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Apple WWDC 2020: iOS 14, iPadOS 14, macOS Big Sur, and Other Important Highlights

3929 Views | 1 min | Published On: June 26, 2020 Last Updated: June 30, 2020
Apple WWDC 2020

This year, the WorldWide Developer Conference hosted by Apple was unique and more exciting than ever – even before it began. The Effects of COVID-19 Pandemic are hitting the world hard. But, who could stop the tech-giant Apple from running its operations with a bang? No one. Not even CoronaVirus. The brand known for its amazing tech-solutions and strategies proved it.

However, this year, it was the first time when this exclusive conference was streamed online from Cupertino, California, with millions of developers attending it from around the world. It will be right to say that the event ended with a gala grand success giving the entire world of tech some brilliant innovations.

The new updates in Apple software for iPhones, Apple Watch, iPads, Airpods, and Apple TC were announced through a pre-recorded video filmed at Apple’s campus. And, in this blog, we will be highlighting all of these along with their details. So, let’s catch up with everything that happened in Apple WWDC 2020 event:

20 Important Highlights of Apple WWDC 2020

1. The All-New iOS 14

iOS 14 by Apple

iOS 14 is the upcoming iOS Operating System that was announced in Apple WWDC 2020 and it is expected to launch in beta version in July.  It is one of Apple’s biggest iOS updates to date that will introduce new design changes in the home screen, many new features, improved Siri, updates for existing apps, and much more to take the iOS experience to a whole new level once again. 

Here are the major interface changes announced in Apple WWDC 2020:

  • Widgets: The most prominent change in iOS 14 will be seen in the form of widgets that you can put on the home screen. It resembles as if Apple Watch applications attacked the iPhone home screen – it’s a major change to iOS that will change the vibe of iOS software altogether. 
  • Shape and Sizes: Apple is said to be bringing these new widgets in various shapes and sizes, and the idea behind is that you’ll have the option to have more data-rich info on your home screen now. 
  • Memojis: Along with widgets, Memojis will also get improved in the next software update and will have more accessories like face masks, age options, and emotions like blushing.
  • Apple Library: Apples also announced adding an App Library to it which is a new feature that will automatically organize apps in phones based on their categories. This is an amazing feature for quickly accessing mobile apps that are usually placed outside of the first or second page.
  • Picture-in-Picture: While the iPad was already having Picture-in-Picture feature but it was absent in iPhones. Well, no longer! With iOs 14, it is all set to come in iPhones as well. If you switch apps while having a video chat, it’ll keep on playing in the small box that you can drag around the screen. 

With these all-new amazing features, iOS 14 is expected to come to iPhones in the form of a beta version in the coming months which means that you’ll not have to wait for long to use and try out these amazing features.

2. A Cool Update For Apple Maps

Along with iOS 14, there is a major update coming to Apple Maps that will incorporates all-new cycling-specific navigation, in addition to other things. It can make you aware by sending notifications about things like an increase in elevation, busy streets, and stairs while cycling.

Apple says that this feature will be coming first to NY City, San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Beijing, Shanghai, and then they will keep adding more cities to the list after the release of iOS 14.

3. Apple Digital Car Keys for iOS 13 & iOS 14

With the digital keys announced in Apple WWDC 2020, now you will be able to unlock and start your car using your phones. Well, this is just for BMW 5 series as of now.

You can enroll a key in your Apple Wallet, and when you approach a supported car, you’ll open it by means of NFC, start it once your phone is resting on the pad. The keys will be stored on the cloud and you can delete them whenever you want to.

What’s more interesting about this feature is that you can also create unique driving profiles for other iPhone users and provide different permissions to them for using your car.

4. iPadOS 14

Just like iOS 14, widgets are making an entry to the next version of iPadOS. However, it is not clear whether you can bring those widgets into the home screen or not like on the iPhone.

Apple is also updating the search feature on the iPad, and it will look precisely like Spotlight on macOS. It can assist you with finding contacts, search on the internet, or serve as a Launchpad-like function to launch applications. The search function will no longer be full-screen now and it will be able to dig deeper into apps like Keynote and Mails.

5. Apple’s New Silicon

Earlier, Apple was using Intel-based processors for years. However, now it is all set to make the switch to its own Silicon. It has been utilizing its own tech for iPhones and iPads already, and now it’s making the jump to covering its whole suite of computing products. 

The change is huge for Hardware that is revealing Apple’s efforts in making components instead of relying on others’ progress. Also, it is a huge shift in Software. 

The company claimed that its own processor will bring an increase in the level of performance while consuming less power. Also, it will let things like “Apple’s secure Enclave” come to the Mac. Also, iOS apps will now be able to run on the MAC using Silicon.

6. Scribble For Apple Pencil

In Apple WWDC 2020, a new feature called Scribble was announced which will permit us to write in any text field using Apple Pencil, and then it will automatically get converted to text. The feature will be able to automatically detect the context of the information you write like an address or a phone number.

