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“Get a head-start in your endeavor by going mobile”

Businesses as a startup are confronted by a sea of challenges. You may have a phenomenal idea on the paper, but the investors are not buying it yet. We can step in and stand shoulder to shoulder with you at that stage. Apptunix will help put the puzzle of your ideas together and show what the bigger picture looks like! By creating gorgeous designs and developing flawless functionality, we set your business up on a success-bound journey! The future is an ever-increasingly mobile-one, and we are the perfect springboard for your startup-business! Whatever the platform, whatever the business-model, we’d love to lend a helping hand to you. Being a startup just got easier with Apptunix!

“Let’s discuss mobile-apps!”


Having a mobile presence for your rickety startup will provide some stability. Apptunix provides 40 minutes of Free App Consultation. If you’ve got an idea, come to us. We are specialized iOS, Android and Cross Platform mobile app developers. Our sharp-witted team of mobile app developers will sit with you and perform a thoroughgoing analysis and breakdown of your idea. We’ll take into consideration both your long and short term business goals. If anything is out of kilter, we’ll inform you about it. Giving you best suggestions to assist your business remains top of the agenda for us. If all sounds good in the end, you could give us the go ahead signal, or request for an app MVP.

“Thinking Big? Get a miniature first!” - MVP


There are many scenarios where you might want to get an MVP first. MVP is like testing the waters, before diving in. Opting for an MVP is actually a decent step-forward. It takes relatively lesser time and money to get an MVP. It’s also a great way to gauge the potential of your idea. But it should not act as a substitute for the final project. It has lesser features and offers only basic functionality.Our MVP process is very simple. While making an app MVP, we work on the essence or core of the idea, to give you an overview. Once we have your idea, we start working on it. You’re kept updated from time to time about the progress. Once the MVP is ready, you’re notified of it. You could then take it to you investors, or distribute it to your TA to get their views.

“Let’s create a bigger picture now” - Launch!


If the MVP has you sold, then it’s time to think big. Once you give us the nod we start to work on your ideas at a bigger scale. Exceptional designs and development with pin-point precision give your apps a mark of excellence. Focusing on features such as enhanced UI/UX, we make apps that encourage user-engagement and retention. The app isn’t finalized until it’s passed through various testing modules. Making sure everything is top-notch as per your requirements the final prototype is introduced. You can get ready for the big launch now. It’s time to take a giant leap for your startup into the rich world of mobiles. From generating brand awareness, gaining substantial user-base, to business-expansion, mobiles will assist you at every stage.

“We aren’t finished yet” - Post Launch support


Our job isn’t done once your product is launched. We continue to provide support even post-launch. Our developers stay in touch with you for any optimization updates to keep your apps fine-tuned and offer maximum performance. Any bug-fixes or compatibility issues with newer mobile versions are handled very smoothly. Need to introduce more features in your app to facilitate business operations, or just pamper your audience? Not a problem. Our smooth post launch process ensures that you could easily request for app modifications in future. Our apps serve as the driving force for your business. From startups to market domination should just be a matter of time!

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