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How Much Does It Cost To Create An App Like Gopuff?

4473 Views | 1 min | Published On: September 9, 2021 Last Updated: June 29, 2023

Over the last several years, the notion of ordering meals has developed dramatically. People are shifting more towards ordering food online rather than going to restaurants. Humans have become very conscious about going out after the Covid-19, as a result, they have adapted and molded towards technological developments around them.  Fewer people are eating out these days, and more people are ordering from the convenience of their own homes and that’s when an app like gopuff comes to play its role. Food delivery at home has been a phenomenon in the last two decades, and the advances we have witnessed in the sector would be incomprehensible to someone born in the early 2000s.

In the last several years, the food delivery sector has seen a slew of new businesses emerge and thrive. New firms have come with their innovations, bringing the on-demand food delivery industry to where it is now. 

Over the years, we’ve seen chatbot ordering, locating restaurants based on favorite cuisine, hyperlocal filtering, and a slew of other innovations, and these are just a handful of the ones that have helped the business thrive. 

GoPuff is one of the famous on-demand food delivery apps that has grown in recent years. An app like GoPuff offers the best delivery services which also offer grocery and alcohol delivery services

The GoPuff app offers real-time delivery of groceries, meals, home and baby necessities, medication, and beverages. Unlike typical meal delivery businesses, Gopuff strives to meet its clients’ everyday requirements in addition to delivering food.

With the development of alcohol and food delivery apps like GoPuff, the scenario produces a dramatic transformation, causing offline merchants to go online. Because people all throughout the world, not just in America, desire convenience, and having food delivered to their door is just too handy.

What Is GoPuff And How App Like Gopuff Works?

GoPuff is a digital solution that delivers food and beverages, daily necessities, cleaning products, and over-the-counter medications in minutes to over 650 US locations. And as of March 2021, the net worth is staggering at $8.9 billion. 

GoPuff was created to provide on-demand hookah delivery. It later entered the food and products delivery aisle. 

GoPuff, unlike any other meal delivery platform, takes the most difficult route. It operates on a fully integrated business strategy in which the order is delivered straight to the customer rather than picked up from a single location. 

When it comes to Gopuff, the firm provides consumers with subscription plans and ensures that items are delivered within 30 minutes. Aside from that, it provides a variety of payment methods and perks that benefit both buyers and sellers. It also includes an easy-to-use interface that makes product delivery simple for agents.

Overall, Gopuff the aim is to make daily living easier. The consumer may place an order in a matter of seconds, and it will be delivered within minutes. So, if you want to create an on-demand delivery app like GoPuff, you’ve come to the correct spot.

Steps to Create Your Own Gopuff-Style Delivery App

Gopuff, which was founded in 2013, has amassed over 2 million downloads throughout the years. In such a competitive sector, Gopuff has managed to stay afloat and maintain its position as a market leader. This indicates that the app is based on a unique concept and proposal. Both of these are critical if you want to develop a delivery-related app. It is also important to have employees who are well-versed in their field. Because developing an app like Gopuff might seem difficult, we’ve outlined the steps you’ll need to take if you want to create something similar for your own company:

steps to make an app like gopuff

Step 1: Market Research:

Before you can develop an app like Gopuff, you must first conceive your idea, which will necessitate market research and a thorough grasp of your rivals and the industry. You must have a better understanding of your company’s who, why, and how.

Step 2: Determine Your Target :

You must also determine the target market for which you intend to operate. This market will influence how you manage your firm. You must determine if you want to serve an audience that your rival currently serves or whether you want to offer a brand new target audience. After that, you can clearly define your market, segment it, and determine what their wants are. These requirements can be utilized to enhance the functionality of your application.

Step 3: Identify Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP):

Once you’ve discovered your target audience, you’ll need to identify a unique selling point (USP) for your business. This will help you separate yourself from your rivals and may be utilized to entice customers away from other market participants. This USP might be in the form of a service, feature, extra advantage, monetary gain, or something else. This one-of-a-kind service is your ticket to gaining more clients and establishing a loyal customer base.

Step 4: Collaborate With Right Stakeholders: 

To create a successful delivery app, you must collaborate with relevant delivery agents and vendors. The proper sellers/stores/restaurants will ensure that your app has variety. Customers enjoy being spoiled with options, therefore this is important. This provides consumers with the impression that they have a say in what they buy. On the other side, you must also identify the best distribution partners for your app. These stakeholders ensure that your items are delivered to clients on schedule. To guarantee that your consumers are pleased and satisfied, you must work with the proper delivery partners.

Step 5: Contact Reputable App Development Company:

Everything you’ve done up to this point is pointless if you don’t have an app that can make it all happen. Because your delivery app is the only physical item you have for your firm, you must locate the proper development partners. These development partners will ensure that your app’s UI is consistent with your ideals while still running smoothly.

Step 6: Decide the Best Monetization Model for Your Business:

Monetization is the process through which your firm makes money. It is essential to have a monetization plan that is most suited for your target audience. There are several ways to make money, including user membership fees, subscription costs, marketing fees, partnership fees, and so on.

List Of Important Features For A Delivery App Like Gopuff

The structure of a delivery app like Gopuff is fairly intricate since it requires the construction of three separate interfaces for the three parties involved. This is one of the reasons why developing a delivery app costs more than developing a general app. Customers, delivery partners, and suppliers are the three parties or stakeholders engaged in this case.

