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6 Startup Growth Hacking Strategies 2019

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4978 Views | 1 min | Published On: March 1, 2019 Last Updated: October 3, 2019
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Hitting the reality with your startup from the dream world is one thing, expediting its growth is an absolutely different game to play.  Success stories of entrepreneurs and brands radically circumference around- Dedication, patience, and instinct. Having the right direction and insight towards the present and upcoming trends of the market is a very important facet of maintaining momentum. Being diligent enough to accomplish effective growth hacking approaches can help bring about the desired results.

What is growth hacking?

Growth Hacking is an unconventional approach to marketing. It’s basically a strategy where analytics, creativity, and innovation meet on the same platform to bring out the best returns for a product within a short span of time. Growth hacking is marketing your products and business in a scientific way. Growth hacking is no cake-walk, it requires endless research and planning before being carried out, it basically tests one hypothesis at a given time and looks out for the results for the same. The results of the same, good or bad, are analyzed and documented before moving on to the next on the list.

Growth hacking techniques

Growth hacking strategies are all about rapid growth. That’s the reason why it appeals to startup-preneurs. This fiercely competitive world has no place for “slow and steady” plans. What every business need is a punch of energy to take a leap ahead of the lot and gain momentum.

Growth Hacking Strategies Startups Should Pay Heed To

To all you entrepreneurs if you are looking for effective strategies to fast-track your nascent businesses, here are 6 growth hacking tactics which can help you drive success-

Refer To Product Launch Platforms

When your business is in the nascent stage the biggest hurdle to cross is to create the right kind of buzz about the product. It’s easier said than actually done. However, the digital world is filled with endless platforms to make product launch easier like Kickstarter, Product Hunt, Beta list and more which can rescue you from most of the trouble.

These platforms help you launch your product with ease, while also letting you reach the right kind of audience from the start itself.

What else, all these platforms have free as well as paid versions, you can use any of them however you like.

Do Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is an instrumental and a sure shot way to do a shout-out about your brand. Vloggers, bloggers and other influencers have a large fan base, and if they recommend your product/service, you will surely have a lot of eyes on you.

A major fact about these influencers is that not only are they hard to reach-out to but they at times charge a huge amount too. For starters look out for upcoming and mid-tier influencers, who will not higher your budget graph and will also create a remarkable spark about the product.

Social Stories

social media app development

Social media is the mighty yet one of the most engaging marketing tools. You can easily reach everyone you want to on the go, even with a shoestring budget. Easy to do activities, like posting engaging content, making live videos, filming how-to content on channels like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram etc. can help you gain publicity along with a loyal audience.

Automate Work

Growing a newbie product with just a handful budget is a herculean task. You already have a dearth of resources and have to think twice before putting your money on the workforce. Automation software can help you get out this mess and help you automate repetitive tasks on the go. The internet has several products like Hootsuite, Buffer etc. to automate your everyday processes, and also help you put your energy to other important aspects.

Create an Affiliate Program of Your Own

Affiliate business has been making a mark in the marketing world and this process is here for long. People across the globe are looking for easy ways to earn more and more money. If you give them a lucrative incentive in return of your business’s promotion they will surely fall prey. Word of mouth from people who have bought or used your product adds a cherry to the cake. It’s basically multi-level marketing’s fundamentally refined theory. You can pour in more business leads to your business by encouraging customers to be your brand ambassadors.

Encourage Customer Feedback

A satisfied is the best or let’s say the free advertisement which is the most effective among the lot. Nothing is more impactful than this, it’s the best way to get to know your product/service through the eyes of its users. So, the foremost pledge of your business should be to satisfy your customers through your product, impressive them not only with the product but also will the pre/post customer support.

honesty audit

Customer feedbacks open another room for product improvement and give you a way to directly interact with people for whom you made the product.

So, you better take customer feedback seriously and work on their pointer to make them change their thumbs down to thumbs up soon.

Wrapping Up

Growth has been the burning bridge which the startups have to cross to attain the summit. The market, as well as the target audience, are put forth via marketing campaigns regularly. In a competitive environment like this growth hacking strategies are the only way to achieve growth for your business. Trying new things is not bad, rather the first choice of most marketing experts, but startups should pay heed to tried tested strategies to enhance their business and get desired results. Going by the books is fine, but experimenting with growth hacks is a must have in today’s competitive world, anything that hikes your profits and does not empty your bank balance is a great option.


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