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A Detailed Synopsis of Transportation App Development

3232 Views | 1 min | Published On: October 14, 2022 Last Updated: February 21, 2023
Guide on transportation app development

This tech-savvy world is highly focused on a convenient lifestyle and hence there is a keen requirement for varied applications supporting human needs. Similarly, travel applications are breaking records of the traditional commuting ways and are catering huge traction towards them. The industry is expected to have a market worth of $12,265 Billion by the end of 2022. Various entrepreneurs are heading towards transportation app development and most business enthusiasts are investing in developing transportation applications with no delay.

However, there are myriad doubts and thoughts that accompany the initiation of a new business venture. Therefore, we are here to give you a vivid picture of the transportation app development with utmost efficiency so that no roadblock or perplexity obstructs your way. Excited to explore everything about the development of transportation apps? Keep reading to unleash it all.

A Brief Overview of the Transportation App Market

The traditional logistics and transportation market experienced a huge toll right after Uber came into the market. After the apparent dominance of Uber, there started a huge buzz amidst the entire transportation industry. There has been the emergence of various logistics apps before the introduction of Uber. Yet the way Uber had an impact, vividly portrayed the fact that the future of transportation applications is vibrant and eminent.

The Federal Highway Administration of the US Department of Transportation makes the convenience and prominence of transportation applications pretty obvious. The administration has also published a document stating the citation of various applications portraying distinct ways that smartphone applications will influence travel choices. This variety includes cognitive impacts, transport pricing, customer trust, and information availability.

The stakeholders also consistently dwell on the introduction of varied logistic applications as they are precisely aware of the perks. They also seek solutions that provide better and easier commutes for riders as well as logistics drivers. The inculcation of new transportation applications is an initiation of the foundation of an innovative industry.

Things to Consider Before Building a Transportation App

As mentioned in the very beginning, we are adamant to provide you with the information that gives you a clear picture of doing the needful. Therefore, below are certain pointers that will clear all your queries and confusions in one go! Scroll down and avail the knowledge.

Important points before choosing an app

1.Keep Your App Simple

Keeping the functionality of your app simple is the very first crucial thing that you must have regard for. There will be no user who would like to use a complex and complicated application. Hence, the users will avail of the app with the intention to render services and if the app does not fulfill the user’s needs then the failure of the application is apparent.

Now, a question must have prompted your mind how can you make your app simple yet intriguing? So, here are a few tips for you:

  • Your app development must be confined to the relevant or needful features.
  • You also need to segregate and streamline the auxiliary process to minimize
  • Your app must implement and accept the needed suggestions of your users as user contentment will generate revenue.
  • Also, your app must cater to minimal unwanted requests and focus on completing the services.
  • Frequent updates also add to an annoying gesture. Hence avoid that feature too!

Basically, you must opt for a simple UI/UX as it would be more convenient from the user perspective than the fancy and complex ones. The simple applications will give users the liberty to simply download, install and get going with the usage of the application and there would be no extra charges included as well.

2.Responsive Design

The second most important tip to building a transportation app is an astonishing intuitive design. Here the user experience turns out to be an integral aspect that decides the success or failure of the application. Also, there are a plethora of other applications in the market pertaining to different resolutions. Hence, the apps must be curated while considering the mentioned things with utmost scrutiny and precision. This inculcation is easily possible, one can contact a leading app development company in the market and the outsourcing of the project can easily be completed.

Built your transportation app


3.The Loading Time

One most intriguing factors that you must consider before going for transportation app development is having a sorted loading time. This is something that contributes to the success of the app. The reason for this is that in this fast-paced life no one has enough time to wait. Hence, if your app takes minimal seconds to load then the long-lasting feasibility of the application will be apparent.

Before the curation of the application, there are a few integral aspects that you must look for for example;

The logistics business is diverse and dynamic in nature and beholds the need for the fastest implementation of tasks. Hence it is suggested that the loading time must be relatively lesser. Also, the analytics, ads, images, fields and the server needs to be tested with precision before releasing the application.

