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Customer Engagement With Mobile App: Building Healthy Relationship

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5352 Views | 3 min | Published On: April 4, 2016 Last Updated: September 26, 2019
Boost customer engagement using app

In the past couple of years Smartphones have modified the meaning of consumerism as today the Smartphones are the foremost most liked tools for shopping, managing, booking, paying bills and for almost everything.

The number of mobile applications are downloaded regularly by the billions of mobile app users but it’s also true that only a few of the mobile applications are used on the regular basis and others are just forgotten forever and being owners businesses it’s your duty to figure out the users interest and the reasons behind it so that you can hold your users for the mobile application, developed for your business.

Mobile applications are not specified to any business, but they have established themselves as an important part of the marketing strategy and as an initial requirement for every business.


This is also a known fact that developing on only mobile application is not enough in itself, if the brand and recognition of business is not displayed by the mobile application.
This blog will be helpful to reveal some of the important facts that will help you to develop a healthy relation with your customers.

Periodic Updates

The development of the Mobile application in itself is not crossing the finish line for ever but the development of mobile app is a continuous nonstop process of a relay race where after a fixed period of time the existing application is updated with new features and functionalities to give a better user experience and making interest of the audience in the Mobile app.


If the customers will get a better medium of connectivity with regular updated versions, surely they will not lose their interest in using the same application over and over again.

Notify Your User On Every Step

Mobile applications are the best way to be in touch with your users by the push notification and in-app messaging feature, if your app does not include these features then you must go for it, because in today’s time almost all the recognized brands are doing efforts to turn their users into customers by sharing their daily offers and deals through the mobile app.Push notification is a feature that is very helpful to assist your user on every single step and making the user known to your app.With a mobile app, the customers can constantly stay in touch with the company.

Social Connectivity

Connecting your mobile app users with social media is a very valuable function for any of the mobile apps as the social media sharing is one of the very important things of today’s era because everyone is connected with each other via various social platforms. If the mobile application developed for some business or for sales purpose, then it will be greatly benefited with the social sharing feature as this will allow the users to connect their brands with their virtual world.The social media sharing must be straightforward, if it’s troublesome, your users might not have the best time interaction with it.

Appropriate Alerts

A very helpful alert for a Health/Fitness and Retail mobile application would be about the daily nutrition alert for the user and make the user known about any update made by the gym or for a shopping mobile app – the best alerts will be the ongoing or upcoming heavy discount sales. These types of notifications and alerts help to develop trustworthy bond with your users and raises their loyalty towards your brand.If you’d consider all these facts while going for any mobile app development, you will be able to develop a healthy and a long-term business relation with your users.

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