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10 Health App Ideas for 2024 (+ A Healthcare App Case Study by Apptunix)

5553 Views | 1 min | Published On: April 18, 2022 Last Updated: December 5, 2023
top health app ideas

The healthcare industry is on the road to success. Did you know that the Healthcare Industry is accountable for one-third of the GDP in the US? With the growing demand for online healthcare services, many business owners seek health app ideas. But why is the demand increasing at such a rate?

Imagine you have an app that allows you to connect with your doctors directly and discuss any symptoms or prescriptions. Why would you take out time to visit the doctor then? This small scenario explains the convenience and ease apps for healthcare are offering.

After the outbreak of Covid-19 in 2020, people have started preferring online fitness or healthcare apps as they are more convenient for the required services. Moreover, these applications offer outstanding healthcare app development services for:

  • Doctor-patient communication
  • Doctor-doctor knowledge sharing
  • Elimination of paperwork and many more.

Here is a curated list of top 10 health app ideas. Check them and get one developed for your business too!

Health App Ideas: What’s Going On In The Market?

With the market advancing so fast technologically, the healthcare industry is also upgrading. We can see many innovations like healthcare wearable devices, robotic surgery, etc. mHealth applications are the new go-to solutions for most businesses in this industry.

The healthcare app development market was estimated to grow even before the outbreak of Covid-19. The industry is predicted to reach $213.6 billion by 2025. Interesting, right? Let’s catch up on some online healthcare industry market statistics:

  • The global digital healthcare market is growing at a CAGR of 28.5% from 2020-to 2026.
  • According to research, the mobile app downloads of healthcare applications grow 50% every year.  Also, the number of downloads of healthcare apps surpassed 3.2 billion. 
  • The funding in the digital healthcare industry totaled to be $21.6 billion in 2020.
    Health app ideas stats
  • According to a report by Accenture, the acquisition rate of digital healthcare solutions is continuously growing. 74% of patients find using such apps convenient and are satisfied with the services.

Now that we have described how the industry is growing, here are some health app ideas for your business.

Top 10 Health App Ideas You Should Go For

Looking at the numbers above, you must have got an answer to  – Why Should You Build A Healthcare App For Your Business? Let’s look at some health app ideas to help you go for the best one.

1. Doctor On-Demand App

Imagine being in a foreign country and having a severe stomach ache. What would you do then? You may plan to have home remedies, but will the resources be available? Some people have no idea, but there is a way users can connect with a certified doctor anywhere and at any time. Yes, we are talking about on-demand doctor applications. 

DoctorOnDemand app development

One of the famous apps for this solution is Doctor On Demand. This platform allows users to get medical facilities and remote care without visiting the hospital. Doctor On Demand will enable patients to set up their profile, check out doctors, take consultations and avail the services they require. 

Doctor On Demand Revenue Model: How Does The App Make Money?

  • Featured listings where doctors and physicians will have to pay to get listed in the application.
  • The app earns royalty from each doctor-patient transaction
  • In-app advertising commissions from third parties.

2.Diet Tracking App

Everybody wants to be fit from fat, and diet tracking app solutions are here to serve users the same. According to Polaris Market research, the global fitness market will grow to $14.7 billion by 2026. This means there is a lot of scope for your diet tracking app. However, the industry leader in this market is MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal app development

It is one of the most famous fitness and diet tracking applications that helps users track their daily food intake, nutrients calculations, vitamins, calories, etc. The platform can analyze users’ eating patterns and recommend what is missing and what can be cut back. 

MyFitnessPal Revenue Model: How Does The App Make Money?

  • The app earns from sponsorships to display its ads and products
  • Subscription plans entice users to get more facilities and advanced features.
  • Interested users pay for extra features like more workout sessions and diet plans.
  • Affiliate marketing

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3. Medical Record App

A medical record app is a kind of diary application that offers health record facilities to patients to save them for future purposes. Users can access these records anytime and anywhere to share with other doctors. With this, doctors can look at the past health of patients and recommend medicines accordingly.

MediSafe app development

 One of the most famous apps for medical records is MediSafe. It is simply a medical reminder app. Users are offered personalized reminders for medications and vital drug warnings. The application also offers real-time assistance to patients registered.

MediSafe Revenue Model: How Does The App Earn Money?

  • Freemium model to offer advanced functionalities after the user pays.
  • Certified content where patients will have access to some part of the medical content help for free.
  • Localized advertising campaigns
  • Subscription fees

4. E-prescription App

e-Prescriptions work closely with medicine delivery applications. An e-prescription application is known to store patients’ information, and it is also integrated with the systems of doctors and hospitals. This aims to offer the patients and doctors ease to discuss any medical conflicts. 

GoodRx app development

GoodRx is a well-known e-Prescription application in the US, and it is available on mobile applications and websites. The application offers medical services based on prescriptions, and the best part is that it offers price comparison services of pharmacies for the users to pick the cheaper one. 

GoodRx Revenue Model: How Does This App Make Money?

  • Prescription revenues where a discount code is generated for the customers, and once the code has been used several times; the fixed fee is paid back to the platform. 
  • Subscriptions (Gold and Kroger Savings)
  • Advertisements

5. Online Therapy App

Online therapy applications are developed to allow patients to consult their doctors or therapists easily. The app offers text and calling services to communicate with professionals. Such apps help patients who hesitate in discussing their health issues with doctors in person. 

