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Need for Admin Panel in Courier Delivery App

5599 Views | 1 min | Published On: October 29, 2020 Last Updated: June 29, 2023
uber courier delivery

Today when the doorbell rings, we expect a courier delivery guy rather than a guest. It may sound absurd but it is the reality of today.

The world is advancing each second and our lifestyle is getting transformed. From igniting fire from stones to heating our food in microwave ovens is real proof of human evolution. And this evolution is getting to the next level with digitalization.

Digitalization has entered our lives with the invention of the internet. Today we deal with IoTs (Internet of Things) right from the start of the day with morning workout on Spotify Music to dozing off with online streaming.

In today’s time, everything is one tap away from your mobile screen. Parcel delivery app is one of the emerging favorites of households and professionals as it is convenient to fetch material or resources, save time, and gives user power to do courier delivery tracking all at the comfort of their home.

What are Courier Delivery Apps?

Courier services have become part of our daily lives. Either we need to get our food delivered or piece of furniture, we rely on the courier service app.

Courier service apps are basically mobile applications that are developed to cater delivery service through an online platform. The user requests for their product to be delivered at their preferred location and the app does it for them.

With courier delivery apps, the user can do courier delivery tracking and schedule the place and time where they want their parcel to be delivered. The courier delivery apps are basically of two types-

In-house courier service apps

In this type of courier delivery application, the owner of the business makes a courier service app for the brand itself. These apps deal in delivering couriers that are ordered from the same brand. The warehouse and delivery men all belong to the business owner. The apps could either be serving B2B or B2C or both.

With in-house courier service, the owner cuts off the middlemen as all the shipping and order placement procedures are carried under one umbrella. 

3rd party service apps

In these types of courier delivery apps, the apps cater to different businesses. The different business entities approach them to deliver courier to their users.

The parcel delivery is not specified to one brand or business. There is a wholesome warehouse where all couriers from different brands are collected together. The delivery men are not restricted to deliver one brand’s courier to the user. The parcel delivery is done generally as per FIFO (first in first out) method

In-house courier service apps Vs. 3rd Party Solution

Both of the parcel delivery apps have their pros and cons. Where in-house courier service apps, the powers are under the business owner’s control, the 3rd party solution provides courier delivery without any hassles.

In a 3rd party solution, the cost of adopting the foreign courier app service is low as compared to an in-house app. But, this is a recurring cost and you have to function according to the 3rd party policies.

Whereas if we talk about the in-house courier service app, you have to put the cost in development only once and rest all powers and controls are under you. You can add features or remove some later in the day. It gives you the scope of expansion.

Need for Courier Delivery Apps

The internet has changed our lifestyle drastically as stated above. With coming fast 5G connectivity, we will be seeing many trends going outdated, and some getting more in demand. 

The courier service apps are one of the emerging on-demand service apps by users. With the increasing trend of online shopping, on-demand delivery apps are also escalating in demand. Either it is about Uber courier delivery or Zomato fast-food delivery app, people have their high dependency on them to get their parcels delivered. 

These parcel delivery apps are not only beneficial to the end-users i.e customers but are equally helpful to business owners. Let us learn some of the reasons why courier services are in demand for users, business owners, and courier service providers.

courier service app

Note- The service providers are the ones who provide third party delivery solutions to other business entities. These parcel delivery apps are not bound to cater to one particular brand or product.

  • For Customers

1. Home Service

The courier service apps deliver the parcel at the doorstep of the customer. They don’t have to go out and collect the items all of their own. Simply order the item and it gets delivered to them in some days at their home/office or specified location.

2. Time-Saving

With hectic schedules and busy lives, people are digging for the places and opportunities that save them time. With an on-demand courier delivery app, customers save their time of personally collecting their parcel.

3. Convenient Delivery

It is very comfortable for the users to just browse online what they need and then ask it to get delivered. With the parcel delivery app, the users get access to schedule their order delivery as per the choice of their location, date, and time.                                

4. Power to Track

Apps provide features of courier delivery tracking which keeps giving insights into the order placed. This brings confidence in the user and they don’t worry about the order or investment.

