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Ask expert iOS App Developers the actual cost of your app

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4627 Views | 7 min | Published On: November 15, 2016 Last Updated: November 13, 2019
custom iOS app development cost

Do you want to get an app built?Are you in doubt to know the actual cost of your app?Are you in search of a top notch iphone app development company?

We have a proven record of building top notch mobile applications!This blog is going to answer zillion of your unanswered questions. We are going to present to you straight answers to your complex problems!






Chat With us – We are all Ears!

Consider yourself lucky to have found this blog! Why trust us? – Because we are Apptunix.Okay.. At first we are going to assume that you are not a technical guy. So here is what we bring to your table :So if technicality is not your cup of tea. And if you are afraid of being cheated on by developers.Or you think that you should know the true cost that will go in building a mobile app – then this Blog is a must read for you!





We have taken into consideration client’s disquiets and common questions popping in their minds that make them hesitant about the decision of moving ahead to get an app developed or not.[Your] app’s complexity and features are the key elements in deciding the cost of a mobile app.From our experience as top class iOS app developers we bring to you this ultimate guide that will help you achieve your resolution for:

How to get a successful mobile app developed?

How much would it cost to get an app built?

The formula to a successful app

A bucket full of recipes that will help entrepreneurs to stand out from the crowd with their Mobile App
Understanding and learning which type of app you are willing to get developed and getting needful insights about [your] developers is a prerequisite before taking a decision.


Knowing your kind of App!


In today’s era of technology primarily two kinds of apps are most preferred by clients.




Native Apps are the applications written for a particular platform, they can interact with and take advantage of operating system features and other software that is typically installed on that platform.

Hybrid is a web app, fundamentally built using HTML5 and JavaScript, that is then wrapped inside a thin native container that provides access to native platform features. The difference between these two types of apps is the “language” on which they are developed.


Native apps are developed on the language which is considered as a “core language”. For the sake of explaining core,Here is an example – For developing iOS apps, developers use objective C or Swift for writing codes. Being a leading iOS app development services providers our apps are developed in Objective C and Swift.


Hybrid apps use different languages with help of a platform, which enable easy development even if developers have no idea about the core languages. If we were to compare these two applications, then native is mostly opted for and provide great quality in app development. But with quality comes a price.



cost of an app

Hybrid apps can be built by those developers who don’t posses the knowledge of any core language but know languages that solve the purpose of ‘working fine’ on a platform. The cost of Hybrid apps is way too less than that of a Native app but Hybrid apps fail to offer the kind of quality that native app gives. Another plus point in hybrid is you don’t have to make different apps for each platform, one app can be developed which runs on each platform. So the time required to build a hybrid app is also profoundly less.


With all these advantages of hybrid apps do have some drawbacks, such as –

– the quality of app is not very good because we are using a common platform

– there is very little scope for customizations

– there is very less support available for these apps.


HERE IS WHAT OUR EXPERTS HAVE TO SAY!If you have a good budget and want an app with more features, then opt for a native app development but if your budget is low and the app is simple with less number of feature, then choose hybrid app development

The Plan Ahead!

The first step on your way to getting an app developed is choosing which development style you want to follow. As pioneers in iOS app Development, we would suggest you to divide your app concept in different parts. Ask yourself what extra knowledge about app development, idea and thoughts do I have, that I can share with developers in order to make them understand my concept and get the work rolling.

CONCEPTA developer always needs the detailed
concept of your app.If you are a non-technical person, having a concept but are doubtful of its feasibility and working then these questions will be answered by the developer once you provide the concept to them.

concept for mobile app development

They deconstruct the whole idea into pieces and let you know the working of each piece. Making a document with all the details of app and feature also comes handy.

DESIGNThis is the basis of app development.We are not only a leading iOS app development company focusing on development, but our designs leave our users mesmerised.Whenever an app is developed it is made sure that it posses a great design because to a user, designs are extremely vital and then comes the functionality of an app.

If [you] as clients can provide final design from your end then it can cut the cost but if you don’t have anything then you must provide a sketch on paper which gives an idea to developers as to how the app will work. A visual representation is far better than a written one.

FEATURESEach app has a functionality, which is core for the app.For e-commerce app – it is selling and for social apps – it’s connecting users.Hence when you have the concept, divide that into different feature for the app. This will help the developer and yourself understand which features can be included in the app and how much would it cost you?We offer in depth insights, essential for startups, that helps many young entrepreneurs in achieving what they have aimed for. Let’s say – you have five features and the cost does not match your budget then you know which features cost how much and if that’s important for the app or not, or can I have this feature in beta version, or if I can make money out of these features themselves.


These developers are expert in their field and they know which feature will make the app
a boom in market and which
can make money for you.

So do ask your developers for ideas and if they don’t have a good one then it’s time to change your developer. We being world class iOS app developers have so much of insights, ideas and suggestions to offer to our clients.

mobile app developers

This is the last stage of starting your mobile app development and this is the trickiest stage of all.Till now you have the concept and after talking to a bunch of developers, you know that how your app will work and how it will function.Each developer has his own theory while tackling a problem.
-Some have solutions which make your app the same way you want.
-Some have solutions which make the app same but will have some additional feature, which complements the core app functionality.
All in all, they all have a price but which one should you choose? There are few things you need to remember while choosing a developer:

Background of your DeveloperYou have to check out your developer’s background, if you need an android app, the developer should have experience in android and can show some apps which are live.

Suggestions your Developer offersYour developer should provide suggestion for your app as they have knowledge to make the app a success. Ask them how we can improve the app, how we can cut the cost of app?If they share some good suggestions, go with them as it shows that they know what they are doing and they have done this before.

Timeline required by your DeveloperTimeline is the time taken to make your app.If you want the app on different platforms then it will take more time than on a single platform.We are top notch iOS app development company and our developers always stick to the deadline offered by them. Each phase of app will have its timeline, say designing, backend development, app development all these have their own timeline hence they cost accordingly.

Cost of the app is directly proportional to the timeline.Every developer has their own hourly rate. You should ask developers hourly rate before getting the timeline hence you know what will be the final cost of the app once they share the timeline.


Always ask your Developer for Milestones and FlexibilityDue to high competition nowadays developers provide easy payable milestones to their clients which make the client’s life easy to pay for the app.Always ask for milestones and make sure that your work will be done as per milestones set. Once you pay the milestone, always ask for the code, design or anything that was done on that milestone.This ensures that you get what you have paid for.

Maintenance Period your Developer offersEach developer provides a free maintenance period after the launch of app.In this period they are responsible to make changes, bug solving and error resolving.After the maintenance period expires you can always hire them again if need be. Follow the aforementioned steps and you can find the right developer for you. There is always a space for negotiation but with too much negotiation the quality of the app may be compromised.
I have chosen the developer, but is his fees justified with the work done towards my app?Any normal app which has about 2-3 features, which is small scale and has a timeline of few weeks, say 4 weeks, it should cost you about $5000 to $7000.Apps that have a long timeline about 2- 3 months should cost you about $15,000 to $20,000. Now these amounts vary from developer to developer and can be changed according to their experience.

Now to know if the cost you paid is actually worth it or not?For that you need to test the app by yourself or with a test group.Resolving any issues, bugs, error and roadblocks are included in the cost of development hence test your app as much as you can. Second thing which you should look out is to make money out of these apps and put that money in marketing of these app. A good app is always the one which gets you better ROI and user retention!

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