstacles related to optimized online viewing, JPEG and PNG files are optimum for web page viewing as they require less loading time to render the page. Ultimately, it reduces stress load on the server.


For the loyal web readers, shoppers and visitors who enjoy reading blogs, surfing websites or shopping online, if they have a poor experience with the website’s slow loading speed, then there’s every chance that they won’t come back and eventually, you will lose them as your potentials clients.

Ultimately, soaring swiftness induces the accelerated webpage loading time. Hence, better buck up, be alert, upgrade your performance and don’t lose your budding clients.


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