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7 Mobile App Development Trends That Define The Future Of Mobile Apps

2945 Views | 1 min | Published On: July 27, 2021 Last Updated: February 27, 2024

Smartphones have changed our lifestyles in a way that there is no going back. They have enabled us to communicate better and get any kind of service in just a few clicks. But it is also necessary for these smartphones to have apps that are updated with the mobile app development trends.

More than 4 billion people use smartphones around the world to do various things like follow the news, listen to music, watch movies, play games, order food, etc. In short, we can say that a man needs his smartphone more than any other thing. 

Recently, mobile app development has become one of the most profitable businesses in the market. According to research, mobile app development is expected to generate around 770 billion euros by 2023. This is the reason why professional developers are looking out for mobile app development trends so that they can start with the development of the next big app. 

In this blog, you will get to know about the mobile app development trends to help you get updated on your new project.

Evolution Of Mobile App Development Trends

Sometimes knowing the journey is more important than the current stage. Therefore, let’s discuss how far mobile app solutions have come. In 2005, websites were gaining huge popularity for being designed for small displays having touch-friendly screens. 

Then, mobile app development trends became the new star. Businesses started opting for mobile applications along with websites so that users did not have to put extra effort to gain the advantage of their services.

evolution of mobile app development trends

It was 2013 when mobile applications started becoming popular and websites could be opened through the phone’s browser. Well, that’s not it. Mobile apps used context-aware technology and gathered user context including location, time, etc. for a more customized experience.

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Later, mobile apps were evolved into hybrid apps which could also access the features of native platforms. This resulted in the rise of voice technology to initiate human to machine communication in the simplest way. Now, mobile apps are developed with advanced technologies and the best frameworks.

Find out which framework is best for mobile app development for your business!

Current Mobile App Development Trends - Statistics

Did you know more people own a mobile phone as compared to a toothbrush? Shocking right? The number of people using cell phones is incredibly high. 75% of emails are opened on a mobile phone and 70% of traffic on any website comes from mobile devices. 

This has changed the behaviour of users so much as every service they could possibly think of is available on their smartphones. According to Google, approximately 80% of smartphone users usually shop from companies through mobile apps. 

Statista states that by 2022 users of the App Store will spend approximately $157 billion. This year, the mobile app market is all set to grow by 385% and the number of mobile users worldwide will be approximately $7 billion.

Top Mobile App Development Trends Of 2021

The thing about trends is that it keeps on changing. Mobile app development trends are just the same. To be ahead of the competition, you must keep yourself updated with the latest mobile app development trends and technologies. Here are some of the latest trends to ponder upon:


mobile app development trends - mcommerce

The pandemic caused by Covid-19 led to a huge spike in E-Commerce sales. Whereas, on the contrary, retail stores experienced huge losses. This resulted in businesses moving their offerings online. To be honest, it was really a great step for many businesses.

Do you know, by 2022 73% of the total sales is expected to be from mobile devices? Isn’t this a great business idea? Get an excellent M-Commerce app developed for your business at an affordable price. 

The M-Commerce industry is expected to generate 2.8 trillion euros in revenue this year. The surprising fact about this is that this mobile app development trend is expected to increase in the coming years. Various features that guarantee the success of M-Commerce apps are voice shopping, one-click order, omnichannel retail, etc. 

Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Trends

Cross-platform mobile apps have started gaining popularity recently. Big IT corporations like Alibaba, Facebook, Pinterest and many more have implemented this and other mobile app development trends. This helps in reducing costs, improving efficiency, and reducing development time.

According to some researchers, Google’s Flutter launched in April 2021, will definitely reach great heights. It is a UI toolkit for designing apps for mobile, web and desktop. Cross-platform app development enables the developers to make customizable mobile apps in less time and capital.

Beacon Technology

Imagine you are planning to buy Nike shoes but before purchasing you want to try them on. Now, wouldn’t it be an excellent thing if the Nike app showed which of its store is near you and has shoes of your size? This is what Beacon technology is famous for!

Beacon technology was launched by Apple in 2013. It used BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) Signals to update users through notifications. Google introduced its Beacon technology called Eddystone. Since then, app developers have been working on the technology to integrate various mobile apps.

Beacon technology is one of the promising mobile app development trends. It has been working effectively in various industries like healthcare, tourism, travel, payments, etc.

Folding Display On Mobile Apps

mobile app development trends - folding display

This mobile app development trend has brought a revolution in the marketplace. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and LG G8X ThinQ are foldable mobile phones recently launched in the market and are experiencing high demand.

Hence, the mobile app developers of Apptunix have taken this technology into account and have started developing apps that can work effectively in foldable devices. This has opened a lot of opportunities for OTT and gaming platforms. Contact us today to get an app developed, flexible with foldable devices.


Wearable technology has brought a huge spin in the world. People are able to monitor their health, listen to songs, make or receive calls, and perform various activities through their wearable devices. 

The best thing about wearable devices is that they can be controlled and communicated using a smartphone. This is the reason why one of the most incredible mobile app development trends is to create an app flexible with any foldable device. 

It is no news that wearable devices have been a huge help to the healthcare industry. It has helped a lot of people in tracking their body movement, oxygen level, blood pressure, heartbeat, etc. 


Some of the most popular mobile wallets are Google Pay, Amazon Pay, and PayPal. They are rapidly growing and are used by a lot of people due to the ease they offer. 

Users are only supposed to link their bank account and they can easily pay bills, shop, or transfer money. This is one of the fastest-growing mobile app development trends worldwide. If you are planning to get a payment app as Google Pay developed, we are here to help. Click here to know more about the app development process. 


mobile app development trends - AR & VR

Augmented Reality has captured the gaming industry. We will not even notice when this mobile app development trend will take over daily lives as well. You must have heard about ARKit by Apple. It enables mobile app developers to build AR experiences in the app easily with motion sensors, cameras and processors. 

Using AR, users can analyse the layout of a room, monitor its length and height, or even recreate a video like the ones in the 80s. Just like this one, Google’s ARCore enables users to perform similar actions. This trend will not stop and is appreciated by many businesses in various sectors like real estate and gaming.

Over To You

The mobile app development ideas and the process is changing constantly. It is our responsibility to keep your business updated with the latest mobile app development trends. Similarly, it is your responsibility to reach out to us.

If you are planning to hire the best mobile app development company to help your business grow in this digital era, we are the right choice. Contact us at any time and we promise to make your app reach heights in the market.

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