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How To Develop An App Like Coursera | App Development Guide

2477 Views | 7 min | Published On: July 24, 2021 Last Updated: June 3, 2022
eLearning app like Coursera

Online learning is the new trend and demand of the future. Now eLearning apps are not just getting popularity from school and college students. It has many more features that is why people are ready to invest their money in e-learning app development.

eLearning apps like Coursera are providing training and courses for many other and different things like job-ready career skills, gaining expertise in the latest skills, etc. Apps similar to Coursera are also offering degrees and certificates to users. 

People who live in villages or far from the city are highly likely this online learning concept. Now they can study from home and can get certified degrees or diplomas from well-known universities with the help of an eLearning app like Coursera. 

Pandemic was truly a bad phase and took many lives but every destruction gave birth to something good and new. Similarly, this pandemic has brought a revolution to modern technology and changed our lives in many ways. 

In this blog, we will see how technology transformed these eLearning apps. How these apps like Coursera are so great and proven as a great resource for students and learners.

What Makes App Like Coursera So Unique

We will learn about the Coursera app in this blog, about its features, development process, and cost. But for a quick introduction, we would like to mention some of the points which make the Coursera app different from other eLearning apps.

Two professors of Stanford University have put the concept of Coursera. They were from the computer science department and their inspiration was from the different online programs which Stanford University use to offer. 

When the Coursera app was launched, Stanford was the first university that offered the course content. Later, Coursera started to offer more specialized content which helped in drawing the attention of more students worldwide. Since then the Coursera app is getting more and more acknowledgment and there is no looking back. 

Points that make apps like Coursera different from other eLearning apps are as follows:

  • Users have a world-class learning experience because of the advanced technology used in Coursera App.
  • Coursera offers dynamic and competitive prices for its courses to the users. It also offers options for free learning as per the course.
  • It allows users to rate their educators so that it can help others to evaluate the educator’s expertise and quality of the content. 
  • Coursera offers educational content in different languages so that students can learn from experts from across the globe.
  • They have a course creation kit that helps in formulating free and premium courses quickly.
  •  A good network of educators and instructors who can share their knowledge and experience with the users.

Future of eLearning App Development

It won’t be wrong to say that the eLearning app got popular after the pandemic. Yes, before 2020, only a few eLearning apps were available, and very few users were possible to connect with them. But after the lockdown users downloaded the eLearning app as if it was some kind of gaming app.

The apps which were earlier popular among a small number of ambitious students, now are available on almost every student’s mobile. 

 It is recorded that by the year 2022 the eLearning market will cross 243 billion US Dollars

So if we consider the data given by Statista, then it is very clear to say that the eLearning market will grow in the coming future and if you invest your money in eLearning app development then it will be a good option.

develop an eLearning app

Popular eLearning Apps

There are many eLearning platforms worldwide but given below are the top 5 eLearning apps. These apps offer to learn for schools, competitive exams, and colleges. They have qualified educators who are fully professional and highly educated. 

The courses that are available on these eLearning apps are sufficient to prepare the next generation for advanced and modern learning. 

If there were no such apps then it would have been difficult to imagine education and learning amid the pandemic. These apps were like a complete institution for the users which offers several courses on a single platform.

eLearning apps are helpful not just for pandemic but it allows many bright students to stand their chance while learning from home. When there were no such apps, people who were keen to learn were not able to study due to the long distances. They can now learn with the help of these online apps like Coursera. Some more eLearning apps like Coursera are:

Khan Academy

Features to Integrate Into eLearning App Like Coursera

Several features can be added to the eLearning app. But below we have mentioned some of the most relevant features which are best for any eLearning app. To make your app like Coursera and more user-friendly read about these features carefully:

features of eLearning app like Coursera

User Registration

The user must do the registration before they start using the eLearning app. This process should be quick and easy. Many apps have adopted different ways for user registration. Some allow you to register with social media handles like Facebook, Gmail

For quick and easy registration, the majority of apps also allow users to register by using their phone number or email id. 

Profile Management

The eLearning platform must have individual sections for students and teachers so that they can manage their profiles independently.

For students profile management the following information needs to be mentioned:

  • User info
  • Wishlist
  • Profile Settings
  • History of purchases and transactions
  • Enrollments
  • A list of active and completed courses
  • Information about earned certificates, credits, points.

