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What it takes to Make Your App a Success

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4775 Views | 3 min | Published On: January 19, 2017 Last Updated: October 4, 2019
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The app market is replete with apps of all sorts. To make it to the cream of the PlayStore apps, it takes more than developing an exciting app. Goes without saying that many of the most exciting apps fail to even see the daylight.The reason, not enough homework on how to market it.Has that alarmed you? No need to worry, through the course of this blog, we’ll be discussing and providing useful tips and tricks to make your app a success.

How the app receives the user?

App Market

Most, if not all mobile apps require a user to first log-in and then continue to explore all its features.The best examples are the social media and the e-commerce apps. Although that seems like a straightforward prerequisite, it can be a cause of concern for some people. As we all know mobile users are finicky about their needs.


They like to have ‘everything served on their plate’, so if an app asks for too much information right at the start or doesn’t lead into a friendly interface, it can leave the user a little bit annoyed. That end result- the user discards the app and starts the search to find an alternative.


A workaround to this situation could be to allow the user to connect to the app using their social media platforms. It’s hard to think of anyone using smartphones and not having their social network accounts.
This is where the clue lies for any mobile app development company. Allowing the log-in through popular social media platforms should be an option available to their users.

Marketing – Get it right

App Market Apptunix

It’s all good focusing so many efforts on creating and designing the app in the best possible manner but a thought or two has to be spared for creating a buzz about it i.e. marketing it. Generally, the objective of any marketing campaign is to get a product or services in the hands of the end user.If you’re putting in so much worth into creating something and not into getting it delivered to the people who’ll be using it, then you’ve got your planning wrong. In fact, marketing should take place simultaneously with the product launch.


Campaigns on social media, some engrossing tech blogs or even dolling out your app to be tested by curious people could be great methods to spread the word about around. In addition, there are various traditional marketing strategies that you may want to test out yourself depending on the type of your product or service.


To add a caveat, it must be ensured that you’re targeting your efforts at the right place and towards the right people. Failing to do so may give you false or unreliable data that can harm you in the future emphatically.So given that marketing is a huge thing and indispensable to app’s success, a mobile application development company has to be at the top of their game to get everything right.If you believe marketing isn’t your cup of tea, looking around to find expert agencies that fully undertake the responsibility of conducting marketing plans would be a good thing.This decision would obviously be dictated by whatever budget you can afford for your marketing efforts.

Make it Go Viral


An app only goes viral, when people start using and talking about it. So it’s crucial to actually get the app in the hands of the people. Sending Invites has recently emerged as a great way to create that buzz about your app. Social Media can make the work lighter for you here.It’s a known fact that anything worthy of being shared or liked or talked about goes unnoticed by the great clutches of Social Media. So if you send the app invite to one person and if their experience of it is a good one, they won’t waste a moment sharing it with their friends and acquaintances.


This way the app Invites can create an unstoppable chain-reaction where soon everybody figures out what your app is all about. Multi-national brands such as Google have been known to send Invites to test out their updates and features.


But sending Invites is only the first step, to make users stay and coming back to the app, it’ll help a mobile application development company to lay a bit of bait for them. Reward the users with incentives such as in-app bonuses or advanced features for sharing the app with their friends.

Keep It Fine-Tuned


Finally, the longevity of your app depends on its performance. So always keep it working in the best possible condition. As a mobile application development company look to continually introduce the updates to attend to any bugs fixes or even enhancement features. Following all these simple tricks could play a huge role in deciding the successful stay of your app on the app stores.


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