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Why You Need To Create An On Demand Cleaning App Like Uber?

4896 Views | 1 min | Published On: February 4, 2021 Last Updated: June 29, 2023

In Today’s world, everything is available on demand. There are many reasons to opt for on demand cleaning services app like Uber for maids because asking for cleaning services door to door is not a Tradition anymore. Nowadays, People are moving forward to the digital world for their daily basic requirements. Through an on demand cleaning app or from a website, people can easily access it. The on-demand online services like house cleaning apps have presented a sense of easiness for the people who access online services.

These kinds of cleaning service provider applications are very less available. So if you are handling a Cleaning Services agency you can launch an on demand service provider app like Uber. By using this app, you will able to find many customers who need this kind of service and the app really helps you for getting more engagement or gaining more profit.


Most Admired Types Of On Demand Cleaning App

Various purposes are that clients tend to order on-demand house cleaning services. Sometimes clients just want to save their time. And sometimes it’s simpler and cheaper to hire a cleaner for a time to perform cleaning than pay them a monthly salary to your own cleaning staff. 

An on demand cleaning app can be divided into three big categories depending on the type of household that is going to be cleaned: 

  • Construction-cleaning. When the client Renovates their home every time they leave a mess after it’s finished. So clients can book the service for their renovated home and also they can take advantage of the service. 
  • Commercialize-cleaning. This includes that users can take the advantage of the commercialize-cleaning like the sanitization of the house and cleaning up the school and offices etc. 
  • Household-cleaning. This includes that users can book the household cleaning service like surface cleaner and washing tiles and kitchen etc. household services include all the services that a maid provides to the users.

Developing your own on-demand App for cleanup services is a very good idea for the growth of the business. The person will be able to make a community of workers and their staff. And also the people will be able to chat with the service provider can instantly begin a dialogue to discuss all details and confirm the results of the cleanup are satisfying.

Maid Services For Different User Requirements

  • Babysitter: By using this service, the users can find the services regarding the babysitter and childcare services. the user can find a full-time babysitter for their children. this kind of services may be better for your business start-up
  • Cooks: This kind of service has a great business because nowadays people have a busy schedule and they don’t have time to cook so they prefer ready-made food. This is helpful for those people who really don’t know how to cook food and are living away from their parents.
  • Elder-Care: By using this service customers can book a service for elders. Like child care elders also need to be taken care of. This kind of service will help customers to find more services relatable to their requirements. They can choose the maid as per his/her experiences regarding their services.
  • Laundry:  The maid also provides the laundry service, which means that the service provided by the maid includes laundry service along with the other services in the way the user required. working people have no time to wash their own clothes so this service will helpful for them and they need not worry about their laundry because the maid service includes all these. the user will not be required to book specifically laundry service, the on demand maid service is the best option.

Main Features Your On Demand Cleaning App Should Have

The most crucial feature of building your own on-demand application. Based on our experience From UrbanCompany and Handy, we are able to say, that such applications need to include:

  • Booking & Scheduling – It is the main feature that allows house owners to select Required services from the following list available on the App and book the exact time for a cleaning.  
  • Instant-Cleansing – This could be handy for those who want to clean their house after a party. Landlords that are short in time and need to get ready for sale can make use of such a good option as well. 
  • Direct-Messaging –  A convenient chatting option is a must. To make relations a service provider and a customer should be able to connect and communicate important cleaning aspects.  
  • Payment-Gateway – This is the most convenient way for the user to make payments for their specific services. It enables you to integrate various payment methods.

Some Advanced Features Of The On Demand Cleaning App

There are some advanced features that should be included to make one of the best cleaning apps: 

1. Live-consultation

 The live consultation app or online consultation app includes that user can directly chat or communicate with the service provider and get information regarding that specific service and pay as per their requirements.

2. Subscriptions-Package  

The subscription package includes that user can add more services with the specific services like they can add dishwasher service with house cleaning service etc

  1. 3. Navigation

    The feature of the app allows users to track where their service provider is while the service is requested. Similarly, the provide easily locate the location of the service receiver. 

  2. 4. Invoice and online-billing

    The app should provide e receipts of the services taken. It should mention all the service charges, taxes, and discounts that are applicable to reach the final cost of the service. The provision of printing e-receipt is also recommended.

