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A Quick Guide to Develop a Coding Learning App Like WhiteHat Jr

4726 Views | 1 min | Published On: October 9, 2020 Last Updated: October 16, 2020
App Like WhiteHat JR

India’s education system is on intense fire after the CoronaVirus Outbreak. With the government emphasizing teaching coding from class 6 and schools shut due to the pandemic – coding learning apps for kids like WhiteHat Jr are gaining much traction.

While a few are unhappy with this decision of the government, considering the social pressure it will create on school-going kids and their parents – others are in FOMO on any of the skills their kids can develop.

But, even in between all this chaos and uncertainty, there seems no stopping point in the growth of WhiteHat Jr – it is growing by all leaps and bounds.

This two-year-old coding learning app claimed over 100% month over month growth in the USA after it launched courses there in February 2020. The startup is experiencing this incredible growth by helping kids build commercial-ready games, animations, and apps online through coding with the help of experienced and professional app developers.

Let’s know more about how it works to find how you can successfully build an app like WhiteHat Jr:

What Is WhiteHat Jr?

WhiteHat Jr is a mobile app that allows children to learn coding from teachers, and its modules include lessons for building basics of logic, algorithmic thinking, data structure and UI/UX designing. The application provides kids with a couple of lessons on coding and afterward encourages them to make an app under the direction of the mentors.

In each course that the app offers, there are a few lessons that are divided in classes, so it gives a vast amount of information and users can choose to take the courses they feel most appropriate for them. The pricing of every course varies depending on its topic and users can either pay a fixed amount to purchase a course or pay the fee per class.

Also, the lessons are divided into five levels (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Professional, and Applied Tech) giving kids the ability to choose their category of strengths in each department so that if they have any prior coding knowledge they can skip the basics.

With such amazing tactics and outstanding marketing strategies, WhiteHat Jr is currently operating at $150 million annual revenue with a plan to double it the next year as per the company’s CEO by launching the app in more countries.

Inspired by the success of WhiteHat Jr, if you too are planning to create a coding learning app and wondering how you can do it, you have come to the right place. This blog intends to guide you through the process of developing an EduTech app like WhiteHat Jr to make the most of this industry. So, let’s get started.

Apps Like WhiteHat JR

Step 1: Select Your Business Model

Selecting the right business model is the first thing you need to do while planning to develop an app like WhiteHat Jr. Why? Because the business model of the app decides how you make money through it and what features you need to have in your app.

So, let’s talk about the plausible business and revenue models for your application like WhiteHat Jr in detail:

Business Model of EduTech Apps
  • Paid Certificates 

Using this business model, you will provide paid certificates to students after they complete the course on your app.

Making tie-ups with various colleges and educational institutions and providing the students with verified paid certificates will guarantee that you have a stable source of revenue generation.

  • Membership based 

With this model, the users purchase paid memberships to the website on a month to month or annual basis. When they have purchased a membership, they can have unlimited access to the lessons of their chosen category or more. This way the students in the app should pay just a one-time fee to access all the content on the app or website.

  • Affiliate Model 

In the affiliate model, the courses can have integrated links for different books or tools that the students may need to progress in that course. When the user follows the link to the platform and makes a purchase, your site will get paid. 

  • Paid Courses

In this model, when a student purchases a paid course, part of the revenue goes to the tutor, and the rest will go to the app owner.

After you decide the business model of your app, it’s time to gather knowledge about the customer segment you will be targeting. Remember, developing an app for kids and adults is not the same thing. While WhiteHat Jr specifically targets kids – you can develop an app to target middle-aged men/women to learn to code or anything else. 

But, don’t forget to design and develop your app keeping your target audience in mind.

Step 2: Find Out Your Target Audience

Whether your app users are happy after using it or not will decide the destiny of your app. So, it is always better to develop an app according to the interests, likes and dislikes of your target audience. The ease and efficiency with which your app users can navigate in the app will help them decide if they want to keep on joining courses or not.

