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Why Node JS Is the Best Platform for App Development?

6810 Views | 1 min | Published On: March 1, 2019 Last Updated: January 2, 2020

Web and mobile app development has been witnessing new horizons ever since its inception. The tech heads around the world have been working on inventing new tools and technologies everyday for developing some amazing and dynamic digital solutions. But, because of various choices available, the developers also face the confusion of which framework or technology to go with and when.

No two apps/websites are similar. Every solution has a different structure, different needs in terms of design requirements, development needs and lots more. Out of all the various options available for developing and designing websites and mobile apps, Node JS gets the maximum thumbs up from the developers’ crowd.

It is a much loved name in the development world that uses Javascript, which is the most used and adored programming languages. Here are a few reasons that make Node JS the best framework for App development:

The Benefits of Using Node JS for App Development

  1. 1. Node JS is known For Offering Amazing Performance

NodeJS is completely based upon Google Chrome’s V8 runtime. It works for various operating systems and is too fast. Both are often updated, for performance optimizations, security fixes, and support for advanced JavaScript features. This makes it quicker and easier to execute the code in a compelling manner in NodeJS.

  1. 2. It Can Save Your Money As Well As Time

Node JS is considered as a full-stack JavaScript framework as it can serve both the server-side and the client-side applications. Because of this reason you don’t need to hire separate developers for front-end and back-end development. It spares both, your hard-earned money and time.

  1. 3. It Has Large and Active Community Support

Node JS is honored to have a huge and active network of developers who keep on constantly contributing towards its further advancement and development.

Also, the group of developers is very much supported by the JavaScript programmers giving easy and ready-made solutions and codes in Github. It is also expected that the developers will encourage many other developers to work on NodeJS in future as well. So, its scope is here to stay.

  1. 4. Modular Design

Developing applications in Node JS is an incredible experience for developers as well as app owners. This is because it requires lines of code that is 33% lesser when compared with other framework. Also, it can manage double number of requests every second and can shorten the response time of websites and apps by 35%. Companies like PayPal are using NodeJS so that they can modernize a solid application environment.

  1. 5. Node JS Offers Excellent Scalability

NodeJS utilizes a solitary threaded model with event looping. Event mechanism causes the server to react in a non-blocking way and makes the server very scalable when compared to traditional servers like Apache which make restricted threads to deal with requests.

  1. 6. It Is Easy to Learn

Since JavaScript is one of the most prevalent programming languages, a large number of the front-end developers have a good handle over it. It turns out to be a lot simpler for them to begin utilizing the NodeJS at the backend. It is simpler to learn Node JS and it takes less time to work with it.

  1. 7. Node JS Offers the Advantage of Caching

The open-source run-time environment in Node.js additionally gives the facility of storing single modules.

The developers don’t need to re-execute the codes as caching enables applications to load the website pages quicker and respond all the more quickly to the users.

  1. 8. Using Node JS, You Can Develop Amazing Real-Time Web and Mobile Applications

NodeJS is here for building real time web and mobile applications at light speed. The process of building apps in it requires the same time that is needed to make a simple blog in PHP. The suite is a clear winner in building multi-user real-time mobile applications as in game and chat applications.

And as the event driven architecture serves to both – the server-side and the client-side written in JS and the synchronization process becomes efficient and quick.

Wrapping Up

NodeJS framework is a splendid tool when you need to design server-side applications in JavaScript. Also, it continues evolving with time and makes the development procedure peaceful. If you are searching for a sensible and resource rich frameworks for building your web or mobile app, you can surely go with NodeJS.

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