  3. 5. Job history details

    This particular feature allows the cleaners to check their job history details. They can check the ones that are pending and the number of requests. This works well in keeping the daily schedules update and also updating them about their corresponding timeslots.

Structure Of The On Demand Cleaning App

To have an on demand cleaning app for your house cleaning business, you need to include three panels for smooth coordination of the functions. The panels and their functionality is shown in the image below.


Admin panel is the main part of the app that acts as a connecting bit for both the service receivers and providers.

  • Online Schedule Management: This feature helps the admin to manage their scheduled bookings, cleaners, and is also provide admin to manage the users registered on their application.
  • Customer-Service: The admin will also have the option to communicate with the client and identify the problems and also improved them.
  • Dashboard and Analytics: Dashboard is the screen where the admin will be able to see control of all the major aspects of the app. And the admin will manage all the data like the number of cleaners registered, or the other related information regarding the services which can be improved further. The admin will be able to track and manage all the activities on the app. 
  • Managing All Service Providers and Users: The admin will be able to manage all the information regarding the services and will also be able to manage the different users on the app.
  • Managing Services and Prices: The admin manages all services as well as the prices of the services on that application. There is an additional feature for the admin to updating the price as per the user requirements.
  • Giving Tasks to The Service Providers: The admin will be able to provide the different task to the specific cleanser as per the user requirements:
    Transactions: The receipts are sent to the users after the Admin will be able to manage their transactions online and the receipt will be generated for the services rendered.
    Cleaner’s Payment:  after providing service to the client the admin will pay the cleanser individually as per the service.
    Monetize-The App: This provides the admin with a monetization about the app like different ads, campaigns, and running ads on that specific app. 


In this specific  user-panel interface, there is various type of  feature includes in it: 

  • Registration/Sign Up: They can register by using their different accounts on social media and by entering their basic detail.
  • Single Tap Booking: Make the UI of the app extremely convenient so that users are able to navigate through the application. The app should be efficient enough to show all services and functions by simple scrolls and taps.
  • Choose Service Type: Provide customers with the menu of services that your app is providing. Allow them to browse and choose the one that they want.
  • Notifications:  This feature allows users to receive all kinds of notifications associated with their services like offers and discounts etc.
  • Review Bookings: This feature allows users to review their detail regarding their services etc.
  • Cancellation:  This provides a feature to the user to cancel their booking at any time.
  • Highly-Secured payments:  This specific feature provides users with a secure way to make their payments after the service.
  • Cleaner Availability: In this specific feature the user will able to check the availability of the specific cleanser.

Service Provider-Panel

This is the interface for the service provider, in which they can make their own service descriptions, and chat with their clients and make their own portfolio as well.

  • Register/Sign Up: TLike user panel, in the service provider panel the provider will be able to sign-up with their personal detail or by any social media accounts.
  • Profile: The service Provider (Cleaner) will add their area of experience to pull maximum users and add their expertise to manage their profile similarly by updating a portfolio. 
  • Decline or Accept Request: This feature provides access to the service provider to accept and decline the request as per their time-slot.
  • Order Request: By using this feature the service provider will be able to manage all their schedule and time-slot. they request the client to book their services and get benefits by providing them with a discount. 
  • Payment Receipt: The service provider should be provided instant payments in form of fees and connections post the service. The receipts as a track of record should be flashed on the mobile screen and in fact keep in the transaction tab for the record.
  • Ratings and Review: This feature allows the customer to rate the services that are provided by the service provider and another customer will also be able to Review their rating on the app. and people can find better cleansers for them after reviewing their ratings on the application.
  • Booking notifications: This feature provides Cleaners to get notifications for their payments and confirmation regarding their services. After that, they can schedule their time accordingly.

Budget Estimation Of On Demand Cleaning App

The App Development cost mainly depends on what expertise you want to handle and what term of services you want to launch in your app. On average, a reasonable app with limited features can cost up to $10,000 to $50,000. But this is a rough idea only. You can consult some good mobile app developers and get the exact idea of the cleaning services prices.


On demand service apps have become a part of today’s lifestyle. People prefer to save their time and depend on technology for comfort. In such cases, going for on demand cleaning service app development is a great investment choice.

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