4.Universal Development

The development of an application hugely caters to the budget for the app. If you have a good budget, you may choose an app with distinct operating systems. However, if your budget is limited to a certain arena then you must target the single native app or you may target the cross-platform app development. It is vividly acknowledged that single native businesses also turn out to create wonders and thus can skyrocket your business too.

Furthermore, if you get stuck on making a choice for the technology that must be incorporated then you must contact a transportation app development company. Experience adds to better and enhanced outputs. An experienced transportation app will guide you with the advanced as well as the new basic features. However, there are three guidelines that you must follow before developing your transportation app development.

  • Incorporate the GPS tracker in your application
  • Simplify details updates employing barcode scanning
  • Present review compliance reports in real-time

5.Reviews & Ratings Must Be Employed

The reviews and ratings or the feedback cater to varied prominence in light of the success of an app. The reason for the same is when an app goes through the path of criticism there would be amplified chances of its growth. The reason that the feedback feature is a must is that there are chances of enhanced functionalities as per the user’s needs. The amplified perks of integrating the reviews and ratings are;

  • Customer satisfaction (CSAT)
  • Customer effort score (CES)
  • Goal completion rate (GCR)
  • Content measurement (CM)

Features of a Typical Transportation App

Features of a transportation app

Comprehending the features of an app before its development is highly crucial. Therefore, let us now have a vivid glance at the key features of transportation app development.

Admin Panel

The admin panel refers to the panel of the holder having access to the authorities of the application. This panel has segregations further and into various folds.

1.The Managerial Portal

The dashboard or the managerial portal refers to a screen wherein the admin can have access to maintain varied niches of activities. However, the admin is not required to have an eagle’s eye on the management entirely. Although, they can have track of the services provided and received altogether. Also, satellite navigation helps the admin monitor the stipulated vehicle and the operator whenever they wish to.

2.The GPS and Directions

The GPS and Directs serve as a huge benefit to the drivers. With the help of this feature, drivers can easily check the traffic updates and the pathways that they must choose. Also, the users can have a clear view of the ETA updates precisely and in real time. The logistical planning is made easier with the help of GPS services and can easily draw more users.

3.The Drivers Administration

It is pretty apparent that the bulging employees of the transportation and logistics industry are the drivers. Here the administrators can have a track record of the driver’s identities. For instance, their names, residence, contact details, vehicle, registration numbers, and more. Furthermore, the same platform can also be used for modifying the salaries of drivers and assigning them vehicles.

4.Chatting Options

This feature facilitates the admin to communicate with the drivers as well as the users. The chatting option also adds to resolving any issue faced by the driver.

5.In-app Notifications

The emails have now lost their prominence, while the push alerts have a record of 90% views. Hence, the users can easily check on the updates of the app in no time. This feature increases the convenience of the users and helps them segregate their schedules with utmost precision. In-app notifications are also of the marketing strategies and the notifications will emphasize vividly developing your brand name.

Customer panel

Just like the admin panel, the customer panel is also an integral feature of the logistics application. The hidden features of the app are as follows-

1.Signing Up

While using the application, easy and fast registration is a major pointer. The inculcation of social media platforms is of huge help for driving in new customers and it also adds to saving exemplified time. However, the admin of the app will have the authority to have access to identifying the emails, identity, and social network account information of the customer via the signing up feature.

2.User Alerts

This feature empowers the user to receive varied alerts and be up to date regarding distinct arenas. Here the user will receive precise alerts as per the shipping orders, receiving receipts, scheduling, as well as delivery at distinct intervals. Besides this, the status updates of the driver and the vehicle have precise accessibility via this feature.

3.Convenient Payments

Carrying paper currency is a bit hectic today, and everyone today is carrying digital currency. This feature facilitates the users to pay via digital wallets. Debit and credit cards, Google wallets, and distinct other means.

4.Cellular Tracking and Monitoring

Cellular tracking transportation app development

The tracking function enhances the sense of safety and confidence among the users and hence is a must in transportation app development. It also acts as a strong connection of strength between the user and the application. Also, the customer’s whereabouts including the estimated delivery time and other related aspects.