Also, you can now draw rough shapes (like stars, rectangles, and squares) and the feature will automatically convert them to perfect computer-drawn shapes when you finish drawing.

7. Smarter Siri

Siri in iOS 14 will be able to send a voice message when using both – iPhone or CarPlay. And, can also send an Apple Map ETA with a contact. It will also help users by providing cycling directions to the new cycling feature in the iOS 14 update. 

Apple also increased the number of languages that Siri understands or translates, and you would now be able to ask Siri to translate words, sentences, and phrases in more than 65 language sets. Siri will also have a more natural-sounding voice for English, German, French, Chinese, Spanish, and Japanese. 

8. MacOS 11 Big Sur

The next build of macOS will be called “Big Sur” and it will have functions that will make it look more like iOS.

Apple says it refined Mac Apps with an updated visual language intended to pass on more invaluable context to the user. Just like iOS, macOS will now have an option on the home screen to set brightness, volume, WiFi controls, dark mode, and more.

The company also tuned its Safari web browser and says that it is now 50% faster than other browsers, specifically Chrome. It will now have better tab management functionality, privacy, and improved security.

9. AirPods Can Now Switch Devices Easily

Apple is now updating the software on AirPods too. The new update will let them connect to the paired device that starts playing the audio automatically. And users will no longer have to keep switching devices again and again. 

10. Spatial Audio in AirPods

Apple is using the accelerometer in the AirPods Pro to give a spatial sound that tracks your head the location of your device. Spatial audio will provide an increasingly vivid sound experience by causing you to feel like you’re within the audio mix. 

11. Face Swapping Feature in WatchOS

Have you ever wanted a watch face that you like, but don’t have the idea about how to get it? Apple is making it simpler to share watch faces with a brand-new feature called Face Swapping. You can add a watch face to your Apple Watch by finding the one using a website or from social media.

12. Sleep Tracking Feature in WatchOS

WatchOS will now use Machine Learning through its sensors to track your sleep. The companion application on iPhone doesn’t need an Apple Watch to utilize, however, with it, your metrics will probably be somewhat more in-depth. Apple didn’t jump into the specifics on how this is done, so we’ll be keeping watch for that later on. 

13. Handwashing Tracking

Handwashing is a serious deal at the present time, because of the coronavirus. With that, watchOS 7 is getting a function that will use Machine Learning to find when you begin washing your hands. The microphones of the watch listen to the sound of falling water to confirm that you’re really washing your hands and then it starts a countdown on the Watch Face. Isn’t that amazing?

14. App Clips

There are more than two million applications in the App Store, and for developers, it is hard to get their app noticed. With the App Clips feature in iOS 14, Apple plans to provide developers a chance to introduce their applications to users without them downloading it.

15. Big Safari Updates in macOS Big Sur

MacOS Big Sur is a big enough update for all of us.

On top of it, Apple improved Safari. It can now see your saved passwords to find those that might have been exposed to hackers or in breaches. It will also have a “Privacy Report” button that will break down what data is being used or seen by the website you are currently using.

16. HomeKit

According to declarations in WWDC 2020, Homekit can now change the temperature or brightness of your connected smart bulbs for the duration of the day, considering things like cooler lights during work hours and hotter temperatures when it’s an ideal time to slow down. 

Also, home kit-empowered doorbell cameras would now be able to recognize known faces to let you know who’s at your door via AppleTV or Homepad notifications.

17. Privacy Changes

Do you ever feel skeptical about sharing your exact location with any app? Now, you don’t have to as Apple will allow you to share your rough location rather than the precise one to improve your privacy.

Also, iOS will now show an on-screen pointer when an application is accessing your camera or microphone. 

18. Apple App Privacy Labels

Apple WWDC 2020 was more about the privacy of users.

In the conference, it revealed that it is now going to need all app developers to self-report their user information collection practices in a simple language for consumers to understand, similar to a nutrition label on the food. This will show the sort of data an iOS application needs to collect, regardless of whether it is financial, location-based, browsing history, or anything else. 

19. Picture-in-Picture in TvOS

Any video application in tvOS 14 will have the option to show in a Picture in Picture formation on Apple TV. Basically, you’ll have the option to watch more content on your TV without switching applications. 

For example, you can keep an eye on the news while you work out.

2o. Translate App

Apple has presented a new translation application, called Translate, which will empower real-time translation between two unique languages. An iPhone with the Translate application can be placed in the middle of two people communicating in different languages and it will translate what they are talking about in real-time.

Wrapping Up

So, that was all about the innovations announced in Apple WWDC 2020 for users and developers all around the world. All these features, tools, apps, and software will be available for use too soon and will let iOS App Development Companies incorporate the same in the Mobile Apps they develop.

At Apptunix, we are very excited to try these innovations and play with them for creating more innovative iOS apps than ever before. Planning to develop iOS apps using emerging technologies? Contact us!

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