Talkspace app development

One of the most promising online therapy apps is Talkspace. It allows patients to connect with doctors and share their problems. Features like scheduled appointments, appointment reminders, connecting with the right therapist, and video and audio text make it different from other therapy apps.

Talkspace Revenue Model: How Does This App Make Money?

  • Subscription fees
  • In-app advertising
  • In-app purchases
  • Freemium Model
  • Paid downloads

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6. On-Demand Physiotherapist App

On-demand physiotherapist applications have brought so much convenience to the market. Using the application, patients can book an appointment with a nearby physiotherapist anywhere and anytime.  Users can pick the one with the best reviews and ratings. Moreover, they can schedule an appointment and make online payments. 

iFit app development

iFit is a physiotherapy software solution that aims to boost the quality of care. It has many features that improve patient satisfaction and boost patient compliance. It also offers accessible patient education and doctor-patient communication. 

iFit Revenue Model: How Does The App Make Money?

  • In-app purchases
  • Third-party advertisements
  • Subscription model for paid features 
  • Commissions from medicine sales

7. VR Meditation App

One of the best health app ideas is a meditation app powered by virtual reality. You can add numerous features to your meditation app to stand out. Some can be calming sound management, background area management, 360-degree recordings, choosing a specific climate, etc. 

Calm app development

The meditation app called Calm started as just an app that has turned into a Unicorn startup. It is an excellent mental fitness application that offers stories, music, and meditations to help users lessen anxiety and sleep better. 

Calm Revenue Model: How Does This App Make Money?

  • Subscriptions (Consumer Channels) will come after the 7-day free trial. Users will have two options – an annual subscription plan and an unlimited subscription plan (Calm for Life).
  • Calm for Business (B2B Solutions) for the businesses who want to avail the services of this app. 
  • Brand Partnerships for various companies to promote their solutions and products on this platform.

8. Health Tracking App

Health tracking apps come in handy for users to track their daily activities. It also offers other services like basic health data collection, including sleep rate, heart rate, weight loss, etc. Market research is a very crucial step in health tracking app development.

HeadSpace app development

Headspace is one of the most famous health tracking apps in the market that allows your friends and family from the phone book to connect on the platform. This platform offers meditation exercises, mindfulness tactics, and health tracking facilities.

Headspace Revenue Model: How Does The App Earn Money?

  • Subscription plans can be purchased monthly or annually. 
  • Businesses can choose from 3 foundational, guided, and advanced packages to offer mental health facilities to their employees.
  • Headspace health is like a digital health subsidiary used to include mindfulness in digital medicines. 

9.Pharmacy Delivery App

Pharmacy delivery applications are on-demand apps that offer delivery services to pharmacies. Using this app, patients can get their medicines delivered to their doorstep without visiting the pharmacy.  This benefits the high-risk individuals who cannot reach the store physically to make the purchase.

PharmEasy app development

 PharmEasy has been the industry leader in pharmacy delivery apps. It is a one-stop solution that offers on-demand medicine delivery services to consumers. It provides online doctor consultation, telehealth, diagnostics, purchasing medicines online, etc.

PharmEasy Revenue Model: How Does The App Make Money?

  • The app earns money by displaying sponsored searches of many pharmaceutical entities.
  • Attractive discounts are offered to the consumers.
  • Commission from customers for the medicines and products sold via the platform
  • Delivery charges

10. App for Women’s Well Being

Men and women have distinct health demands as the menstrual cycle plays a crucial role in the physical aspects of women. An app for women’s well-being is one of the most thoughtful health app ideas. You can get an app developed that tracks the menstrual course and indicates the safest fertile days for intercourse and pregnancy management.

clue app development

One of the best apps for women’s well-being is Clue. It is a tracker app that works as a resource for its users’ health. It delivers health education, generates shareable reports, and sets up reminders and other services. 

Clue Revenue Model: How Does This App Make Money?

  • Clue Plus subscription to avail advanced features 
  • In-app advertising
  • In-app purchases (premium versions)


contact for health app ideas


How Apptunix Helped a US-Based Client Develop Cure - A Pharmacy App

Now that you can choose the mobile app solution according to your business requirements, let us help you with the development. Apptunix is one of the US’s leading healthcare app development companies with 300+ tech experts. We have enough experience in this sector, and the Cure app is the proof.

Cure - Apptunix

We helped this business take its business online by providing an on-demand pharmacy store application. The cure app aims to offer ease and convenience to its users by allowing them to order their medicines on the platform and get them delivered to their doorstep. 

We used advanced technologies for this application keeping the features and functionalities in mind. With our solution having a customer app, a pharmacy panel, and an admin panel, the business is all set to skyrocket its revenues.

Want to know more about our expertise in developing the cure app? 

Click here to get deep insights!

Wrapping Up

These were the top 10 health app ideas that may help you decide for yourself.

Each of them covers a specific healthcare sector, but as you know, the business world is filled with endless opportunities. You may find out which solution suits you best and reach out to us regarding the same. 

We have developed so many healthcare applications that we are now ready to build custom health apps for any business industry! We offer dedicated expert healthcare app developers who listen to your app requirements and provide a complete mobile app development cycle, including technologies. Contact us today!

health app ideas development


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