  • For Business Owners

1. Market Demand

According to Statista, the courier, parcel, and express delivery market is growing explosively. It is an estimate that in 2019 it has reached over 330.4 billion euros. Thus, with a high rising business, the owners have a high chance of making apps like Uber delivery app for profits.

2. Cost Saving

Courier service app allows the owners to cut the cost of middlemen as all the functions of shipment and order placement take place automatically. Thus less cost leads to more profits.

3. Convenient

The app allows the user to function in an automated way with its own logistics that are applied while doing app development. This eliminates the chances of human error and fills and manages the functions all by itself.

4. Management Control

When the person takes the help of a courier service app, they have access to details like product ID, location of the order, and invoices. Everything happens under them which snakes their decision-making capabilities stronger.

  • For Service Providers

1. Higher Profits

According to Forbes, the on-demand food delivery market will exceed the figure of 200 million US dollars by 2025. And for the same, the courier service apps will be required to support. 

With more business growth not only related to online food delivery services but otherwise will lead to good profits and revenue generation to your business

2. Scope of Growth

With COVID19 breakout, lifestyles have taken a major transformation. People have started staying at home, go for online booking appointments to the doctor, get their groceries over an app, and much more.

This has led to a sudden rise in on-demand delivery apps. Even after the pandemic gets over, people will stick to this. This has emerged as a very convenient and time-saving option for the users.

3. Easy Expansion

Being a service provider, the major advantage is business expansion. You are not liable to associate with anyone brand in particular. You can work as a courier delivery app to multiple business sources all at once.

Thus you can earn and expand business in different business horizons.

4. Cost-Effective Earning Source

The best part about courier delivery app development is that you develop an app once, but you can earn from it regularly. As said in the pointer above, there are multiple business associations possible with one app.

Therefore, you make only one app but are able to earn more. Thus, it is the smartest way of earning money with less investment.

Famous Courier Delivery Apps in Industry

On demand courier delivery apps are getting very popular due to multiple reasons as mentioned in the section above.

parcel delivery app

These apps are helping to lead a comfortable lifestyle but many courier service apps have become top picks for the users as well as business entities. Some of them are as follows-

  • On Fleet – increase on-time deliveries.

It is a courier service app that works as a delivery solution for various industries, ranging from food and beverages to furniture.

It has an integrated route optimization feature that works to deliver the most efficient routing solutions with respect to location and traffic. Real updates are sent to drivers on-time.

  • Axon – eliminate driver pay stress.

Axon is an expert in freight services with an option for customization. They also provide express services for fast deliveries on request of the customer.

They work right from collecting the parcel to delivering it to the end-user. As they customize the options, they learn about the user’s requirements and provide the courier services accordingly.

  • OnnAway – making your delivery operation easier.

In this courier delivery app, the invoices and all orders are recorded online which reduces paperwork and manual journalizing of transactions.

Along with that accurate and real-time updates of delivery are sent to the user and the driver. The best thing about onnAway is that the drivers can go to the location without using any foreign GPS platform.

It is the best option if you need to deliver multiple orders all at once.

Working of Courier Delivery Apps

By far we are clear with the functionalities of the courier service app. The main thing to learn now is how they work. What are those enabled tools that let the parcel delivery app work effectively?

The app’s work is based on four main domains

  • Customer Management

Under this, the courier delivery app shows the customer the features of the product they want to order in detail.

They get information regarding the vendor, delivery agent along with the estimated time of approval. They can also track the status of their order.

Under this feature, the customer can also reschedule the order delivery or ask for a return or exchange in case of orders not liked. The customer also gets the right to set the location of the delivery and payment mode.

  • Driver Management

Under this feature, the driver gets insights about the product that they need to deliver. They learn about the location where they have to deliver the parcel.

The parcel delivery service app allows drivers to get an optimized route for fast and accurate delivery. They also have the option to sign-in and sign-off from the duty with their availability status online.

  • Merchant Management

In this feature, if you are a third party parcel service app, it keeps a record of all merchants that have enrolled with you. Even if you are a business owner app, this feature could be equally useful for you to record about the resources you outsource from external parties/merchants.