The consumers, delivery partners, and suppliers require their interface because it might grow complicated to accomplish everything on the same app. As a result, we have one interface for all purchases (consumer side interface), another for merchants to display their items (supplier side interface), and a third for all orders to be allocated to a delivery person (delivery side interface) (delivery side interface). Each of these applications has its own set of features that are required and must be included. 

Let’s go a little further into these features.

Features of an app like gopuff

Features Of The Customers Interface:

 A client app must include the following features:

  • Easy Signup: Signup should be simple. Clients should be able to log in using their various social media identities, making it easier to collect relevant data.
  • Reviews Of Orders:  Reviews should be available for customers before they finalize their orders. So customers may make sure that they have added all the goods to their basket and have provided the right information before submitting their order.
  • Payment Options: Delivery applications should accept a variety of payment methods.
  • Monitoring Location: Once the order has been completed, it is also important to track the location. This enables a client to track the location of their delivery in real-time and provides an estimate of the delivery time.
  • Push Notification: Push notifications should be delivered to customers regularly indicating order and delivery status. This ensures that the app provides the consumer with timely information.
  • Option to Call/Text: The consumer should be able to contact their delivery worker by phone or text through the app.
  • Order History: Order history assists in collecting pertinent information about prior orders. It might be beneficial if a client wishes to make the same purchase again. The app should also have a buy option that allows you to make the same purchase again and again.
  • Discount: Discount coupons encourage people to spend more, therefore the consumer app should be able to display them properly.

Features Of The Supplier’s Interface: 

The following features are required for the supplier interface:

  • Admin Panel: This panel will provide them with the essential information on the products listed by the seller, the products in demand, and the kind of items people are purchasing from the vendor.
  • Push Notifications: Push notifications are important since they keep merchants informed of all orders that are being placed and fulfilled.
  • Chat: An integrated chat is required so that the provider may monitor both the delivery worker and the client.
  • Reports: Reports that include information about a supplier’s past performance are highly useful. It may assist them in comprehending consumer behavior.
  • Menu Editing: Suppliers should be allowed to change the goods on their menu as well. This should be possible both manually and with the aid of inventory management software. It should also allow suppliers to alter product pricing.

Features Of The Delivery Interface:

For Customers, delivery agents serve as the company’s face. As a result, the following features should be added to the app to help people execute their jobs better:

  • Order Information: Once the delivery agent accepts the order, he should be able to access the relevant order data. This aids in determining whether all of the items are delivering or if anything is missing.
  • Customer Profile: The delivery person should have a basic understanding of the customer’s profile. This is required to ensure that the order is accepted by the appropriate individual.
  • Working/Not-Working: When a delivery person is not making deliveries, he or she should be able to put his or her app into inactive mode. This will aid in the more accurate assignment of orders to the delivery agent available at the moment

Cost Estimation For An App Like Gopuff

The overall cost of developing an app like Gopuff is determined by a number of things. These are delicate elements, and your project requirements have a direct impact on them, causing cost variance. We can divide them into two groups:

Factors Affecting App Requirements:

  • The number of characteristics
  • The level of app functionality complexity
  • Platforms to be used: Android, iOS, and the web
  • Integration of third-party APIs
  • The App’s Dimensions
  • Developers’ or an app development company’s location
  • Native or Hybrid Development Methods

 Determinants of Development:

  •  User Interface/User Experience Design
  •  Native App Development Teams for iOS and Android
  •  Development of the Backend
  •  Development of Web Panels
  •  Project Management 
  •  Quality Control (Polishing and bug fixing)
  •  Maintenance of the Application

Taking into account all of the aforementioned technical and non-technical aspects, the typical cost of developing simple alcohol and food delivery app is between $10000 and $15,000.

Revenue Model Of An App Like Gopuff

A delivery app like Gopuff can generate income in a variety of ways, some of which are as follows:

1. Supplier Fees– Many delivery businesses charge their suppliers to have their products shown on the platform. They charge this fee since the app enables these providers to reach a larger audience and enter new markets.

2. Subscription Fees– Many delivery services charge their clients a subscription fee, which entitles them to free delivery on all purchases placed.

3. Advertisement Fees– This is a cost imposed by suppliers to be advertised on the home screen or to be featured at the top whenever a client searches for anything they provide.

Final Words

Even though we can’t forecast the future, we can tell you that grocery app like Gopuff has a lot of potential in the marketplace. When it comes to competitiveness, the sector is still developing at a rapid rate. 

You can go for Gopuff app development with minimum investment by using the concept of white label app development. There are many popular food and alcohol delivery apps whose structure or features you can customize as per your requirement and get a completely new app like Gopuff. 

To handle the market competition it is very important to act smart. And white label app development gives you the command to develop an app that can further compete with any popular or famous food delivery app available on google play. To know more on this white label concept click here.

The growth of this sector is never-ending. If you get a chance to build your app like Gopuff for your business or want to take it online, you should contact the right app development company to help you.

We here at Apptunix, provide you with the best solutions for your business-related problems.  Our main objective is to provide you with efficient applications for your services. We can help you with anything whether you want to open an online grocery store, a food store, or a delivery app like Gopuff.

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