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An Ultimate Guide To Develop A Learning App For Toddlers

3692 Views | 1 min | Published On: September 7, 2021 Last Updated: June 3, 2022
app for toddlers

When everyone is using the power of mobile and the internet then why not kids. 

Learning apps for toddlers are the new trend of mobile app development nowadays. Many interactive mobile apps are available for kids on the internet depending on different age groups. Some educational apps, some are gaming and fun apps for toddlers, and some are general apps that can be used by everyone. 

It might seem simpler while developing a learning app for toddlers but it is not as it looks. Kids are very impatient, restless, and stubborn all these factors make the app developing process for kids even more challenging. Your designers and developing team must be enough qualified and experienced to match the thinking of the kids and must provide everything into a learning app for toddlers. 

In this blog, we will tell you how you can develop an app for kids and how you can earn from these apps. There is a huge diversification which makes the app development for kids more interesting and rigorous. 

Future of Learning Apps For Kids

Kids are the future of every nation, whether we talk about the US, UK, India. Every country wants the best for its citizens. We all have seen the Covid-19 situation when everything was shut and it seemed impossible to get back to normal life. But all thanks to advanced technology and new trends of mobile app development. Which offered a new lifestyle to the people. Now we can do everything from home, from online grocery booking to online payments.

Now, if we talk about the education and learning of the kids then that can also be done through online apps. 

During the lockdown, things got a bit easier just because of these mobile apps. Otherwise, it would have been so difficult to survive that time.

To stop the spread of the deadly virus it was all shut and people were not allowed to go out. At that time for parents, it was too difficult to control kids and make them stay at home. That’s the time when learning apps for kids got pace, and the demand for the learning apps increased

These apps not just entertain toddlers but also help them learn more creatively. As per a Statista report, it is anticipated that by the end of 2022 the online learning app development market will reach $243 billion. If you also planning to develop a learning app for kids then you must start today.

hire designers for developing app for kids

Challenges Faced While Developing An App For Kids

You might be thinking it won’t be so difficult to develop an app for kids. 


No, you are wrong. When developing an app for kids you need to be more creative and have to think out of the box. We all know that the mind of a kid thinks many times faster than adults.

The imagination of kids is incomparable, one needs to keep that in mind and have to design and develop learning apps for toddlers as per that. The major challenges that app developers face while developing an app for kids are as follows:

challenges faced while developing app for kids
  • Need to be very creative and engaging

The app should be very creative and must-have features that keep the kids engaged. For that, you must provide unique and exciting content to the kids. Kids always love to face challenges and difficulties. Therefore try to add different and challenging activities with each stage. 

Monotonous design and activity will bore the user and he might switch to some other app immediately.

  • Strong software to avoid unwanted advertisements 

A kid’s nature is very different as compared to an adult’s. An adult might ignore or tolerate the ads but kids do not like any hindrance in their working. You might have observed if a kid is watching something on Television and if you stand in between, how restless they get. They start crying or shouting. 

Similarly, if there will be more ads or anything that comes in their way while learning or playing they might get distracted and may lose interest in your app. Always try to have strong software which can help keep unwanted content or advertisements at bay. 

  • Take care of the next generation’s Approach

Use modern and latest software so that your app is fully equipped to handle any issue in the future with functionalities. Earlier it was easier to create mobile games but now kids want feedback on everything. Therefore try to add interactive communication and provide feedback with every stage and achievement.

  • Animation

Kids love the concept of animation. They learn faster with animation rather than realistic images. So use images, cartoons, or animes that are latest or popular among kids. 

Try to put your favorite anime character into the app so that children love your app and use it.

  • Content of the App

There are so many learning apps for toddlers but some are very popular among kids while some are not that popular. This is all because of the content of the app. If your app is common and does not have any advanced features then it will have minimum recognition of the users. But, if your app has advanced features and great design then your learning app for toddlers will hit the users differently and will have a huge user base for sure. 

You need to hire an experienced app developer for developing such an advanced and engaging learning app for toddlers.

