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The Power Show by Microsoft //build/ 2016

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5200 Views | 2 min | Published On: April 1, 2016 Last Updated: November 13, 2019

Build event 2016 was just about the dedication and focused engineering by Microsoft and was a great demonstration of their smart work and efforts. The 2016 event ended with many new things that made the users amazed with technology presented by Microsoft.

Build 2016 was also an indication to the world that the Machines are getting enough intelligent to take over the humans, no doubt the statement given by Nadella that it will be revolution of man with machines but not a future of man competes with machines; is only a statement given to users so that they can use technology in a better manner but it is also true that somewhere the growth in the technology and Nadella’s statement makes us memorize the ‘The Judgment Day’ from Terminator Movie.

Let’s leave the horror myths created by the Science fiction movies and enjoy the present with more intelligent technology.

Here are some the important announcements made by Microsoft in Build 2016.

Bots will manage your tasks

Bots are the pieces of software that will provide an automation feature to the users and will be ordering foods, playing music and the other cools stuff automatically.

Bots are going to be integrated with every software that is created by Microsoft, either it is Skype or Cortana. They are going to support almost every product of Microsoft.

Challenged Apple for iPad Pro

Microsoft challenged the recently launched updated version of Apple product- iPad Pro with Microsoft Surface as the new feature of Windows Ink a new add-on to the technology displayed in the Build looks enough capable to attract the users to it.

HoloLens is on the Board to sell

Shipping of the HoloLens was started to the buyers who have paid US$ 3k before the release of it. HoloLens is one of the amazing technologies the Microsoft is working with and the onstage demonstration of the product at the Build was great to appeals the new buyers.

Xbox, welcomed into Windows Family by Microsoft

Xbox, which is operated in the latest version of Windows, will be far more closely related to the Microsoft as the applications are in a proposal to get shared across.

And this year Microsoft 10 have also crossed the number of 27o Million users across the globe for their operating system.

From our point, this was not a technology demonstration even by Microsoft but it was Power Show by Microsoft in Build 2016

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