Business Model of EduTech Applications

Here are a few things that you must keep in mind to cater to your target audience in the best possible way: 

  • Design Your App’s UI/UX Accordingly

When designing the UI/UX for your app like WhiteHat Jr, make sure you design it as per the interest of your target audience.

For example, when it comes to kid’s applications, UI/UX matters even more. An easy and engaging UI/UX is an unquestionable requirement for a kid’s application. It’s harder for kids to interact with the world. Furthermore, though a grown-up may sometimes forget about a hidden path in your app, a kid will send your application to the place that is known for beautiful but disliked toys if he doesn’t like the app experience. 

So everything in your application must be clear and of high usability.

  • Gamification Is Must for Everyone

Doesn’t matter whether you are building an app for kids or adults – gamification is a must.

Try to include all educational elements in your application. The most crucial thing to remember is that all objectives should be clearly clarified and you should also offer a few perks at each level in your application to create a sense of achievement in your users. For older kids, you can integrate social media into your application to increase engagements.

  • App Functions and Purpose

It is very crucial to clarify the purpose of your app clearly to your target audience. After installing your app, its users should be able to know about its functions at a glance. Also, kids develop their skills at different speeds than adults, so you’ll need to add different levels of complexity to help people of any skill level comfortably use your application. 

If you are creating an app specifically for kids, you should explain to children how to use your app, what its purpose is, and what they’ll receive as a reward. Also, pay special attention to tutorials.

Step 3: Define Your Value Propositions

When developing a product, it is crucial that it provides value to your customers. Only if it is useful for your customer segment – it will be successful and you can make money using it. For example, here is all about what WhiteHat Jr provides to its customer segment:

  • WhiteHat Jr’s Value Proposition for Kids

The app helps kids improve their analytical and logical thinking and increase their ability to focus as well as creativity – all of which can be used far beyond the realm of IT. 

  • WhiteHat Jr’s Value Proposition for Teachers

WhiteHat Jr is the most lucrative teaching platform in India. The tutors on the app are paid around Rs. 300 for every 60 minutes class, thus earning a higher salary than that of lawyers and engineers in the country. Also, all classes are conducted live online so that they can manage it as per their availability.

Now that you know about all the three important business elements of your app – its business model, value propositions, and customer segmentation – it’s time to make a list of features that you want to integrate into your app. So, let’s check out the same.

Step 4: Decide the Features of Your App

The features of an app can make or break its overall experience. So, your next step should be to decide the features that you consider useful for your app. 

Remember, while adding too many features in a single app can degrade its experience by making it look like a mess, missing out on an important feature can make your app less useful. So select features you want to integrate into your app like WhiteHat Jr very carefully.

Here are some of the features that we think are essential for an Edu-Tech app:

Features of EduTech Applications
  • Easy App Onboarding

This is one of the most important features of every app. When a student downloads an e-learning app, you shouldn’t force him to get lost in long sign-up forms. Instead, you should make the app registration process as seamless as possible. Consider adding a single-step sign-in option using social media or Google account. 

  • Introductory Class

If you develop a coding learning app like WhiteHat Jr or any other skill development app, it is not necessary that all you users will know the basic benefits of coding or whatever skill you are teaching in your app. So, consider adding an introductory class option which should be free-of-cost for every student in-app. 

Also, you can use this class to grab the attention of your users to keep them hooked for a long time in your app.

  • Multiple Courses

Just like WhiteHat Jr, your coding learning app should have multiple courses and classes to cater to every type of user that comes aboard. From basic knowledge to advanced analytics – you shouldn’t miss anything. 

  • Video Conferencing

In today’s competitive mobile app market, an EduTech app without this feature won’t be able to engage users in the best possible way. So, make sure you provide a one-on-one interaction option in-app to your students and instructors for better clarity on concepts. 