Benefits of Developing A Learning App For Toddlers

When you are investing money into something you would also like to know what benefits you will get by investing money in developing a learning app for toddlers. That is why in this section we have discussed few points that will justify, why you should invest money into this business.

benefits of learning app for toddlers
  • Easy app recognition

By developing an app for kids or toddlers your app gets recognition very quickly. Kids never stuck to one thing for long. They keep on using different apps or platforms after some time. There are more chances to get a huge user base with such apps as compared to other mobile apps. Kids easily get attracted to anything new and if your app has better features and functionalities then definitely it will take no time in getting a large number of users. 

  • Can be more creative

One of the best reasons for developing a learning app for toddlers. While developing an app for kids you can be very creative. You can explore as many options for making the app creative and engaging. You can talk to your designers or developers about it and can provide them ideas if you have any. 

  • More Entertaining

The learning apps for kids are really entertaining and even adults love to use them. Kids learning or gaming apps are so simple yet so engaging that everyone loves and enjoy using them. 

So, we can also say by developing a learning app for toddlers we don’t only target kids but we can also target adults to get the expected revenues and popularity from the app

  • Learning with play

These apps are so fun that kids learn important things while playing. Learning apps for toddlers are great to teach kids with fun and play. 

Kids learn countings, important life lessons through amazing and short stories, and much more. Parents always search for such options so that kids remain busy and at the same time they also learn the important things.

  • Affordable with basic features

You don’t have to make much advancement to the app. Because the learning app for toddlers should be easy to use. As kids are involved so it is better to keep things simple. And, while you are keeping the app development process simple then you need to invest limited resources as compared to other advanced apps.

Features To Be Integrated Into Kids Learning App

Now, let us talk about the features of the learning app for toddlers. When it comes to the features of the learning app you don’t have to worry much. Just keep the simple features and work on the content instead. Let us learn more about them in the paragraph below:

features of learning app
  • Easy login

Keep the login or sign process easy. Kids might not have accounts on social media, so it will be better to allow users to sign in just with their names and basic details. Skilled app developers can guide you for the same. 

  • Bright and lively UI

Again, kids love bright and lively colors. So it is very important to use bright colors while working on UI. it should not be disturbing the eyes but also it should not be dull. The exact balance is required and this can only be handled by skilled and experienced UI designers.  

  • No pop-ups or ads

Try not to add or show pop-ups or notifications on your apps. Because kids hate any type of disturbance while they are doing anything. The unnecessary ads also irritate and distract kids from their motive for learning. So, it is better to keep the advertisements and pop-ups away from learning apps for toddlers.  

  • Speech and music with mute option

The background music of the app should be mild and as per kids. Provide the mute option too. It is not necessary to use loud music. Use soft and motivating music to keep the user going. 

The mute option is also necessary because at times if the user is doing something important then he can put the sound on mute and still keep going with the learning.

  • Child-lock facility for parents

Provide the facility of locking the app. The kids are very addicted to mobile phones so it is very necessary to provide an app lock-in feature for learning app for kids.

  • Simple and easy and intriguing UX

Keep the UX design simple yet engaging. Talk to your designers more about UX designs for mobile app development.

  • Interactive machine communication

Keep the app lively by adding the machine communication feature to it. Allow the user to interact with the app for more meaningful interaction and learning.

The Cost Required For Developing Online Learning App For Toddlers

The cost required to develop a learning app for toddlers completely depends upon the type of app you are planning to develop. If you are focussing completely on learning then the cost of the learning app will be different. Similarly, if you are planning to develop an app more with gaming and fun factor then the cost will be as per that. 

how much does it cost for developing app for kids

You can talk to the mobile app development company to know the wider aspect of the app development cost. Every company has its own costing details, depending upon different factors. However, the location of the app development company matters a lot when it comes to app development cost.


Mobile app development is the new trend of the generation. Everyone uses apps for learning, ordering food, booking cabs. Therefore it is also important to develop apps for kids. To keep them going with the current trend. You can develop a learning app for toddlers to keep them engage and make them stay at home amid this covid-19. 

experts of developing learning app for toddlers

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