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What’s the fuss about Android app Development?

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5431 Views | 3 min | Published On: December 12, 2016 Last Updated: March 17, 2024
best Android app development company

The world of smartphones has been getting a foothold in our daily lives like never before. We read news, shop, entertain, socialize using smartphones and the desire to ask for more is never satisfied.In a ripple effect, the desktop usage is suffering and that’s no surprise. The smartphones offer just as many, if not more, features and functionality to get things done from anywhere and everywhere.

And the mobile platform that’s dominating more than any other is Android. Android has emerged as the new force in the mobile world before which Apple used to be the almighty force! Be it a business app or a consumer app or VPN app, the Android is now seen as a desirable option first up. An Android app development company stands to benefit from that. There are reasons for that.

The buzz and the Market Share

android app development

Although coming into the frame at a later stage than Apple, Android has superseded the global market share with more than 87.6%! According to Google, there are currently 14 billion active Android devices worldwide. This lion’s share of the global market means the opportunities to hit target audience are greater and so are the chances of success. So an android app development company is likely to be in more demand now!

Play Around with The UI


Google unlike Apple, is quite relaxed in allowing customizations to its UI. This is the bit that developers simply love about Android! It allows them to play around with UI and make the apps more captivating. From business’ perspective, this is a huge plus. They could study and analyze their audience and after understanding their tastes and preferences, they can aim to implement something that catches their imagination.Another thumbs up to android app development company.

Lesser Constraints

The Android is absolutely open-source, that means developers have access to all the SDKs and they can freely write their codes and develop apps as per their liking. Business with tight-budget or startups can’t ask for anything else. They can quickly get their app developed and with not an astringent quality testing criteria, their entry into the market is swift and easy! The easy SDK availability also means reduced cost of development. There’s no limit to develop any kind of app for an Android app development Company.

The Journey to the Marketplace is a Walk down the park!

android app developer

Android apps find it easy to crack into the Google Play Store because of the easy approval process. So from fanciful ideas to actual product development, the journey isn’t that arduous.Couple that with the freedom of creativity, Android automatically becomes the go-to platform. That doesn’t mean that a poorly coded or faulty working app would make it through to the Playstore unnoticed.


If you want your app to create a buzz, then you’re going to have to do the hard bit! Android does offer room for leniency, but using that smartly to your advantage and ensuring no adverse repercussions is down to you! An apt Android App Development Company would consider all the limitation beforehand.

Exercise your Creative Muscle

Google has always worked around the maxim of offering optimum freedom to developers to express their creative flair. That’s in complete contrast to Apple’s approach to app development, where developers have to work under stricter regulations with less room to apply creativity. It easily makes Android apps development a desirable avenue to walk down.

An App for many devices

As mentioned initially, there is a vast number of Android devices out there. Irrespective of their make and manufacturers, they can all run Android apps. That alone is encouraging for businesses thinking of mobile app development to think seriously about Android OS.Be it create brand awareness or generate maximum revenue Andriod app development company is a life-saver for any business.

Plentiful Prospects For Revenue

As of now, Android apps may still be behind iOS apps in terms of revenue generation but there are signs that trend might change in time to come. The fact that most of the Android apps are available for free on the Google Play store, whose counterparts on Apple Store are paid, it gives the impression that Android apps are meant for people who don’t want to spend too much. The truth is Android apps take a more reasonable approach to revenue generation. Most android apps have in-app purchase, premium features, and ads as a mode of making money.


That makes sense, at first people are hesitant to spend anything when they don’t know what to expect from a particular app. If you feel your apps has got its money’s worth then offering people limited features to have a peak-in first is the best approach. That results in gaining customer’s trust and making a long-term bond with them. No wonder these are auspicious times for any Android app development company.

Looking Ahead…

Android apps are dominating, circulating, and innovating like never before. It makes a case for every business and enterprise to consider Android apps to reach out to their audience. The comfort, easy availability and huge global outreach means Android apps will continue to take big strides in the realm of mobiles. That also means the demand for Android app development company will keep going up!


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