The main concept of WhiteHat Jr is one-on-one teaching and that’s what makes it different from other apps in the market.

  • Offline Access

No matter what the idea of the app is, digital businesses can’t ignore the fact that the internet can not be accessible everywhere. To give you an example, even apps like Youtube and Netflix let you download videos. So, in your application like WhiteHat Jr, let clients download and consume their lessons even when offline.

  • Personalization

That’s where emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence come into play.

Consider adding a feature in your app using which you can provide personalization. Imagine how great it would be if bots suggest students on your app on which skill they should develop, where they lack, and what courses best-suit them. Isn’t it a great idea?

  • Interactive Assessments

Tests are a fun-approach to find and test the capacity of students. Also, an online educational platform would be no better than a book without two-way interaction. The only condition is that tests shouldn’t be exhausting but interactive.

  • Push Notifications 

No matter what’s the niche of your app – this is a must-have feature. Especially if you are dealing with kids, it becomes more than essential to keep reminding them about their next class or test using push notifications. It will help you increase app engagement rate and will also let you retain your users through marketing strategies. 

Now that you have decided the features of your app – it’s time to decide on which technologies you want to lay the foundation of your app. Behind, every successful app, there is a robust tech-stack that causes the app to work properly. Let’s know more about the same in next step:

Step 5: Define the Tech Stack You Want to Use In Your App Like WhiteHat Jr

The reason why selecting the best technology stack is a crucial step in the process of WhiteHat Jr Like App Development is because it leaves a huge impact on your app’s overall performance and app development cost.

For example, if you plan to build an app like WhiteHat Jr using native technologies like Kotlin and Swift for Android and iOS respectively, it will cost you more than developing a Cross-Platform App. But, if you want to integrate emerging technologies like AI, ML, or IOT in your app, cross-platform technologies may not work well for you. So, take the decision wisely.

While if you choose the right tech stack for your app it can improve its overall results, the wrong one can diminish the entire look and feel of your app putting it directly into the list of Millions of Mobile Apps that Fail every year.

Here is our favorite list of a few technologies out of which you can choose some to build a robust coding learning app like WhiteHat Jr:

Tech Stack of WhiteHat Jr

Now we know the main technicalities of developing an app like WhiteHat Jr, likely, you would now want to know how much developing an app like WhiteHat Jr will cost you. Well, it entirely depends on the app developers you hire. Let’s check out “How” while uncovering the next step in the process.

Step 6: Hire Best EduTech App Developers

Now that you have an idea of the process of developing an EduTech app, it’s time to implement the plan with the help of a proficient EduTech App Development Company. But, before you hire any, here is a list of Fourteen Questions That You Should Ask them to check their proficiency and make an informed decision.

Remember, when hiring app developers, you are having a lot at stake – most importantly, your idea and money. So, there is no scope of mistakes that you can make. Make sure to check the expertise of your app developers before you hand over the project to them.

Coming to the cost of app development, it also depends a lot on developers you hire. For example, if you hire a development company from the USA or UK – you will find developers working on around $25K-$30K per hour. On the other hand, if you hire developers from Asian countries, you will find them working on around $12k-$20k per hour. So developing an app with the help of western developers will cost you a lot more than developing an app like WhiteHat Jr with the help of Asian developers. 

If we talk about the overall cost of developing an app, it will depend on a number of factors like features you want to integrate in it and the tech stack you select along with the location of your mobile app development company and the expertise of developers you hire. 

To give you a ballpark estimate on the same, assuming that your app will have only the above-mentioned features and less complex tech stack – your cost of WhiteHat Jr like app development will come around 12-15 Lakhs.

Wrapping Up

The eventual outcomes of COVID will keep coming for quite a while now. So if you ever had an idea of an Edtech app in your mind, now is the time to fire the world up with the same. We at Apptunix have all the required expertise and experience using which you can hit the ground running with your app idea. Try us and we promise we will create excellence together.

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