The feature will let you know about the merchant’s information with the option to verify their documents for business associations. 

  • Admin Panel

The backbone of the courier service app, the admin panel is the panel that is run by the owner of the business. It has all controls and insights into the other two domains- customer management and driver management.

From there they can see every order and delivery request details and intervene if they feel like.

The automated procedure of the panel allows the admin to keep track of the drivers, order requests, payments, and delivered orders all at once.

Let us learn why it is so important in detail.

Importance of Admin Panel

The Admin panel is the power panel that has the power to customize the app and have insights about codependent domains – customer management and driver management. Let us learn why we need this panel.

1. Initiates Work Alignment

With the admin panel, you have access to customer management and driver management. You can assign the tasks and make the protocols themselves in the app through the admin panel. This puts work in a structured format and brings uniformity and alignment for better productivity.

2.Tracks Everything

Having access to all domains- customer, driver, and merchant. The admin panel gets the leverage of getting insights from all. They can easily learn about order status, driver’s performances, and supply from merchants under one single tab.

It gives them an idea of a business routine.

3. Better Learning of Profits

With access to order requests and merchant’s supply, there are complete details of revenue flow available.

This allows the admin to analyze the business growth and cash flow. They can also get an idea of which merchant or product provides maximum revenue and focus on that for more profit growth.

4. Power to Change

The admin panel has options for CMS management and sending push notifications for deals and coupons. Thus a little bit of app customization is possible from the admin panel. If you want to customize and upgrade more, you can consult a mobile application development company.

on demand courier delivery app

The Functionality Features of the Admin Panel

The admin panel is the core of any courier delivery app. It works as a heart to make all other courier related services work in an alignment. 

Being a business owner, you should be aware of aspects related to reorders, customer preference, drive profile, payments, etc. With the admin panel, the business owner is able to do all with ease.

courier delivery app

Let us learn about the functionality features in the panel that make this happen.

1. Dashboard

The easy tab or column in the app that allows you to access all information related to the warehouse placed orders, and orders shipped.

2. Driver Management

This lets the admin learn about the required information of drivers that are associated with the brand. Their personal information, ratings, payroll, and availability status all could be accessed. Apps like Uber use this feature to learn about their driver.

3. Fleet Management

When developing a courier service app, the purpose is to manage the task force automatically. Under this feature, the admin has access to know where his taskforce is equipped. It also helps them to learn about the flow of orders and shipments on the go.

4. Bills and Tariffs

The integrated ledger allows the admin/business owner to keep track of all the bills and invoices related to business. This feature gives insights about revenue flow in the business.

5.Push Notification

Gives control to the owners to send the deals to the merchants for business collaborations and also the end-users i.e customers with coupon codes etc to attract sales. It is easy to make deals and offers with this feature.

6. Customer Management

Learn about your customers’ wants and get access to personally monitor their journey or order request. Know their feedback and associated parties involved in delivery through courier delivery tracking app. You can also send personalized messages and offers to a set of customers for business promotion through the app.

7. Feedbacks

It is like a third eye opinion for the owners. They can learn feedback from customers and delivery agents about each-other. This provides information about what key areas they have to rework on or where they are good at. 

Costing of App Development

The courier delivery app is made with the integration of these domains (as mentioned above). To work on your cost, you can make adjustments with the sub-features and the functionality of each domain.

If you are thinking of making an app with all 4 domains and all of them having features as stated above, the cost estimates go around 25000 US dollars on an average.

To add more features, better graphics, and the framework you choose to develop parcel service apps could exceed even 91000 US dollars. The price keeps fluctuating as per your needs and requirements.


Courier delivery apps have become a part of a person’s life. The market has shifted to digital platforms and that is why sites like Amazon have become a major hit. However, these delivery service apps work based on logistics. It needs different panels and domains to work. But, in order to make everything run smoothly and also make your business grow, depending on courier service apps is important. And if you make one, you can earn even more with a one- time single investment.

courier delivery tracking

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