For teachers and educators profile

  • List of updated courses
  • Info Page (information about degree or establishment they represent)

Search Filters

If you are developing an app like Coursera then you should integrate this feature into the app. Apps having several programs should provide search filters to their users for better searching of the information that they are looking for.

Categories and Subcategories

If your app has several courses then you need to separate them into categories and subcategories. This can be done with the help of special algorithms that can organize the program in a better way.


Course recommendations are a great feature to add-on to your eLearning app like Coursera. It allows learners/users to find new courses which they haven’t thought of before. The algorithm will assess the key information about the user’s and based on their interest it will recommend the course. 

Course Page

The course page will have complete information on the program. It will have all the necessary information about the course that the user wants to learn. Information about the course creator will also be mentioned there. 

Course Enrolment

With the help of this feature, a user can enroll himself for the course or program he wants to opt for. The user needs to enter the details like his name, age, highest qualification, etc. just like we fill the offline form for colleges or schools. Similarly, online users can register themselves for the course or program by using this “Course Enrolment” feature.  

Payment Methods

Now, if for advanced or premium services users need to pay some amount they can do that through this feature. Provide different online payment methods to the user so that they pay easily.  


Every eLearning platform needs to have this feature. With this feature, both educator and student can track their progress during the course.

Students can see the number of courses the eLearning app offers, how many hours are spent on the program etc.

Teachers can see the number of students enrolled per class, traffic, earnings, etc.

 Advanced Video Player

During online learning video quality of the app is all that matters. That is why make sure the video player must have the ability to adapt to the varying bandwidth of the internet.  

Ratings and Review

Allow users to rate your app for other’s reference. It will make your eLearning app more user-friendly and trustworthy. With the help of ratings and reviews, other users will find your app genuine and professional.


In eLearning apps, the number of new courses keeps increasing. In that case for users’ convenience, it is important to add a Support feature to the app. 

Whenever a user will land on the app and he wants to know something, he can immediately put his query through this Support feature.

Multilingual Content

To make your app like Coursera it is very important to add this Multilingual content feature. If your app has courses or programs in different languages then it will be easier for the users to comprehend things better. People from around the globe will connect with your app in no time.

Notifications and Reminder

This feature will help users to get notifications about any course update or program. In case of any renewal or payments also users can receive a reminder with the help of this feature. This is again a very important feature of an eLearning app 

Admin Panel

Now comes the Admin panel, this is again a very important feature of an eLearning app. It enables you to manage content, users, educators, students, courses, and other important things through this single dashboard. 

Even the marketing activities can be managed from this admin panel.

If you do not find the feature which you are looking for and want to learn more about this app like Coursera. Then you can immediately reach us for information. We will help you to know more about the features and other points of the eLearning app development.

Things To Consider While Developing An App Like Coursera

Before you start any app development process you need to pay attention to some of the points. If you focus on these points then there will be fewer chances of failure. That’s because anything which is started with full planning and strategy can never go wrong. Even if something went wrong you will have an alternative or idea to deal with that.  

Now let us see what are the main points that need to be considered while developing an app like Coursera:

points to consider for developing an app like Coursera

Target Audience
Latest Technology and Software
Best Mobile App Development Company
Promotion and Advertisement

Cost Required to Develop eLearning App Like Coursera

Now, let us talk about the cost involved in developing an app like Coursera. App development cost differs depending upon different app development companies. Every company has its standards and conditions for the app development process. 

The app development cost depends upon the number of hours the developers, testers, and designers have worked.

If the design of the app is basic then the cost can be minimized. But if you want to develop an app like Coursera then you have to invest a little more.

If we consider all the points and then calculate the app development amount then it will reach somewhere between 76, 500 – 1, 03, 000 US Dollars. 

The amount mentioned above is applicable when you develop an app like Coursera from scratch. Recently the concept of white label app development was introduced, you can also take the help of this. With the help of white label app development solutions, you can build apps like Coursera on budget. 

If you want to know about this white label app development process then you may contact us and take our free trial today.


If you are planning to build an eLearning app then you can think of an app like Coursera. It is a complete app that offers a world-class eLearning experience to users. The development cost of this eLearning app is a little high, but you can trust our eLearning app development solutions. 

Our mobile app development company is registered and offers services at affordable rates. If you want to try our services then get your registration done for a free demo today.

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