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How Much Will It Cost to Make a Beauty On Demand App Like GlamSquad?

5703 Views | 1 min | Published On: October 4, 2019 Last Updated: July 28, 2022
beauty on demand

For starting a beauty on demand business, there is no better time than now.

The beauty and wellness industry is developing faster than ever before. Today, it is valued at a whopping  $532B and is still counting as per a new report by retail analytics firm Edited

And when you add the Spices of On Demand to the Beauty industry – you get the charm to be everybody’s favourite. Yes, that’s the power of Beauty On Demand.

Beauty industry is a gold mine that guarantees amazing Returns On Investment to passionate entrepreneurs who enter it with solid plan. And when I am saying it I am not making castles in the air. I mean it. Have a look at the leading players of Beauty on demand industry and their achievements so far:

what is glamsquad

Source: Crunchbase

9 AM board meeting? Or 11PM dinner party? Doesn’t  matter what the user’s day looks like, beauty on demand apps provide amazing experiences that fits schedules as well as the needs of the users. Want to get into this industry? Here is all you need to know about it:

What Is Going To Be The Shape Of Beauty On Demand Market In the Years To Come?

Beauty on demand market size

On-demand beauty applications are disrupting the beauty industry. They empower individuals to get beauty services through their smartphones with only a couple of taps. Beauty and well-being is a consistently developing sector. And this fact has been keeping the domain at an unfaltering growth rate direction till date. 

The accomplishments of beauty on-demand applications mentioned above tells us that the market is thriving and potentials are enormous for up and coming new businesses. 

The massive valuation, funding and wide user base of the industry implies that there is sufficient space for plenty of beauty on demand service providers to exist together and succeed. As an increasing number of organizations start to penetrate this market, its development would become quick and there will be a bigger pie for everybody to share. 

Knowing the gigantic potentials of beauty on demand, the investors are also coming forward and investing money.  It is clear from apps Like MyGlamm raising whopping amount of fundings.

The beauty market and the on demand sector is really a match made in heaven and the future for beauty on demand services would no doubt be much better than its effectively productive present. 

The beauty on demand market is just going to head one way – upwards! 

Now that we are well aware of the industry trends and the future predictions of the beauty on demand market, it is time to know how already established brands in this industry work and loved by the users. To start with, let’s take about GlamSquad – the leader, as an example and find out how this beauty on demand app works.

beauty on demand application

What Is GlamSquad and How It Works?

Glamsquad, is an on-demand application that gives proficient and affordable hair and cosmetics services to users at their doorsteps. When Glamsquad – an on demand beauty app – was launched in 2014, its business model was simply service based, profiting by the 22.4M users who use on-demand services every year.

It work this way: Users can go to Glamsquad’s app to locate and book a local stylist trained by GlamSquad to help with makeup or hair. Then, a stylist will come and execute the mentioned services at wherever users desire. It used to work just like Uber, but for providing beauty services.

That service part of the business is still alive. However, today, Glamsquad is also extending beyond these offerings.

According to forbes, with the launch of their own beauty and hair care products, the brand is using data and input from more than 7 Lakhs appointments booked over the recent years to acquaint another retail component to their operations—that is exclusively informed by user data. 

Insights like this on beauty on demand apps tell us how these leaders are expanding by experimenting new things to improve their services. No doubt, the competition is there for you if you plan to enter in this market and you have to make every possible effort to stand somewhere. However, the outcomes would be worth it.

A Beauty on demand startup can just blossoms on the plants of quality services. If there are examples of startups that are thriving in this industry, there are also failure stories. 

Beauty on demand is still in its developing years and until, technology totally takes control over the beauty industry budding entrepreneurs need to concentrate on giving top-notch quality, if they want to succeed. 

No wonder, Glamsquad provides amazing services to keep up its brilliant reputation over the world. However, to be the next big name like GlamSquad in the beauty on demand industry ain’t easy.

glamsquad app

While there are various number of reasons behind startups bombing in the beauty on demand world, when we talk about the top performers of the market, there is something that they all have in common – a robust technology platform.

A thing that has been there in the success story of all the top leaders of the on demand beauty application market. 

Now, let’s have a look on must-have features of such a platform. Also, the list of features that you will integrate in your application, would go into deciding the amount it will cost to build the beauty application.

