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5 Reasons Why React Native Will Reduce Your Mobile App Development Cost

5925 Views | 1 min | Published On: January 17, 2019 Last Updated: February 1, 2020
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With the increasing demand of mobile applications, having a mobile app for your business has turned into a necessity, regardless of the size of your organization.

Businesses, old or new, small or big, all are exploring their industries with the potentials of mobile apps. But, small businesses are worried about the huge costs they may incur from their restricted financial resources in developing a mobile app. The app development procedure isn’t tedious but also costly.

In such a situation, there is a critical need to bring in a cost-effective method for mobile application development that can suit more startups for their benefits. One such financially savvy measure found to help the feeble of the world is React Native using which organizations can create cost viable cross platform applications. Let’s see how.

What is Cross Platform App Development?

Cross platform App development is the creation of mobile apps or software projects for numerous platforms. That is developing apps for different platforms in one round of coding.

And, what makes Cross-Platform application development a cost-productive measure for app development is that it is the only method for faster development of the application at a generously lower cost. The best framework that is loved by various developers for creating hybrid or cross-platform mobile applications is React Native. Here is how React Native App Development can help you in slashing your app development cost by 30-50%.

How React Native Can Help Reduce Your Mobile App Development Cost?

React Native Development

1. React Native Shortens the Mobile App Development Time

React Native allows you to transfer the entire codebase or its parts between various mobile platforms. Once you develop an application for iOS, you can compile it onto Android in a short timeframe and vice versa. The amount of code you can share between platforms will rely upon native modules you want to utilize.

The development in React Native takes 33% less time than it takes to develop an iOS and Android app natively. And reduced app development time means reduces app development cost.

2. React Native Apps are Easier to Maintain

The major support required for updating older versions of OS is troublesome and rather, time-consuming in case of native mobile apps. But, in case of applications developed in React Native, maintenance of the application is a lot less demanding and therefore, cost-effective.

3. React Native Provides Reusable Components

Earlier, the WebView components were utilized in the development of hybrid mobile apps. However, after the launch of React Native, application developers can make blocks that are made of reusable “native components”. These blocks tend to compile straight to native applications. Every one of the components of iOS and Android has their counterparts in React Native.

Developers can maintain the look and feel as per the platform. Additionally, in all hybrid applications, you can’t get component-specific structure however in React Native Apps, this type of structure empowers developers to make applications with a web-based and agile methodology. The application developers have the speed, look and feel, and the main functionalities of the native application.

4. React Native Apps are Compatible with Maximum Number of Devices

While developing a Native application, it is necessary to keep in mind that you need to optimize it for all the generations of a mobile device. And it can end up being a very expensive task on the development front.

Though, applications made in React Native work with all digital ecosystems and are already optimized to oblige a maximum number of devices. This, in turn, spares the time of development, saving the overall expense.

5. It Is Easy to Integrate In-Built Elements of a Device in React Native Apps

A few times it is vital to incorporate the hardware capabilities of the device in the mobile application. In cross platform app development, this is not always possible but when you use React Native, there is no compelling reason to stress over it. React native allow developers to incorporate in-built elements of a device like Bluetooth, GPS and so on in the mobile application. This decreases the issue of the high memory utilization and load speed issues.

The cost-saving advantages of utilizing React native are since a long time proven. That is the reason because of which various businesses are bringing their applications over React native Platform. Successful React Native Apps in the market like, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Tesla, Skype, Uber, Walmart are a couple of big names which are approving the advantages of React native application development.

Wrapping Up

Obviously, there are a lot more advantages that come from utilizing React Native, but those above are 5 of the most imperative ones from the business point of view. As a React native app development company, if your necessities can be covered with React Native, we would advise you to go for it. You will save your valuable time and money while developing a fast-performing and good looking mobile application for your business.


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