5.Reviews, Recommendations & Feedback

The reviews and rating option can lead the application to reach the threshold where there is the perfect refined app. The criticism and feedbacks help a lot in the improvisation of a logistics application and making it better.

Driver panel

Just like the admin and customer panels, the admin panel also has unique and extended features.

1.The Enrollment

Driver enrollment feature is a must and very crucial The drivers need to register through their mobile phones, emails, or social media sites.

2.The Driver’s Profile

The admin has the access to easily update the driver’s profile, and the driver’s panel also sustains a special provision. Herein the driver can make changes in their details directly through the application. Furthermore, there is the storage of data efficiently in the database of the app.

3.The Product Window

The products that come along newly in the database are portrayed with the client details, delivery address, contact details, and more. Furthermore, the drivers can have access to the shipments with the added information on the dashboard efficiently. This feature helps them to schedule the order as per the details and arrange the transportation delivery.

4.The Delivery Verification

Lately, the drivers used to be held accountable if any delivery was not made at the stipulated time. Therefore, this feature was integrated to make the driver’s work convenient and with no involvement of accusations also risk-free. Now, there are provisions where the drivers can easily take pictures, get signatures or scan the codes and provide proof of the delivery.

5.The Push Notifications

As discussed earlier, push notifications are of huge help when it comes to operating a logistics application. The drivers can easily get access to the allocated orders, modifications on the scheduled orders, and much more related news via push notifications. The best part of this feature is that the drivers will not require to switch to the application time and again for accessing any integral information.

Steps to Develop a Transportation App

There are various stages that an application goes through during its developmental stages. Being a business enthusiast it is highly crucial for you to comprehend the basic crux of transportation app development. Therefore, have a glance over them:

steps of transportation app


Select Your Goals

Having set your goals and visions clearly is the first step towards transportation app development. You must have a synopsis of your visions, however, transportation app development occurs for two motives. The development of a logistics app starts when one aspires to start their own business. While the other case scenario is when one chooses to give their operators and let their users have the idea that where their freight is or when one wishes to sell logistics services.

Get Hold of The Target Audience

Understanding demography is one of the most vital components in the entire process of app building. One needs to know the target audience and then get going with a mobile app development company.

Compile The Key Features

There are certain key features of the application that needs compilation and presentation in light of the mobile app developer. All the features like the admin panel, customer panel, driver panel, and the salient features pertaining to those are also of prominent importance.

A Comprehensive Tech Stack

Selection of the tech stack is another important aspect in the steps of transportation app development. While taking the technological stack into adherence, you must choose your requirements precisely. Also, the system where you wish to launch it such as windows, android, or iOS.

Furthermore, after deciding on the app type, i.e the native, hybrid, or web, you must decide whether it will go live on the local server or the cloud.

Choose a Genuine Tech Partner

Choosing a firm that would curate your application is highly crucial, you must be fervent in conducting your search and then settling with one. You must check on the number of projects that an app development company has worked on, their overall experience, portfolio, etc.

Apptunix Expertise

Apptunix is one of the leading mobile app development companies having experience of more for almost a decade in the industry. Our tech experts work on the leading technologies and then curate apps considering the far-sightedness of your business.

  • Our business analysts undertake in-depth research and provide a free project estimate.
  • A track record of developing software from scratch in a variety of fields
  • We ensure high-level data protection by adhering to best security practices and legislation.
  • A range of adaptable collaboration structures that are appropriate in any situation: time and materials, a committed crew, and fixed pricing
  • Achieving the highest level of solution quality and full-cycle software development
  • Complete team structure with all the necessary highly qualified specialists
  • Innovative development methodology and state-of-the-art technology stack


Build your logistics app


Summing Up

The transportation app development guide and the basic crux are now comprehensively accessible to you. Therefore, you must not waste any further time and get going with the app’s development. Have a due check on the integral features, and develop your app with 100% customization.

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