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React Native is a cross-platform mobile app development solution for iOS and Android that’s risen to much popularity of late. It’s used for building mobile apps using the React.js library. The real competitive edge with this technology is in the form of much-improved speeds and efficiency in app development at comparatively lowered costs. Apptunix has a development team that’s skilled in all the intricate bits of React Native app development. Our aim is to offer clients the best buck for their money. By providing quality solutions that exceed expectations we help businesses aim higher and achieve the impossible.

Why React Native?

Why React

Our Cutting-Edge React Native Services


Premiere React Native App Developers

Apptunix provides top-notch React Native based iOS and Android apps development services using Native javascript library. Our cutting-edge solutions assist businesses to launch their apps in super-quick time.


Server Side APIs for Powerful Mobile Apps

A solid and reliable backend support ensures a smooth user experience. Our React Native Developers provide you ultra-secure and adaptable server-side APIs to avail all the benefits of quality mobile apps.


MVP Solutions for Your Big Ideas

MVP is great to test out your bigger ideas. React Native development is perfect for creating powerful MVP solutions with high-performance functionality that save you ample amount of time and money.


Personalized Services For Maximum results

As expert mobile app developers, we set the bar for our solutions at the ultimate high. So as a client you have to worry less. We have your best interests at the core of our efforts.


Satisfactory Support & Maintenance

Apps with bugs can damage your reputation. With our React Native app development services, the maintenance & support of your apps is never far away. We believe in long-lasting client relations.


Advanced Development Approach

With a team that’s battle-tested in the most complex projects, we stay on top of all the latest developments and emerging technologies to ensure our clients get the best solutions.

Why Choose Us?

We take delight in performing mobile wonders. Apptunix is a group of talented developers, designers and marketing experts with a reputation for getting things done.

why React

Top 5 frequently asked questions

Yes, React Native is ready for real-world use. There are a lot of production apps written using React Native.

Yes, React Native is great for prototyping and with Expo it is even better. Expo makes React Native mobile development more like web development. When you make JavaScript-only changes, you can push directly via Expo, instead of going through Apple’s or Google’s approval process.

If you want to build an app that doesn’t use a lot of mobile-specific or complex functionality, like tracking footsteps, React Native and community libraries should cover most if not all of your requirements.

As long as you are willing to stay within the bounds of the React Native community, none. That’s one of the points of React Native. You only need to know how to write JavaScript with React Native. Although, a little bit of background in iOS and Android ecosystem would certainly help.

If you plan to use Expo like we do, you won’t have to worry about this. Without Expo, you will need to have two entry points; one for iOS and one for Android. You can start a basic Expo app by using create-react-native-app.