Must-Have Features of a Beauty On Demand Mobile App

It is crucial to note here that when you invest in on-demand beauty service app development, you put resources in three versions of an application – User app, Beauty Experts app, and the Admin panel. The application version that you would create for all your stakeholders will be different in their feature set. So, we will look into the feature set of all these panels one after the other

1. Customer App

on demand beauty services

Simple Registration: Users should have the ability to get into your beauty on demand app easily. You will also require social media integration for easy app on-boarding and a flawless user experience. 

Beauty Professional Profile: The profile of each professional will enable the client to get to the data easily, for example, service type, address, pricing, rating and so on. Users will also get to know whether the particular beauty experts are certified or not. 

Definite View of Beauty Package: After login, clients should have access to the packages provided by each professional and their ratings and reviews. 

Detailed view of Subscription Packages: Subscription Model is very essential to allure users. In these type of packages, users should have access to membership packages to get additional benefits offered by the professional.

Arrangement Booking: Once users have access to all the services inside the application, they should be directed to the screen where they can book the appointment according to their own schedule and select the elements like locations, payment mode etc before availing the services. 

Payments: Users must have the option to pay in-app securely. Payment can be made through integrated payment methods like netbanking, paypal or credit/debit card.

Rate and Review: Through this feature, the users can check rating and reviews of salon or beautician provided by the clients. 

View Booking History: Users should be able to see their past and upcoming booking history through this feature. They can also repeat their booking with the same experts, beautician or salon. 

Fashion Library: It’s difficult to understand what really a user needs. To make it simple, you can design a fashion library feature for customers so that they can choose desired haircut or style of makeup right from the gallery. 

Contact the Stylists: Users should be given the feasibility to not simply call or message the experts to ask about their offerings but also the application support team in case of any discrepancy.

To make your business standout in the market, you can even give the users an option to place calls from inside the application – for saving their time. Being available for your clients as and when they need you is one of the most useful components of mobile application development.

2. Beauty Professionals Panel

features of beauty professional app

Register: Beauty professionals or salon owners should be able to easily register themselves by giving their details in-app. 

View Customer Request: They should also have the ability to see customer’s requests and the details of the same in-app related to date, time and venue.

Accept/Decline Customer Request: Depending on the request details and accessibility of beauty professionals, he/she can accept or decline the request. 

List Service and Prices: This is going to be their profile screen. One where they are able to list their offerings and the costs that they are charging for the particular assistance. 

Get Payments: Just like making payments is a user-centric feature, the same feature on the beauty specialists’ application version would be one where they get paid.

3. Admin Panel

Beauty On Demand Admin Panel

Dashboard: It shows everything to an admin, for example, the number of appointments, number of beauty salons and a lot of other things. Also, an admin can manage everything, for example, salon account, user account, payments, and so on.

Manage User accounts and Beauty Professional: From the admin panel, admins should have the capacity to review all the information. If not found relevant, admins should be able to suspend the account of that user. The account of beauty experts can also be managed by admin panel. 

Approve or Decline Registration Request: The application admin should hold the privilege to approve or decline the enrollment request that beauty professionals make based on their own credibility check.

Oversee Payment: Admin should also have a feature in the panel to manage payment systems. He/she should be able to track payments that are made online as well as offline.

Create Reports: The admin panel should accompany algorithms that help admins produce report related to their application booking, performance, and overall profit that the application is making. 

The above mentioned features are the must-have features of an on-demand beauty service application. Ones that will decide and finalize the cost of your beauty on demand app development. However, on the business front, so as to make these features work in support of you, you will have to pay heads to the tech stack that you will utilize.

Here is the preferred tech stack:

Tech Stack of Beauty On Demand App

How Much It will Cost You To Make an App Like GlamSquad?

Estimating the mobile application development cost is a procedure that considers various elements – a list that goes beyond tech stack and features. However, having built up several on-demand beauty applications, we can assist you with the estimation of your beauty application development cost, particularly if you are planning to follow the must-have features and technology stack mentioned above.

The estimate of creating a beauty on demand app in India will turn out to be somewhere in between $30K to $40K. Something essential to note here is that the range would increase automatically if you get the application created from an organization that is based out of USA or UK. It will also increase if you plan to add some advanced features in your app.

beauty on demand app

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